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Famitsu interview Final Fantasy Type-0 with New Screens
« on: February 01, 2011, 08:40:35 PM »

Source major point for the interview.
Source Screens.

Quote from: by gmoya909 from 1up
Famitsu has released Part 2 of their interview from the 1st Production Premier. This part focuses on the newly named Final Fantasy Type-0. As no translations of the entire interview are available, I’ve given a go at summarising and making sense of the major points revealed myself. Read the details below.

“The title has been rebooted which is part of the reason the name has been changed to Type-0. It’s also to make it independent from the rest of the XIII games. Type-0 was chosen to signify the beginning of what they consider to be a new series. Although they can’t confirm Type-0 may receive its own sequels, they want to raise the importance of the title. The new logo’s hand written kanji is actually written by the same person who wrote the kanji for the Shinra logo in FFVII. The word “Agito” still has relevance though as it is used in the games world to define a “messiah” or “saviour”. The word “Finis” is also mentioned in the trailer which refers to “destruction” or “chaos”.

Machina and Rem who were revealed in the latest piece of artwork are the protagonists companions. They will be the most important characters in the story but the majority of the game will be played with the 12 “trainees” which you also take control of in the game. You’ll be limited to using three of these characters in battle at once. However, if one of those characters dies in battle, they will be automatically replaced with one of the remaining characters on standby.

Multiplayer allows another player to jump in and help someone during battle. The other player will only be allowed 3 minutes to intervene though and once that time is up, they’re kicked out of the battle. Depending on how well the player helps the host in those 3 minutes, will determine what kind of bonus they’ll receive.

The game will include an experience point system as well as enhanced abilities being learnt when levelling and accessories which can be equipped. There will also be a customisable magic system allowing the player to use it more strategically e.g. Using Fire for longer period causing low damage or for a shorter period with high damage. Stronger magic of the same type (Fire, Fira, Firaga) no longer exists but the basic magic becomes stronger with more use. Summons make an appearance again but they will have a time limit.

Concerning development, the game is approximately 60% complete and will span two UMDs to allow them to avoid cutting out any content. They plan to polish the title until the last minute before release this summer.”

Along with the interview some screens where released:

And here is a Trailer from where the screens are taken:

Also there was said that FF Type-0 is finished for about 60% and as it looks now it will come on 2 UMD's.

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