Author Topic: New trailers for FFXIII & FFvXIII  (Read 7771 times)


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New trailers for FFXIII & FFvXIII
« on: June 21, 2009, 08:59:32 PM »
The newest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. Which along with the old footage also Shows some new footage as well. At the moment its still waiting for the game to come out as Square Enix still hasn't given us an release date. Given on the way Square Enix talked about the demo (which will be delivered with the first copies of Advent Children Complete) I won't suspect this game to come out before summer 2009.

Trailer FFXIII

The newest trailer for Final Fantasy versus XIII. The trailer is quite long of length and shows a variate of new footage. Unlike FFXIII itself this game is going to be based on reality, which you can now clearly notice in the trailer. Despite the length however we still didn't get to see the actual gameplay.

Trailer FFvXIII