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So far, some of you know I am going to kill Ethereal Queen last for my battle trophies (Which means, Arumat and Lymle will have a total of 3 Battle Trophies remaining). I've watched videos on how the Queen functions, and I can say it's really not pretty with my setups planned (I gave Faerie Star to Sarah, so Myuria doesn't have Faerie Star)

I have two plans (Both will have Sarah as a healer):
  • Blindside/X Claw juggle with Meracle, Reimi and Arumat support
  • Tank it out with Arumat, Edge, and Bacchus

I know for sure that Ethereal Queen has very little health while she is in permanent Rush mode. 1 or 2 Dragon Roars from Arumat is enough to leave her with so little health left that Lymle can kill her with 1 round of Hound Grenade.

Here's my plan as far as this goes:

1.) Taunt Ethereal Queen 10 times (Arumat's trophy)
2.) Blindside/X Claw and Dragon Roar with manually controlled Arumat and Meracle while Reimi is on AI with Savage Sparrows
3.) Sarah/Lymle/Myuria can heal up, Sarah can buff with Angel Feather
4.) When she is permanent Rush, 1 or 2 Dragon Roars, manual on Reimi, switch to Lymle.
5.) Use Fainting Potion on the tank, Lymle uses 1 Extinction+ card then attacks with long range attacks

FINALLY, now I have all the Battle Trophies except for Ethereal Queen, I can proceed with my plan!

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