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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #45 on: May 24, 2011, 10:50:46 AM »
The name Annabeth sounded vaguely familiar to Arlin, yet still he couldn't quite grasp where he heard that name before. Then it suddenly came back, he'd came across that name while searching through reports about a clan of dragon slayers. The clan itself has faded into history, but its descendants still live. Annabeth being the lasted name mentioned in the report.

Arlin couldn't hold in to ask, "With Annabeth you mean Annabeth Ashland, the Crimson Banshee?".

"Yes that's indeed the Annabeth I was talking about", kain said.

Alrin expected that as answer, yet still it came as a surprise. Back then he saw the reports as nothing more than a legend written on paper, but if the high dragon wants to go after Annabeth they really must be knowledgeable.

If we are going after powerful warriors we might as well go after him, Arlin though. Surly the dragoon would be able to track him down.

"May I suggest to search for another person?" Arlin asked.

"Whom did you have in mind?" kain asked with a surprising tone.

"I'm afraid I've got nothing more than rumours, but I've been trying to track down a guy known under many names. Some call him Morlake the legendary healer, some dubbed him a dragon slayer, while some claim he's a dragon himself." Arlin took a moment to take a deep breath before he continued, "At first I wouldn't believe the stories as well, but a few of my men have been following the stories and they always come across the same."

"Interesting" Kain said, ", but how do you propose to find him?".

"Why not ask around town?" Gareth replied, "This fortress is filled with travelling merchants, if we ask around we're sure to get a lead".


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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #46 on: May 24, 2011, 04:27:09 PM »
OoC: STILL bored.. But I dunno about the next. Would Arlin and the group go with Henlaiqua? After all, Janus Morlake is with the Nephilims.


Henlaiqua blinked, thinking. He knew that name well. Of course, he never met that healer personally, but he did hear of him... ...However, for now, what annoyed him was that Gareth didn't even consider asking him about the healer. Not that Henlaiqua minded them wasting a bit of their time and energy..
Tilting his head a bit, Henlaiqua stared at Kain the High Dragoon. They met each other long time ago (for humans anyway), and they knew each other quite well. 'Annabeth.. It had been a long time since I've heard that name from someone else.' The Clan of the Dragon Slayers... Indeed, they would be a great help.. If they ever accept the alliance, that is.
Shrugging, Henlaiqua spoke up before the three of them left Kain's chamber.

"You know, Kain, you are quite evil."
"Oh?" Kain raised an eyebrow with amusement, perhaps a little too used to Henlaiqua's greeting method, "Then pray tell, Henlaiqua, why do you say so?"
"...Do you think I wasn't aware of the rumours? I am a travelling mercenary, for love of magic.. And I have more 'connections' than normal people. Last time I heard, he was with the Nephilims.. In addition, if you wish, I can check about the validity of the information with some other Nephilims. But while you knew all these, you didn't even ask me if I knew anything about him."
"Indeed, I did not." Kain shook his head good-naturedly, chuckling, "I didn't think you would be willing to get involved with others."

Henlaiqua sneered coldly as he glanced at Arlin. Of course he wasn't welcoming it, but he wasn't foolish enough to believe that he won't be detected by the dragons to the base of the Nephilims. And after all.. Henlaiqua spoke sarcastically, his voice totally uncaring.

"I hate a few elves with reasons, not all elves. I fought with a few elves because I have a reason to particularly hate them, not the elves in general. I think anyone can see the difference in hating the elves and some elves. I don't want to see them again, sure, but it doesn't mean that I hate all elves by default."
"Whatever you say, Henlaiqua," Kain chuckled again, eyeing at Henlaiqua knowingly, "You don't want them to waste time. Arlin, Freya, Agor, and Gareth.. I think you need to hear it. How solid is your information?"
"I'd say at least for a week. But if the rumours are true, that it won't be easy to find him. He moves around a lot. Counting everything, I'd say there's about 20% he will leave the base of the Nephilims until I arrive there. Interestingly, it is said that he collects dragon blood to study. I am not surprised. Dragon blood is full of magic and life.. With proper manipulation, I am sure it can be turned into a powerful healing potion."

Henlaiqua shrugged again, looking quite careless. While the Dragoons at the door glared at Henlaiqua at his disrespect, Kain smiled and qustioned passingly.

"An opinion of an expert, or a knowledge you had for a long time, Henlaiqua?"
"Well, when I was learning about healing magic, I read a tome in passing once-... Kain!"

Henlaiqua growled, realising his mistake. Not many people knew that he was capable of using magic.. That was just as hard as knowing him as an elf. However, no matter how unwilling he was to use magic, he was slightly more open to healing type magics. As Henlaiqua glared daggers at Kain, Kain merely smiled.

