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FFXIV 1.0 Story
« on: June 24, 2013, 02:07:48 PM »
Was the story in FFXIV 1.0 different from what we have now? Reading the beta forums, I got the impression that ARR happens 5 years after the end of 1.0. Legacy members also complained that they get the same story as everyone else and that they get no recognition for playing 1.0. Can someone shed more light on this?

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Re: FFXIV 1.0 Story
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2013, 02:35:00 PM »
The main setting of the story stared roughly 15 years before FFXIV 1.0, when the Garlean Empire invaded the Ala Mhigo (one of the 6 states in Eorzea). The other City states on Eorzea quickly gathered ther armies and formed the Grand Companions to defend there borders, but a second invasion never came.

To keep the warriors busy during the time of the Calm they setted up adventure guilds where people would drop of quests that adventures could complete for cash or goods. That's where FFXIV 1.0 starts of and you play the role of one of these adventures.

There are basically 2 major story lines. The first starts of with some background story of the State you started in and ends with the Path of the Twelve. This story goes about your special powers called the Echo and is tough to explain in a short story here.

The second is about the Garlean invasion which eventually started during the course of the game. To counter this the City states reformed the Companion Guilds which you help to unite as one. Though while doing so a general within the Garlean Empire named Nael van Darnus, seeks to use the invasion to rid Eorza of any impurities and uses the magic Meteor to call forth Dalamud. With Dalamud coming closer every day people speak of the end of the Sixed Umbral .

Eventually you break down the machine that can manipulate the place where Dalamud falls down and you kill Nael van Darnus during one of the final events in the game. However you can't stop the fall of Dalamud which is where the trailer kicks in. What you see there is the battle between the armies of the Garlean Empire classing with the armies of the Campanion Guilds.

Its revealed that Dalamud has been the prison for Bahamuth wich has been sealed up in that by the power of the Twelve by an ancient race. As you saw in the trailer resealing him failed and as a final act Louisoix (the old guy) warps you forward in time so you as hero can survive the onslaught.

Its here that FFXIV 2.0 starts. Its apperently 5 years after Bahamuth was freed from its prison and torn apart the world marking the ending of the Sixed Umbral and the beginning of the Sevend Umbral. The Three City states however seemed to have rebuild itself and somehow prevented the Garleans from invading.

The story of the Sixed Umbral is now lost forever and only the people who have played and "finished" FFXIV 1.0 will have played through it while others can only read what happened or watch videos of it. The story in-between FFXIV 1.0 and 2.0 will be available as a "movie" with the collectors editions of 2.0 and the whole Seventh Umbral is where 2.0 will take place.

And I don't really know if everybody who stared 2.0 will be seen as a hero who survived the meteor impact by being warped 5 years forward or as a new adventurer who wants to join the companion guilds. But its for sure that both new players and old players get the exact same story.

BTW if you want a more in depth story of 1.0 I'd say read this. Don't know how good its written, but it looks like it gives a decent picute of all the major story line events in 1.0: