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Demons Netherworld
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:24:48 AM »
Yeah, something i wronte up a while ago, so yeah, hope you like it, it's kinda crap personally, but some other sites liked it.

A man quickly shot up, panting heavily.
"Oh thank god it was just a dream. *Bleep*, I’m beginning to watch to much TV." he said quietly. He got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink of milk.
"Milk. The cure for all my problems." Giving a heavy sigh, he went to bed and continued to sleep. The time was 9:00 and ready to rain.
"Sigh, this is pathetic. I gotta somehow try live a normal life." He said. He grabbed his blade from the floor and left. He clicked his fingers and a portal to another place appeared. As he walked through, he saw that the portal took him to his local park.
"*Bleep* a human world battle, the one thing I can't stand." He said, as sand came down he began to start walking towards it. The park was full of children and parents.
"This isn't the place or the time." He whispered to himself. He ran towards the entrance to the park and shouted out.
"EVERYBODY, I NEED YOU TO LEAVE THIS PARK IMMEDIETLY. THE’RE DEMONS AROUND." Everybody looked at him with a funny look. Whispers could be heard.
"Who is he?" Some whispered
"Is he crazy person?" some whispered
"Who’s the stwange man, mummy?" The children said. After being stared at for a few seconds, the first demon made its move, and killed a mother along with her child. As the scythe went right through her and ripped out through the side the parents began to panic, scream and run.
"HELP US" they yelled, pleading for there lives. As the demons ran towards the parents the man stepped forward, grabbing the hilt of his blade. He ran forward, charging to battle. He had lighting speed slashes, as he ran, he killed. After a 250 meter run, he put his blade back in. When the blade hit the bottom of the cover, the demons bodies began to bleed, then split. After a 10 minute killing spree of the demons. A new portal opened, not of his origin.
"Ahahaha, you pathetic human, you think you can kill me?!" A voice boomed out. A demon lord. He pulled his way through the portal, the children and adults still in panic and fear. The demon pulled through. He was about human height, had blood all over his body, black skin.
"You think a little human child such as yourself can BEAT ME?!?" He said.
"There are two flaws in this 'plan' of yours." The man said smirking.
"And what are they?" The demon said
"A, I’m not what you define as a human. And B, true you’re a demon, but I guess you haven't heard my name?" The man said continuing to smirk.
"WHAT, ARE YOU DEFYING ME?!" He shouted.
"Yes, my name... is of no concern to you, but I’m a fair man, so ill tell you. The name is Greel." Greel said, grabbing his other blade.
"You think you still can defeat me? I'd like to see you try." The demon lord said. Greel, rubbed his head, and yawned.
"Please, I could use little power, and i could still kick your [censored]." Greel said, taunting the demon. He clicked his fingers and fireball appeared, on top of that a mark appeared amongst his face, like a snake around his left eye. He tossed the fireball at the demon, the fireball being big enough to fit 4 humans in when it hit him. As the fireball broke, Greel was charging with a sword, of none human or demon origins. The blade cut through the demon cleanly, like a katana would. The sword, stained in blood, was pulled up to Greel`s mouth. He licked the blade clean. Seeming inhuman the blood was used to keep him young.
"See, no power at all." Greel said to the demon. As the demon began to get up, he fell back down. Greel walked over, his blade at the demons neck.
“Your… Your no ordinary human are you?” The demon said.
“I’ve told you already. I’m no human. I’m half demon, half angelic.” Greel said, lifting the blade, cleanly cutting the demons head off. Once the head had hit the ground, all the demon’s disappeared, dead and alive ones.
“I’m leaving” Greel said, looking over his shoulder to the group of humans. He quickly drew a runic symbol onto the playground, the symbol of purity. This meant that no demon could attack within the area, let alone be summoned onto the ground.