"You should let yourself use magic, Henlaiqua. You are getting more stressed because you aren't using any magic anymore. At least this will let you ease up when you have a trouble in a truly tough battle. Last time you refused to use magic, you almost instinctly casted the magic and got disracted to stop.. Ending up with a serious wound on your chest by a monster. This way, if you end up going with them, at least you will hesitate less."
"How kind," Henlaiqua sneered, looking cold and annoyed, "I will leave in two days at dawn. Give me the list of the supplies you need, will you? I will be at the usual place."

Clearly pissed off, Henlaiqua half fleed and half stormed away. However, as soon as Henlaiqua left, Gareth burst into laughter, shaking his head.

"*laugh*.. Too bad for Henlaiqua, you know him too well to believe that he was truly angry at you, Lord Kain."
"Yes," Kain chuckled and nodded, "Henlaiqua had been around me for too long.. He never gets truly angry at the people he knows well. And that isn't even counted as angry.. That's just his usual haughty self. He is just annoyed by the fact that I manipulated him to acknowledge that he can use magic..You know that I do this all the time to him. He generally doesn't mind me doing it.. This time, it's just because he doesn't really want to use magic at all."

As Henlaiqua arrived at his usual place- an inn located near the Dragoons' residences-, he stormed to his usual room and dunked his head in a bucket full of water. Soon, not caring his cloths and body getting drenched by water on his long hair, he stared at his image on the mirror and muttered darkly.

"..This is seriously wrong. It is too unlike me.. I don't get that easily manipulated in general. I am lossing control of myself, driven by the desperate desire, no- the need to use magic ever since I encountered those dragonlings.. Yes, I used to be stressed alright even without this need to use magic, but this is ridiculous. I shouldn't need this... Kain was right, I used to get annoyed at myself because I do love magic.. But what he doesn't know is.. This is abnormally strong.."

Henlaiqua stared at his reflection and slowly raised his left hand, where a ball of water appeared and floated in the mid-air. Staring into the mirror, Henlaiqua closed his eyes and murmured darkly.

"...Perhaps I do need to meet that legendary healer and check out my state. As far as I know, there shouldn't be this kind of need to use magic at all.. It is unheard of. Magic Withdrawal..? Magic is not some kind of cheap addictives. ....Something is wrong with me."

As he spoke, Henlaiqua stared into his eyes reflected on the mirror- his eyes were just as green as usual. Sighing softly, Henlaiqua dunked his head into the water bucket again, wishing that the severe need to use this magic will go away.

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By the way, who know the relationship b/w a fox and a crow?

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #47 on: May 24, 2011, 06:21:53 PM »
A cool breeze drifted across the balcony on the upper floor of the Nephilim outpost in the fortress. Janus gazed lazily out across the street, occasionally glancing at the vast wall of the fortress despite the knot it would create in his stomach. It was a beautiful and mostly peaceful place. There was little need for another healer here but he still had work from time to time. Little things like broken limbs and minor illnesses but no Dragoons and certainly no dragon wounds.

The battle with the dragon had changed the rumours in ways Janus could not have hoped for. The stories told by the Nephilim who had been present were embellished both for effect and by the blood loss they had suffered at the time. The tales always maintained that he faced down the dragon, but in some he carved its skull in half rather than jumping on it, in others he had breathed the flames of a matriarch on it and roasted it in yet others he himself became a dragon and fought with it. The true effect of the rumours now spreading was that Morlake the half-dragon was more a mythical hero and less the monster plotting to kill them. Curiously, few made any connection to him. He was Janus, a healer of the Nephilim who had been present in the fight, a healer could not have performed such feats, so no one seemed to suspect him. All it would take to change that was wrong question.

A magical presence touched Janus's awareness and he realised Leanne was back again. Turning round he saw that suspicious smile on her face again.

"Last time you smiled like that I fought a dragon. What are you going to make me do this time?" Janus asked uneasily.

"Nothing yet." Leanne replied innocently, feigning offense at the idea she would use him like that.

"Yet," Janus scoffed, "Where have you been anyway?"

Leanne settled herself in a chair before answering proudly, "My main role with the Nephilim is research; faster caravans, stronger weapons, maps and other such things. I was away working towards a new weapon for fighting dragons. After all, you did say normal ones do not work."

Janus thought for a moment about the kind of weapon that would be necessary to hurt a hight dragon. It always came back to magic. More magic than the dragon you were trying to kill. "You think you have a weapon strong enough to kill them?" He asked, interested.

"Gigantes calls it the Earth Thunder. He only calls it that because he can't read the text around the diagrams but that is the name we're stuck with now. It's a cannon, of a sort. It fires energy, lightning, hopefully but it was a plan we abandoned a while ago."

