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List of WKC2 changes
« on: July 09, 2010, 08:17:21 PM »
I'll try to update this on a weekly basis.

A change list based on after a few hours of playing.  It's not everything, but should be enough to give you an idea on what to expect if you choose to play this game.

System Related
* Part 2 quests will allow 6-man party and avatar knights (Arc Knights).  Part 1 will still be restricted to 4-man and no avatar knights.
* Resource nodes only require one harvest to receive all items.
* Those under character level 35 can reset their skills at the training dummy in Rapacci's Wine shop
* There will be new NG+ treasure.  NG+ will also start from part 1 of the story
* New PSN cash items will include skill reset coupon, makeover ticket (comes with gender and name change), 30 day ticket that increase exp gains.
* Updated graphic engine.
* Pray and site emotes will increase HP/MP regeneration rates.  NPCs in party will also use these emotes with the player.
* Players can bring NPCs for offline quests.
* Resident requests: Offline sidequests given by town folks, designated by "!", progress can also be tracked.
* Bounty - Available at Adventurer's Guild.  Target monster will be marked by "!" on map  Rewards include consumables, equipments, GR points, and Dahlia (can be exchanged for special items)
* Extra dungeon will be available after finishing part 2.
* Level cap increased, GR50, rebirth level requirement increased.
* Players can travel between adjacent areas without going through the world map.
* Live Talk system from International version
* Voiced, video tutorials in the beginning of part 1
* Online requires a code/license activation that comes with the game.  Additional code/license can be purchased on JP PSN for 900 yen.

* Over 400 new equipments.
* Binding recipe requirements have been tweaked and made easier.  Most requirements reduced to 1/3 ~ 1/4
* Changes to damage formula, supposedly weapon base attacks will have more influence on overall damage
* Equipment bonus stats have changed.
* Enhancements will be capped at +5 for same GR equipments.  I.e., GR12 player can only +5 GR12 equipment, but able to +10 GR11 equipment
* 2-h sword and 2-h axe no longer have -VIT penalties.
* 1-h axe, 2-h katana, 2-h mace will have increased critical rates, but lose durabilities faster.
* Increased item and equipment storage to 500
* Quests can sometimes reward unidentified ??? equipments.  They can be identified at the weapon shop.
* New "Killer" modifier added to weapons, which deal bonus damage against certain species.  For example, Evil's Bane has Undead Killer property. Arch Demon Bow has Gigas Killer property.
* Male and Female previews now available at binding shop.

Combat Related
* Action circle will be filled as soon as players draw their weapons and engage in combat.
* AC charging skills (Placid Heart, Anima, Pray) have been removed.  There will be weapons that convert MP to AC.
* Many offensive skills (outside of combo) no longer cost AC, they consume MP instead.  Most AoE skills will still cost 1 AC
* Command Circle starts spinning as soon as a command is chosen, instead of after the command is performed.
* Players can guard anytime with R1 + O.  Players can change AI tactics with R1 + analog directions
* Accuracy and evasion now scales with distance.
* Players' balance will scale with equipment weight. The heavier the set, the less likely a player will be blown away or lose balance from enemy attacks.
* Break Chance - Against giant mobs, there will sometimes be Break Chance markings.  Attacking the marking with the correct weakness will force the enemy off-balance. 1 2 3
* Flying Mode - Some enemies will be able to fly ((like dragons)).  Melee weapons will not be able to reach flying enemies.
* Yellow damage seen from videos signify that the enemy is weak to the player's attack (slash, thrust, crush, element, "Killer")
* Buff and debuff can cancel each other out, such as spider web canceling haste vise versa.
* Counter attacks -  Take reduced damage and immediately counter
* Dash attacks - Dash to the enemy location and attack, damage increases with range.
* Charge attacks - Mash the button to increase damage dealt.
AoE attacks now show range markings
* All skills in combo will cost at least 1 AC.  No more 0 AC skills in combos.
* Auto-camera in combos can be switched off.
* Base capturing system - Enemy camps, siege weapons, and Zoa Crystals.
* Most monsters' weakness and resistances have been changed around.  Bees now weak to thrust, boars weak to slash, etc

