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Ban the Person Above You! Part XI!

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The last game topic reached over 500 posts, time for a new version. Okay, this is how you play:

From the orginal thread:
Someone would first start of by posting.

Then, the next poster would have to find a reason to ban that person.

So it would be like this:
1st poster: Hi guys!
2nd poster: You're banned for saying hi!
3rd poster: You're banned for banning a friendly person!

Then you'd just keep going! and Don't take it seriously!

Continue from last poster of X: CloudVincentLeonart14558

--- Quote from: CloudVincentLeonhart14558 on March 11, 2012, 01:40:50 AM ---banned dun like yummy :-\

--- End quote ---

Banned because:

I'm here faster than all of you! I'm the king!!

I'm not sure who I ban.. spee or myself since I got the last post.

and last, I got also the last post! I'm a force true evil! >:D >:D

banned because CloudVincentLeonart14558 got last post

banned because I saw yummy... now I'm sad and depressed :'(

banned because i wuz here first....i just didn't post because duah ::)


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