"Why?" Asked Janus, although he was already sure of the answer.

"We couldn't generate enough power for it. Three mages with one cannon were needed just to get it to fire, and we just don't have those numbers. We needed to find some kind of charge for them, ammunition of a kind." Leanne explained.

"Manastores," Janus concluded, seeing where the conversation was going, "The few that are left are relics of a lost time, their owners will not part with them easily. There certainly aren't enough to run these weapons of yours."

Leanne nodded, "That is true, but I can solve that problem, the problem I really had was filling manastores big enough for these weapons. The same three mages would spend three days exhausting themselves to fill one of the right size, but you have shown me another route. Natural springs of magic littered across the world. Find one, build a fort, fill the stores, kill dragons. Rinse and repeat." She stated, seemingly ignoring the problem of the stores themselves.

"The art of making these stores is lost. Even if they could be filled in such a way, I admit they probably could, it does not change the fact that stores this big do not exist. If they were still made, I'd be carrying one big enough to sustain me for weeks." Janus retorted, there was something unsettling i the way Leanne assumed his cooperation.

A final, triumphant smirk spread across Leanne's face as she unrolled a map onto the table. "This map, which I have spent months of research creating, shows the approximate location of the ruins of a city which I know survived the last dragon invasion, although dragons are usually held responsible for its eventual demise. The city was almost unharmed, th structural damage since was caused by time. No dragon attacked that place. I believe there may be a library somewhere in those ruins which will contains books on how all the old technology worked." She explained, folding her arms and looking up at him with a sickeningly smug expression.

"What's that then?" Janus asked, pointing to a small leather-bound book, desperate to get off the subject of how right she was.

"Leverage." Leanne answered simply. As the confusion spread across the healer's face she revealed, "This is the newest text I could find on the city itself. It's a journal of a doctor as he treats a patient. The patient suffers from a condition which gives him skin like a dragon. The final entry is a short one, detailing the escape of the 'man' as he ran through the streets in a lizard-like form, slaughtering the people. The few survivors fled and no one has returned since. I thought you might be interested in an old city who studied your illness and unfortunately, it's consequences."

Janus recoiled from the book as if it had just bitten him. The details of what he could become bothered him, but a city with a cure, or some way to fight his condition was worth the effort.

"This is a personal venture, not a Nephilim one. We will remain for a few days while I enlist the aid of a few of the Nephilim mercs in the outpost. Dragon blood is still your priority, until you find another answer it is your best hope, use your time wisely." Leanne finished, before rising and leaving with the map but not the book.

Janus stared back over the street for a moment. The city could hold a cure, there was nothing to lose but time,  not that he had much of it and Leanne had just enlisted him in a mission without his permission. Again.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #48 on: May 24, 2011, 06:37:40 PM »
Caleb groaned in agony as a woman cleaned the burns on his chest while Berik held him down. As the woman turned to rinse out the cloth the young warrior turned to the smith.

“Why couldn’t the *Bleep* thing just kill me,” he moaned through gritted teeth.

“You’re the idiot who ran head first into a dragon’s face,” the smith chuckled. “What did you expect would happen?”

“I don’t know,” Caleb replied, wincing as the nurse started cleaning again. “I just remember seeing Sanderson and Carl in flames. After that it’s all a blur until you hit me.”

“Well,” the smith said warily. “You roared and charged straight at it. You sounded almost like one of them. And I could have sworn your hair was changing colour.”

“Really?” a woman’s voice said.

Caleb looked up to see a young woman walking towards him, carrying a tray of food. She had long blond hair tied in a ponytail, soft features and hazel eyes. She wore a brown leather jerkin and cloth trousers with black boots. White cloth was wrapped around her bare arms and she carried a bow and quiver over her back.

“Mara,” Berik greeted her. “Glad to see you’re safe. I thought you were out on patrol tonight?”

“I switched with Gart,” she replied, looking around the room. “I haven’t seen him with the survivors.” She handed Berik a chunk of bread and tore a small portion for Caleb. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Berik answered. “But this idiot attacked three adult dragons on his own. Frankly, I’m amazed he’s still alive.”

“It’s the dragon slayer blood in him,” Tobias said as he walked towards them. He nodded to the nurse, who got up and left, then turned to consider his son’s injuries. He closed his eyes in concentration and a warm yellow light spread over his hands. He began to move his hands over Caleb’s body, who grimaced as the burn’s started to heal.

“My wife’s family have been fighting dragons for so long that it’s in their blood,” he said. “They’ve become very resistant to fire. There’s even a story that one of their ancestors killed a Matriarch and drank her blood. It supposedly gave them the strength of the dragons.” The worst of the wounds over Caleb’s body had healed, but still left some scarring. Tobias let out a sign and pulled himself to his feet.