{Edit1 More Story}

"Pathetic" he said giving a slight smirk. He left, but collapsed on the way out. As he fell unconscious, he saw a figure run towards him. He knew here, but didn't remember her. After being unconscious for a while he woke up, trying to look around her was blind folded.
"Where am I?" He asked.
"What you don't even remember your own friends place. Not a good friend are you." She said in a mocking tone.
"We've met?" He said confused. He heard footsteps towards him and she took of his blind fold.
"Ohh *Bleep* off. You?" He said in panic.
"Don't worry i`m not here to kill you, if I wanted to I would have already." She said laughing.
"Yeah, well get me the [censored] outta here you [censored], Jesus are you freaking crazy." He said beginning to calm down. He grabbed his clothes and ran away. Down the stairs and off to the main street. He chucked on his top, not realising there was a scythe lodged in him. People stared at him. Questioning how he could be alive, with the scythe in him. He found an empty alley way and went into it. Greel looked around to see if there was anyone. No one. He let his wings out and flew up. He had wings that were big, they were demon wings. He flew across the skies and went back to the park. He saw the people he saved dead.
“How the [censored] did this happen?” he said. He looked around, for clues. Nothing. He saw a demon. He snuck around and grabbed its throat and pointed his gun at it.
“Ok, explain NOW.” He yelled out to it. The demon chuckled and clicked its fingers. The dead bodies around him reanimated. But they weren’t the people he saved from earilier; they were demons, in a human form. He shot one in the head, another one in the head, sliced and diced a few more. But he got hit but 5 at once. He fell to the ground presumed dead. He floated back to his feet, wings came out, and his hands were claws. He went to his full demon form. He ran to one, at lightning speed, and his claw went right through it. Greel smiled. He punched the ground unbalancing the demons, and leaving a creator. He punched the ground again, causing fire to spew up killing off all the demons. He fell to the ground, again. Took him some time to regain his body back to normal.

