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Appropriate Posting
« on: July 21, 2008, 07:14:12 PM »
People have started to try and make as many posts as possible, either to have the greatest number of posts or to attain a post ranking.

This is not a site activity, and the posts are deteriorating in quality as some people try and post something to almost every topic! There is extraneous chit chat going on numerous threads. As a moderator, I would rather participate in what I find interesting, but instead I'm spending time sorting and editing. It will take me all day to read the entire site to check for boards full of short posts that say nothing, and start handing out warnings.

Chit chat IS ALLOWED on the Off Topic threads in the following locations: Late Nite topics, Cloudbourne, Sandsea, any of the FFXII bars and pubs. We are more lenient on these threads so that people have places to go to chat.

However, if you want to do off topic chit chat, please do so on Skype, MSN, AOL or one of the many IM portals. I want to encourage people to make friends, and once done, use off site places to meet.