“That should be enough for now,” he said. “Another trait of the Ashland’s is their ability to heal quickly. I need to help the others.” The mage swayed a little as he moved away but he seemed to become steadier as he knelt down to examine the cuts on a small child.

“Is he alright?” Mara asked worriedly.

“He’s just tired,” Annabeth said as she walked towards them. “He’s been casting all night. Most of the people here wouldn’t be alive if not for him.” She then turned to her son, a scowl appearing on her face. “And as for you,” she spat dangerously. “You nearly got yourself burned to a crisp. What were you thinking? What did you hope to achieve? Well?”

“I wanted to destroy the monsters that killed Carl Lander and Daniel Sanderson,” Caleb replied quietly. Mara gasped and brought her hand up to her mouth while Berik looked away. Annabeth stared at her son for a moment before saying, “And what good would that have done them? They were already dead, what help would your death have given them?” She got to her feet and walked away.

The three sat in silence, none of them looking at each other. Mara let out a sob before getting up and moving away. Caleb watched her stumble towards the other side of the room and into her father’s arms. He was happy to see that Old Tom had made it along with his wife. Thomas, their son, was having the burns on his back checked by Tobias’ apprentice, Ysabel. Old Tom took his daughter into his arms as she sobbed into his chest.

“Carl was courting her,” Berik said quietly. “They’d been together for a few months. Carl asked me to make a new dagger for her to take out on hunts. They seemed to love each other.”

Caleb found he couldn’t look at them any longer and instead sought out the others. Blake sat huddled together with his mother and two brothers but he could see no sign of his father. At that momment Patrick, one of the other town guardsmen, walked up to Caleb.

“How are you doing sergeant?” he asked.

“Well enough, all things considered,” Caleb replied. “I guess you heard about my promotion.”

“I’m afraid you’re getting promoted again,” Patrick said. “Captain Bartram was killed. Of all the town guard only you, Blake, Thomas and I survived. You’re the highest ranked so that makes you the new captain.”

Caleb turned to look at Mara and her family once more.

“Then I guess I’d better start acting like one,” he said, pulling himself to his feet with Berik’s help. “And work out how we’re going to get these people out of here.”

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #49 on: June 02, 2011, 08:03:32 PM »

"Yes, when I left the post, he was still there. But it was three days ago. I know for a fact that they don't plan to send anyone else here until I return, Henlaiqua. You will need to go and find out by yourself."
"...I see. That's better than nothing. I've been chasing rumours with less substance.. Though, how good is he? I was wondering.."
"He is very good. There were a few of us with quite serious wounds- he healed them without any trouble. Though, it is true that he is collecting dragon blood and does god-knows-what- That, I have no idea at all."
"Perhaps he is using magic? Dragon blood has a lot of magic, after all.. It would be turning their own weapon against them. But it will require quite a few elves for that.."

Henlaiqua shrugged and answered carelessly, knowing that the mercenary wasn't really asking for any real information. The merchant who was sharing the table with him laughed, shaking his head.

"No, no.. There aren't many mages around. Everyone knows that.. If he was that good in magic, I am sure that everyone would know about it. Sure, he uses magic and potions- but he isn't a mage who is specialised in attacks- that's generally elves, and even then, it's very rare to see one around. They took all the secrets of magic- remember?"
"...I know.. Everyone knows that. Still, one can't stop being curious about such things.. Well, thanks about the information."
"It wasn't anything special- But hey, you aren't hurt, right?"
"Me? Hurt?" Henlaiqua snorted, looking a bit insulted, "Not likely."

Standing up and paying for the bills, Henlaiqua glanced at the corner. The presence of another elf in the same city was actually getting on his nerve... Perhaps because he did have quite bad history with a number of elves, but it wasn't likely to meet any of them anytime soon. The elves Henlaiqua had history with mostly remained in the elf villages, teaching magic to other elves or get revered by the other elves.. Frowning at where his thoughts were leading, Henlaiqua frowned again and shook his head. He used to be quite good in water magic, and magic in general, but more leaning towards offensive.. But how long had it been since he had used a spell which can be counted as truly offensive? He hadn't used his magic for such a long time.. Three decades? Four? Five? He really had lost track of time, even while living with humans..
Sighing in displeasure, Henlaiqua walked towards Gareth who just entred the inn and called him.

