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Ivalice Spy - Rules and Guidelines
« on: April 05, 2009, 08:21:35 PM »
Welcome To The Ivalice Spy Game BoardWelcome one and all to the Ivalice Spy Game!

Ivalice Spy is a forum mystery game. There are a total of five roles in this game, along with a description for each role;

1. The spy(ies) - Depending on the amount of people who signed up, there may be only one or more than one spy. The spies hide among the citizens and pick the off one by one via PM sent by them to the game host. The spies must continue to conceal their identity in order for them to win.

2. Citizens - Self-explanatory. The citizens do nothing by vote once each round. The citizens must work together to find the spies, but be wary, the person your teaming up with could be the spy him/herself!

3. Guardian -  Each round, the Guardian Angel will be asked who he wants to protect, the person who received the protection from the Guardian Angel can't be killed by the Spy or Wizard for the remaining of the round.

4. Wizard - The Wizard has two spells, Life and Death. He or She may only use this spells once. Life brings back someone from the dead, and Death kills someone. The Wizard can also bring him/herself back from death if they were to die.

5. Mayor - The tiebreaker. The mayor is just like any other citizen, but will be granted a second vote should the voting period end in a tie. Should the current Mayor die, voting will take place for a second mayor. But be warned, even the spy could become mayor.

You may NOT reveal yourself if you are the Spy, Guardian or Wizard. Revealing yourself will cause automatic ejection from the game temporarily or permanently.

How do I join a game?

Near the end of each game, a sign-up thread will be made for those to enter the next game. You may enter the game as many times as you like. You may also PM the host(s) to reserve your spot for the next game.

Remember, joining a game is a commitment! Missing too many voting rounds will cause automatic ejection from the game.

How do I vote?

You vote in the game topic itself, not by PMing the host with your vote or in the Discussion Topic! Voting will last for a limited amount of time, so get your vote in before it ends!

Vote for who you believe to be the spy. Read the dialogues carefully, there may be hints pointing towards the spy!

What happens if I'm eliminated?

If you are eliminated (Dead would be a better term), then you are no longer able to vote. However, you may still participate in the game and help out your other fellow citizens.

All Forum Rules apply in Ivalice Spy! Play fair or don't play at all.

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