{Edit 2 coming later, More story}

A little girl was at the park and watched the whole thing. Greel noticed her whilst he was still in pain of the last battle with the demons. She knew she was noticed but didn't come out.
"It's ok, im not going to hurt you." Greel said beginning to get up. She was shy but she eventually came out.
"Are you ok mister?" she asked. She wasn't as small as what he though. She would have been slightly smaller then him at most. He got up.
"Yeah i'm fine. What are you doing here?" He asked. limping over the the closest table. Blood continuedd to drip from his hands and his head.
"I ran away from home, after some people in red coats came in and killed my family." She said still worried that he could turn into that thing again any second.
"That explains it then." He said to himself, he looked up to tell the girl the truth, but he couldn't do it. He couldn't tell her that the demons don't just kill innocents. They had to have been prevocked by something. That her parents arn't dead, but worse, demons.
"What do you mean mister?" She asked. She looked at him funny.
"It means.... it means...." He began but looked away, he knew he couldn't do it.
"It means what?" She said beginning to worry.
"I can't t-" He began
"TELL ME!" she screamed at me, he saw that she was crying.
"Alright, grab a seat." He said moving over a little. so she can sit as well. "Your parents arn't dead. They weren't even alive to begin with. Those people you claim to have saw arn't even people. They are demons, and your parents weren't killed by them. At most-" He explained.
"THAT'S ENOUGH" She yelled crying at him. "I'll prove it to you, i'll proe that they are dead." She said running away. HE stood up to follow the girl. He followed her down streets that eventually lead to her place. After running for ten minutes, they arrived at her place. They walked in, the girl first. Greel followed her in. They went through the walls of blood and floor covered in human body part. Greel began to think he was wrong, but he doubted it. He heard soemthing from around the corner. He quickly grabbed the girl and covered her mouth.
"Don't scream, try not to make noise." He said. He grabbed her and continued to what seemed to be the kitchen. They peaked around the corned with their head and saw that the girls parents were walking around, living normally. They were like humans doing normal things. The girls eyes widen in fear. She had never expirenced what she had seen till now. She struggled out of his grip.
"Mum. Dad. Your ok." She ran over to behind the counter to see what was behind the masks of the demons world. They were cut up in peices, blood rushed out of them, insides on the floor. Their hearts on the floor under her. She paniced. The walked over to her and transformed into what they really looked like. They dashed over to kill her but Greel shot infront of the girl cause the demons to stop in their trackes.
"Greel, haven't seen you in a long time boy." The said smiling with rage in their eyes. They dashed over. Greel dodged around them, grabbed the girl and went out the back door. Jumping up, he spread his wings. He flew back to his place.
"What are those things? Where are my parents?" she asked in tears of fear and shock.
"Those were your parents, in their true form. Your REAL parents have been dead for a while from the looks of it." Greel explained. He landed on the ground and they went into his place.
"Who are you?" She asked.
"Im Greel. Not of your world but not of the demons either." He explained looking around the place to see if the demons were coming from anywhere.
"What about your age?" She said
"You really want to know?" He asked kicking up a chair and taking a seat.
"Yes" She said impatiantly.
"Older then I look. I look 24 but im beyond that. In human years, Im 400 years. I dont know how old I am from where I came from." He said. "What about you."
"I'm Cassandra. And Im 19" She said. They sat in silence for a second before Greel heard something.
"Did you hear that?" He asked her turning around. He grabbed the girl and held her tight.
"Hold on, don't let go what ever you do." He said, clicking his fingers to create a portal to somewhere else. The portal lead to the demons world.
"[censored], not good." He said. They began to fall. Greel grew his wings again, and they flew over to safety.
"Where are we Greel?" Cassandra asked in fear.
"Demon World" He replied. He fell to the ground in pain. His head began to thump in pain.
"Are you okay? she asked him.
"ARGH, my head." He screamed in pain. Demons were around them.
"My head, the pain."
"Hurry and help me" She paniced.
"GRAHHHHHHHHHH" He screamed. He reverted to his demon form again, but with a difference. He had 4 huge demon wings. He was a demon seraph, a born killer. The demon seraph we're the deadliest things alive, in both human and demon world. THe pain of his head unlock past memories. Memories of life, death, pain, suffering, sorrow and lust. He stood up, Cassandra scared of what was going on. His hand become claws, his feet were like dragons feet, his eyes glowed black. He ran over to the first demona and ripped it's head off. Blood began to spurt out. The demons, even in fear continued to fight. He grabbed Cassandra and flew off. She was in shock and fainted in his arms. They flew back towards the portal but it closed before he could get there in time. He clicked again and created a new portal. The portal led to a dark cave, but it was covered in gems of non human properties. The cave lit up from the shine of the crystals.
"Welcome, Demarth." A voice said. Cassandra woke up and saw the bright lights.
"Who's Demarth?" Greel asked. The voive walked out of where she was hiding. It was one of what of Greel turned into.
"You do not remember your own kin? Must mean you have spent to much time on earth." She said.
"I'm Greel." He said.
"When the time comes, you will remember who you are. And what you are." The voice said. She dissappered and clicked. Greel and Cassandra where teleported back to home.
"Grah what happened?" He said faintly to see Cassandra on the side of his bed nursing him back to health. Cassandra sat down on the bed and lied down next to him.
"Who and what are you?" She asked him affraid of him, yet at the same time not affraid.
"Im a demon, and as for my name, it's Greel." He said.
"Then who was she? Why did she say your name is Demarth?" She asked still lying there falling asleep.
"I don't.... I don't know." He replied falling asleep aswell. It was raining hard outside, not even demons could get to them. Demons dislike rain, in belief it is another source of holy water.

Greel had a blank that night but convade by that stragne woman from earlier.
"Demarth is your true name, it is also your destiny. Demarth is a strong warrior, who was sent to earth to protect the innocents. People worship you, people see you as a god. As a demon god. This life you have is a false reality, an illusion of what you like. There is no normal life for you, no reality. You have powers that defy human liking. You have powers to manipulate fire. You manipulate time and space." The woman finished.