"Gareth? You have the list with you?"
"Ah, Henlaiqua.. Yes, I brought the list of supplies with me. By the way, have you found more accurate information about the healer?"
"Three days ago, at the post where we are going to get the supplies. If we leave in the dawn tomorrow morning, we should arrive there in two days at the most- I doubt he had left by now. And that mercenary there- he told me something interesting. It seems that healer got close to one of the Nephilims. That will give us an easier time to track him down." Henlaiqua continued as he leaned against the wall, "What about them? Those new additions.. A dwarf and an elf... ..Who are the actual members going with me? No matter how unfortunate for me it is, I doubt that the elf- Arlin, right?- wouldn't be included in the party. I don't have anything against him personally, but it doesn't mean I am comfortable with it."
"...Are you that uncomfortable with him?"
"..Perhaps, perhaps not. I am not sure.. But if you are asking me, I am already uneasy just by the fact that there is an elf in the same city with me. Sure, he isn't an elf who is very well-versed in magic, but it doesn't make me calm. Especially because I know a lot of people here, who aren't aware of the things I am keeping to myself."

Gareth nodded in understanding. He could understand that- A fear of his secrets exposed to those he already knew, or close to. But wasn't it a bit too much? But before Gareth could say anything, Henlaiqua shook his head a bit forcefully and cursed himself.

"*Wark*, I am getting paranoid.. I really need a stress relief now...But those dragons aren't helping. No matter how grave the battles get, I restrain myself.. That's the thing which is driving me crazy. It was alright when I could manage with my swordmanship and rarely with my bow.. But with those dragons.. It's frustrating, more because I don't want to use it!"

Gareth watched fuming Henlaiqua without speaking. It was odd.. Henlaiqua was sharp, his tongue quite acidic and his tone bitter or sour in general, but this wasn't normal.. Gareth didn't know Henlaiqua as much as the High Dragoon Kain or Llyud, but he knew enough to know that it was strange for the elf to be this stressed. But before he could do something about it, Henlaiqua was already calm, looking as sour and bitter as usual.

"...Ah, well.. I just hope that they will keep their curiousity to themselves.. I don't need anyone poking around, I am already stressed enough. Hope no one asks anything about my past.. ..Who are the actual members going with me, Gareth?"

OoC : I am not sure about Freya and other NPCs, so I am cutting it here.. Da_Cloud? Ultima? Anyone who's online first, I think...

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #50 on: June 03, 2011, 12:33:37 PM »
“Well count me in,” Agor said joining Gareth and Henlaiqua, “I want to meet anybody who has skill at killing Dragons. I got the impression that Arlin was looking to join as well though I cannot say for sure.”

Gareth nodded but his lips tightened slightly. Agor and Lai were two very capricious personalities. He really hoped they would not clash somewhere along the line of this journey. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the lithe figure of Freya striding towards their group. He sighed. That would make a third fiery temper on this journey.

“I hope you were not planning to leave without me,” Freya said in an uncharacteristically mischievous tone.

“I would never dream of it,” Gareth replied rolling his eyes. Agor quickly turned his laugh into a hacking cough.

A vein began to pulse somewhere near Lai’s temple. “Enough chatter. Can we just pack and get going already?”

“Sure,” said Gareth, “We leave in four hours.”


Agor sat on his bed next to his modest bag of belongings. Beyond his armour, weapons and smelting tools he owned next to nothing. A knock on the timber door caught his attention.

"May I come in?" the High Dragoon's voice said.

"Of course."

Kain strode in and took a seat on one of the tall, black leather chairs. "There is something I need to discuss with you before you head out once more. It is a heavy topic and may surprise you."

"Okay, what is the problem?" Agor asked, his curiosity piqued.

"You have fought a High Dragon already. It was a hard battle but the teamwork between you, Arlin and the Dragoon won you the day."

"That's right..." Agor said slowly.

"I am afraid that will not be enough for a Matriarch. They are sentient creatures with magical strength beyond compare. If we and the Nephilim fail to kill the remaining Matriarchs then you, or another with no latent magical talent whatsoever, are the only ones capable of doing so. Anyone with untrained magical abilities cannot get close to a Matriarch. They would be naturally repelled by the dragon's magic."

"So you are saying that anyone who wishes to fight a Matriarch must learn to manipulate their magic correctly..."

"Correct," Kain replied.

"And because I have no magical ability I require no such training."


After a moment of silence Agor said one word. "Good."

"You are comfortable with this knowledge?" Kain asked in surprise.

"These Dragons destroyed my home. I would have it no other way."

Kain nodded slightly. Was vengeance once again beginning to creep into the back of Agor's mind?

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #51 on: June 03, 2011, 08:18:28 PM »
OoC: This is terrible, I feel like I was choking on words but I just had to get this posted because it's been on hold for a week, so here it goes. Edited, felt like I needed to add more last night but was too tired.

The Sun had just set and the sky was beginning to turn from a sweet, twilight blue into a velvety black sky. Tiarra had finally arrived at the village of Rafalythos after another half an hour of walking around, and she could see families of elves returning to their homes from work as the faintest trace of Sun began to disappear from the night sky.

"Is this where you live?" Rigel asked.

