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Mag Roader
« on: September 08, 2009, 10:41:56 PM »
I'm thinking about starting a new FF6 file on the original version (even though I'll be playing on emulator, I own the cartridge but I prefer playing on emu) and going for perfect game (not including 99 of everything, just 1 of everything, max of limited stuff, all rages, etc)

Yep all rages... and here comes my question: I heard of a monster, Mag Roader (red sprite) but I NEVER, EVER encountered this, and I went through this game a fuckload of times so I'm seriously clueless about what is going on here... by the way, there are other version of Mag Roaders (big purple, big yellow and small yellow, even though they are all called Mag Roader they each have a different rage, purple ones are encountered when escaping the Magicite facility, both yellow ones are encountered in cave of Narsh in world of ruin)

Where or how can I encounter this elusive creature? Anyone can help me? I think I know where every other monster in the game is located, even the exact screens... but this... I'm stumped


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Re: Mag Roader
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 12:22:19 AM »
It's where you encounter Number 24 in the Mine Cart ride in the Magitek Research Facility.

All the encounters have a 25% chance of the Red Magna Roader appearing, with:

  • 1st + 3rd encounters: 25% chance of 4 Red Magna Roader formation
  • 2nd + 4th + 5th encounters: 25% chance of 1 Red Magna Roader and 1 Purple Magna Roader formation

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