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Reporting Posts
« on: July 08, 2008, 11:11:44 AM »
Well we are almost a week on line and it came to my eyes that a lot of people are playing moderator of them self. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving your friends a notification that the aren't allowed to double post, but in some way it also ruins the forum.

What is the situation now:
Mostly you'll see posts like
You aren't allowed to double post. Please edit it in your last post
throughout this forum. And I would like to see that a little bit different.

What would I like to see than:
You can the text "Report to moderator" on the right bottom of each post. If you see there is something wrong with a post please use that button instead of posting a new replay in the topic itself.

What will happen if you push the "Report to moderator" button
When you push the button a new type field will appear. Here you'll state why you've pushed the button. Some examples are:
"Double posted","Flaming of the topic","This is one of the posts that has gone way off topic"
After that you'll push the send button. After you've pushed the send button the message will appear in a board that is only visible to the staff. So nobody other that the staff can read it was you who pushed the button. And we will never make this kind of information known to the other members. The information given in the message will help the moderators to take a quick action.

But won't that mean I betray my friends
No, this doesn't mean you betray your friends. You only help the moderators locate these posts. And in the mean time you'll keep the forum clean of useless posts.
Besides that we only take actions based on the rule that has been broken. A simple double post can happen and won't be directly punished. So please don't think that you are giving that person a request for a ban.

The conclusion
I hope I you are going to use this report function rather than playing moderator on your own.
From now on A moderator is allowed to remove this kind of posts if the post has nothing else to do with the topic. And please understand that these measures are only meant to improve the quality of this forum.