"Yes, but not quite. Come with me."

Tiarra turned away from the settlement and made a detour further west to a linear, isolated cavern within the woods, which led to a remote spring and a large waterfall. She walked over to the mouth of the spring and sat down, closing her eyes and breathing the evening air and enjoying the gentle sound of the flowing falls. Rigel slowly approached her side and dipped his snout into the rippling pool, vigorously drinking from the spring.

"You're thirsty, aren't you," Tiarra chuckled lightly before she stood up, sighing. "Look, I have to go. You'll have to stay here for the night. There's plenty of fish if you're hungry, but don't you dare eat all of them in one fell swoop. Good thing the hideout isn't smack dab in the middle of the village, or else I'll have trouble hiding you."

"... You're different,"

"In what way?"

"You're not like the other humans. This is the first time I've ever experienced something like this,"

Tiarra laughed. "Don't sweat it. I'm only doing this for my own benefit, and you're lucky I was kind enough to not abandon you. I guess it's because we're... kins? No, that wouldn't be right. I'll see you on the morrow."

After leaving Rigel, Tiarra walked up behind the falls and entered a hidden cavern which was masked by the heavy current of the waterfall from the outside. Of course, the thief hideout also had its own entrance password. After moving a number of seemingly innocent and meaningless pebbles around, the boulder ahead of her slowly rolled out of its way, revealing a hole behind it which served as a gateway to the hideout. Climbing out of the other side of the whole, she traveled the underground expanse until she came to large hall, containing an assortment of bars and shops. She walked over to the bar at the side, where people noticed, greeted and welcomed her.

"Tiarra! You have returned!"

"Not for long," Tiarra replied gloomily. "There has been a strange string of occurences lately. The world is up to some sort of mischief."

"Hah! Always the adventurer, my dear Tiarra," the bartender said. "Are you venturing out alone again? Never thought I would find a lady such as you, a wanderer!"

"Mrs Kerns, you know I'm the odd one out," Tiarra chuckled. "I need to see old man Reginn. Is he in?"

"He's straight up ahead, sittin' in his room as always," the jolly, middle-aged bartender answered. "You sure you don't want a glass or two?"

"I'll have to pass up on that for now. See ya 'round, Mrs Kerns."

Tiarra left the bar and headed towards the earthen flights of stairs north of the hall, which spiraled upwards towards a more elevated level and eventually leading to a grand hallway decorated with ornaments of old weapons and paintings of the previous leaders of the esteemed Rafalythos guild. Tiarra opened the door just beyond the corridor and discovered the same old figure looking out the open wall of the cliff, while continuously blowing smoke of various shapes and sizes from the pipe which had always had its place in his mouth.

"You're back."

"Of course, master. I can't be away from the old man for too long, it seems," Tiarra chuckled.

Reginn stood up from his seat and headed towards his aged wooden table, covered in fine particles of dust. He roughly dusted the table with several swiping strokes of his hand and pulled out a chair for Tiarra, inviting her to sit down.

"Found anything?"

Tiarra shrugged in disappointment. "Nothing seems to be of significance... until lately. Strange things have been happening... such as..." Tiarra paused for a brief moment, hesitatng whether or not a pragmatic old man like Reginn would easily take in her experiences, which, to common folk, would have been easily dismissed as severe delusions.

"What is it, Tiarra? Tell me."

After a long pause, and a bit of awkward glancing around the room, Tiarra finally answered.

"I've talked to dragons."

Reginn was noticeably taken aback by what he had just heard. He suddenly frowned as if he had been shot with an ice-cold arrow through his heart and his eyes froze with something akin to sheer shock.

"... Master Reginn? You alright?"

"Tiarra..." Reginn paused, not knowing how to respond. "Do explain."


"... I will stay here for two days until Rigel recovers, and then we will head for Flasgard. Lord Kain sent me there for this man."

Reginn sat still on his chair, his eyes locked onto Tiarra's for the next minute showing an obvious attempt to fully discern what she had just revealed to him, though his expression marked a more pronounced sense of unpleasant shock rather than mere confusion. The bandit leader stood up from his chair and began to walk around his room in a distressed manner, much to Tiarra's confusion.

"Tiarra, I don't think you should continue doing this..."

"But master Reginn, why?" Tiarra answered, surprised by what he had just said. "You were the one that told me to go for it!"

"Are you saying that you are tied with the dragons? That's ridiculous! Of all the things you could find, you decide to believe in this one? Have you gone insane amidst your fruitless search for your origin? There is no way anyone in this world could do that!" Reginn retorted vehemently.

"There are people I had just met who believed me, and out of all people, you think I'm insane?" Tiarra snarled. "It is neither a deception nor a delusion. What I experience is very real!"

