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Re: Final Fantasy XV ideas
« Reply #30 on: September 20, 2011, 01:30:37 AM »
Even though I'm gonna smash SE for not delivering something innovative in a long time with the FF series, I can't think of a whole lot they could really do that hasn't been done already.  But then again, I'm not the one being paid big $ to give direction to the series.  If they are going to deliver something like FFXIII and claim it to be innovate, then I would rather they just return to their roots and do something like they did in FFX, and just throw a few bells and whistles in the combat system.

If they are going to have an AI dependent combat, at least give me the ability to take control of any party member during the fight and tell them exactly which spells and moves I want them using so there is at least some player input involved.  And allow me to disable AI control so I can switch and give them the commands I want individually.  That way I can actually plan strategy and control the fight to my liking.  The ability to pause and issue commands would also be good.  The ability to switch party members in and out of battle would also be good, that way you can plan strategy on the fly instead of reloading the game because you didn't know you were gonna need an extra healer for this fight.  I would have liked FFXIIIs battle system a whole lot more if I could switch control of members in battle, and disable/enable specific attacks to suit the situation as I deemed fit.  That is basically SE saying the player isn't smart enough to make these decisions, so they don't see that option as necessary.  I didn't feel like they gave enough player input in the battle system in FFXIII.  Sure they let you pick the setup, but they didn't let you pick which moves, nor give you freedom of control in battle.  I honestly would have micro managed the hell out of the AI in FFXIII if I had the ability to, because they were consistently throwing out stuff I didn't want. 

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