Weapon Skills
* Required amount of SP to learn skills have been tweaked.  Weapon Master Lv 5 for example will cost 10 SPs to learn.
* Amount of SPs gained at level-up now scales with level.  A level 2 character gains 2 SP, level 30 character gains around 5 SPs per level-up
* Prerequisites for all skills will be shown in-game.
* New training skills such as Dagger Training, 1-h Sword Training, which will increase damage for their respective weapon types.
* Inspire spell from divine magic has been removed.
* Weapon skills such as stance, cry, aura, field will be more effective and last longer.
* 1-handed - Dual-wielding stance to switch from tank to a DPS role.  Able to counter-attack with shields.
* 2-h sword - New passive allows the action circle to spin faster when the user's HP is low.  New counter and dash attacks
* Axe - New passive increases damage dealt when the user's HP is low.  New 2-h maces added to weapon type.
* Spear - New Guardian skill allows the user to recover more AC from enemy attacks.  With Shield Training, they have increased chance to block.  They also have AoE slow and AoE knockdown.
* Bow - Double / Triple shot passives, chance to increase damage dealt.  New songs to recover HP/MP, raise allies or buff them with haste.  New Consumable Training to increase potion effectiveness.  Their attacking animation has been sped up as well, there are nearly no delays at the end of an attack.
* Staff- New passives reduce MP cost and cast time.  Capable of restoring MP to party members like bow users.
* Elemental Magic - New tier IV spells.  New non-elemental magic, Eclipse Gate and Last Apocalypse.
* Divine Magic - They can banish undeads and debuff wraiths and succubus with the new Holy Light spell
* Knights - All of Knight's skills are AoE, even the basic thrust.
* Knights - Turn Break skill can interrupt enemy attacks and force them off balance.  Turn Break can be used even when the action circle isn't full.
* Knights - Fortress Guard transfers all of allies' damage in an area to the knight.

Misc / GeoNet
* Better room searching function
* Better USB keyboard support

Full credit does not only go to me, also to these sites-

JP MasterWiki, Dengeki Scans and Famitsu scans

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Re: List of WKC2 changes
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2010, 09:07:50 AM »
Thanks for posting this, Ally, I'm trying to remind people on Geonet that what's in the Japanese version will likely have some changes just as the first game did, so people shouldn't entirely plan their WKC 1 playthrough on the Japanese WKC 2.

Having said that, a couple of changes, if kept, will be of use to people who played the first WKC game casually. By casually, I mean people who played the story only, played up to NG+ only, didn't go online, or got up to GR 8 or so. That covers most of the people here on fftogether who played the first game.

The game seems to have been tweaked to allow for players offline to do quests, in that you can take party members with you, and also NPCs with you. NPCs will be doing some sort of buffing on you as well. This will allow people who don't play online multiplayer to use more of the content.

Ranking up will require far fewer points. Gone are the millions of points needed. GR 8 to GR 9 requires only 20,000 points for example. This will help the vast majority of people to level further from where you left off with a LOT less time/work.

Weapons are handed out as quest rewards (like GR 10, 11), and overall are easier to make. GR 11 weapons can be leveled to +10, but weapons after that only +5. Basically they've reduced the grind aspect a lot, though I expect the grind will be heavy still after level 50. Still though you can do your rebirths and GR up to 15 much easier now than before. Above that rank, I imagine will still be a lot of work. So, the point is, if you quit playing anywhere under GR 8, you will have an easier time going further with the save you already have. You don't need to feel compelled to get back on the game and grind it out now because it will likely be easier to do it in WKC 2.

As for me, I'm not too happy about not being able to wear my GR 12-15 gear at level 50. That's stopped me from making any more at this point. There might be newer stuff that's better anyway and easier to level up.

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Re: List of WKC2 changes
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2010, 06:58:07 AM »
Is the sequel more difficult then the first one?

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Re: List of WKC2 changes
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2010, 06:59:58 AM »
The game is more challenging in all aspects especially during the story. In most boss fights, your party is either outnumbered or have some sort of handicap. With the faster combat speed, you also have to make decisions faster.

Giant mobs are most threatening, they can all enter berserk mode to deal 20~30% more damage. It's not uncommon to have a boss going berserk and then charge up an attack to deal over 80% damage to your entire party.

Online quests are difficult as well especially with the soft level cap. Even if you transfer GR12+ equipments from WKC1, you won't be able to use them until GR18+. On another note, early trophy data is incorrect. Silver GR trophy is obtained by GR17, so it's possible the GR cap is much lower than GR50 right now. I'm guessing the GR cap may be somewhere around GR26~35.


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Re: List of WKC2 changes
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2010, 12:18:00 AM »
Latest I heard about WKC GR 12-15 gears is that you cannot wear them until hitting GR 20 and at least level 71. However, I read that WKC 2 has gear at GR 17 you can get from quest rewards, fully leveled up, that is better than any GR 12-15 gear. So it seems that WKC 1 gear has been made obsolete. As a result, I'm not making anything more. I'd rather keep my items. I'm building up a great file of binding items in case I need anything from WKC 1.