Author Topic: Dissidia Released in Japan  (Read 2079 times)


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Dissidia Released in Japan
« on: June 21, 2009, 09:05:53 PM »
That's right today its 18 December 2008 the day that Dissidia has been released in Japan. The game specially designed for the series 20th anniversary is doing quite good, receiving 36/40 point from the popular Japanese game magazine Famitsu.

And with game finally released the list of growing heroes and villains seams to have come to an stop

Trailer Dissidia

Game     HeroVillain
FFIWarrior of Light     Garland
FFIIIOnion KnightCloud of Darkness
FFIVCecil HarveyGolbez
FFVBartz KlauserExdeath
FFVITerra BranfordKefka Palazzo
FFVIICloud StrifeSephiroth
FFVIIISquall LeonhartUltimecia
FFIXZidane TribalKuja

Though even now there has still been no news of any western release.