"What do you gain by believing that such experiences are real, Tiarra? No one is going to believe that you can speak with dragons, and no dragon can help you discover who you are! Is this really all you have gained from your journey? I am bewildered, Tiarra, for you are not the kind of person from who I expect to hear such otherworldly claims," Reginn replied sharply and relentlessly, almost in a brutal flurry of denial and rejection towards her stories. He laughed and ridiculed her stories, but Tiarra began to sense that his laugh was completely phony and that it was done in an attempt to hide something. Not fifteen minutes had passed since she recounted the past few days and Reginn had already started dismissing everything as fiction with no space for her to argue against. What could this have meant?

"Master, you're hiding something," Tiarra said sternly, standing up from her seat and slowly approaching him. "Tell me, master Reginn. What is it that you are hiding?"

"Nonsense! I have nothing to hide! You are making up a bunch of ridiculously false tales just to fill the emptiness within you, just like with the story"

"Master Reginn Farcanneus!" Tiarra snapped, staring him straight into the eye with a sharp, biting look.

"... Nothing," Reginn replied calmly.

"So be it!" Tiarra snapped. "I'll keep going down this path. I don't care what happens to me as long as I'm pursuing something. Good day, master," she said as she stormed away from the room in anger and disappointment.

Reginn retrieved his pipe not long after she left and proceeded to look out from the cliff wall, trying to exhale his distress through the cloudy smoke that blew out of the wooden structure. "Forgive me, Tiarra... I don't know what to do... I didn't expect you to discover all of that... so fast..." he thought to himself.

"Sir Reginn?" Mrs Kerns said as she approached his chamber with a silver tray accompanied with a large, empty mug and a tall, dark green bottle. "I came to deliver your daily evening drink as usual, but I saw Tiarra storming out from here... she looked rather depressed, so I thought something had happened and I brought you a larger bottle," she chuckled lightly.

"It was a simple ruckus, don't worry about it."

"It's a shame, she was truly overjoyed to see you again," Mrs. Kerns said as she laid the drink down on Reginn's dusty table. "What happened?"

"Mrs Kerns... I don't know what to do," Reginn sat back down at his table in frustration and started pouring out his true emotions. "Tiarra found out about the dragons and herself... for now she has only discovered that she can fully communicate with them, but I have a bad feeling about this."

Mrs Kerns sat there, looking at Reginn in pity. She knew and understood that for the past twenty years, Reginn had raised and treated Tiarra like his own daughter, and he was deathly afraid of losing her. While she had the right to eventually discover the truth behind her existence, he didn't expect her to find out this quickly, and he had always feared the possibility of having to expose her to it, because the truth is terrifying. There was so much more to Tiarra than meets the eye; than she herself was even aware of, and unbeknownst to Tiarra, Reginn had a persistent fear of revealing the truth to her, because he is afraid she might not be able to handle it.

"What if she finds out and she can't accept herself for what she is, what she has caused, and what she has done?"

"Reginn, she wishes to find the truth on her own accord," Mrs Kerns said, comforting him. "I'm sure after this first step, she is prepared for whatever comes towards her."

"Mrs Kerns, have you forgotten the tale of Lenoir?" Reginn yelled. "Tiarra is very clever, yet unstable. Highly unstable. It's not that she doesn't know the truth, she rejects it so strongly that she tricks herself into not knowing it. What if she discovers everything, and rejects it, only to have the same thing happen all over again? This is why I didn't want to tell Tiarra the truth in the first place! Everyone knows that she did not originate from Urdahl, that I did not just 'pick her up as a stray child' there, and that the citizens of Urdahl used to abhor her not because she was an elf."

"... Sir Reginn..." Mrs Kerns sighed. "Let's not think about it. Things will happen as they come. Tiarra has matured. She was only five back then, I'm sure it must have been far too hard on her. Now she is a strong young lady, and I believe in her. You should too... carry out what Sir Aurion had requested, and let her find what she has to discover for herself. Where is she headed?"

"Flasgard," Reginn replied. "My guess is that she is searching for Lev."

"I would trust Tiarra with him. He is more capable of handling the truth than she can, and I'm sure, whatever happens, he can help her. Please, do not worry, Sir Reginn. Lev is a good man."

"I hope so..." Reginn sighed in hopefulness as he took a sip to end the day.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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“Hold on there,” Berik exclaimed as he tried to steady the young warrior. “You’ve just recovered from some very serious burns. You need to rest.”

“We don’t have time for that,” Caleb answered. He then turned to whisper in the smith’s ear. “We’re still in danger.”

Caleb then turned and started to move towards his father when a titanic roar shook the entire building. Everyone who happened to be standing at the time was thrown to the floor with the exception of Annabeth. The dragon slayer ran towards her husband and helped him to his feet.

