Author Topic: Beyond a Shallow Grave teaser. (Could you lock in about a week or so?)  (Read 845 times)


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The deep, purple haze of the evening thunderstorm was obscured by the mammoth raindrops beginning to pull around his eyelids. ?Where am I..?? he thought rather incoherently. All of a sudden, a translucent figure, the shape of a man passed into view and revealed a small smile before disappearing back into the darkness.
   ?Over here!? he heard someone yell, ?We have a survivor!?
   He found himself being lifted up and set against a pile of jagged rubble. Around him lay the smoking and smouldering remains of a once proud cathedral. Only two of the four walls remained, with pieces of the roof and stained glass littering the rain soaked floor. His head ached and throbbed from where it had been lying on the hard, marble ground, and hi left forearm felt almost completely numb.
   ?Mother of the Archangel... Look at how the flames have mutilated his arm,? another man whispered in horror.
   ?Peace Arold!? the first man hissed, ?We do not yet know how traumatized this boy is. What is your name son??
   ?... I... do not remember...?

This is just a teaser of the Change and Sacrifice sequel. Lock it once it has had a decent number of replies or a week has passed.

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