“Tobias, it’s here,” she said quickly.

“Thanks for that,” Tobias smirked.

“No charge.”

The two smiled at each other for a moment until another clarion roar shook the building. Caleb pulled himself to his feet and moved quickly over to his parents with Berik right behind him. Blake, Patrick, Thomas and Old Tom followed.

“Mother,” Caleb asked. “What’s out there?

Annabeth looked at her son briefly before answering, “A High Dragon.”

Those in ear shot gasped and panicked voices soon made it impossible to be heard. At least until Annabeth jumped up to the podium and started shouting.


The room went deadly silent. Caleb cringed, his mother’s roar was as bad as the dragon’s.

“Alright,” Annabeth began in a loud voice. “I want everyone to stay calm. The protective spells that Tobias has set up will hold for the next few hours at least. But before it even gets close to that I will go out and deal with the dragon. All you have to do is stay inside the town hall and stay as quiet as you can.”

Terrified whispers filled the hall. Caleb and his father had the good sense to cover their ears.

“I thought I said….SILENCE!!!”

The room went silent again.

“Good,” Annabeth smiled. “Everyone needs to try and get some rest. As soon as the sun’s up we need to leave the valley.”

“Tom,” she turned to Thomas’s father, who actually flinched. “I know you’re retired but can you and your wife take charge of the evacuation.

“Sure,” Old Tom replied. “Once a guardsman, always a guardsman. Mary and I will handle everything.”

“Excellent,” Annabeth said warmly. “Ysabel, work with Magda to take care of the wounded. Everyone needs to be safe to move at first light. No one is left behind, understood.”

“Of course,” the young mage called from where she and Magda were working on an injured man.

“Okay everyone,” Annabeth called to the room. “Let’s get this done…quietly.” The dragon slayer leapt of the platform down to her son and husband.

“Mother,” Caleb said. “What did you mean that you’d go out and deal with the dragon? “

“Your mother and I have killed a High Dragon before son,” said Tobias. “I won’t pretend it’ll be easy. And even if we do succeed we’ll be too exhausted to do much more than breathe. We’re just making sure everything is set up beforehand. Speaking of which…”

Tobias turned and shouted to his apprentice, “Ysabel, can you bring me my satchel?” The young mage appeared shortly afterwards with a brown woollen bag. Tobias reached into the bag and pulled out a leather bound notebook and handed it to his son.

“This is my journal and research covering everything I know about dragon-kind and anything remotely related to them, “ said Tobias. “It’s written in old Drae’hallan so only a few people in the world will be able to read it.”

He handed the bag back to Ysabel. “The rest of this is my magical research and a few potions,” he said. “They belong to my apprentice.”

Ysabel smiled at her master then turned to go back to help the townsfolk. Tobias watched her look at the burns on a little girl’s arm, a smile on his face. He then frowned and looked at the two vials he had taken from the sack.

“Father…?” Caleb asked uncertainly.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tobias smiled then turned to his wife. “I’m going to get an hours rest before we start.”

Annabeth smiled as her husband went to find a quiet corner to lie down. She turned and put her hand on her son’s shoulder for a few moments before she went to join him.
Caleb was afraid that when his parents left they wouldn’t return.

“I’m sorry, little one,” the voice said.


Everyone was standing around the main door as Annabeth and Tobias prepared to leave.

“Mother, Father, please,” Caleb pleaded. “Let me help you.”

“No Caleb,” Tobias answered firmly. “They need you. And in all honestly you’d only hold us back.”

“You’re not ready to face this kind of enemy yet,” Annabeth said. “But you will be.”

“Yes,” The voice said. “One day you will be a power yourself. But not yet.”

“Please,” he pleaded again.

Ignoring him, Annabeth turned to Berik, “Promise me. Promise me you’ll take care of him.”

“You have my word. "The smith replied solemnly.”

Tobias shook the smith’s hand then turned to do the same with Old Tom. Annabeth hugged her son tightly and whispered in his ear. “Always remember that we’re proud of you and that you are an Ashland Dragon Slayer.”

“Live well,” Tobias said to his son, embracing him just as tightly.

The two then turned as the light around the door faded. The oak doors swung out as Annabeth Ashland, the Crimson Banshee, and Tobias Greylock, went to fight a High Dragon.


OoC: Ok, after this it should be two more posts until I can finally join the rest of the world. Also, I might take a little while to write the next post as its a fight with a High Dragon and I want to do it justice.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« Reply #53 on: June 12, 2011, 04:35:00 PM »
OoC: Sorry, this post would have been up yesterday morning but my computer decided yesterday that it really wasn't in the mood for internet browsing.

Leanne entered one of the back rooms of the trading post. It had been cleaned and set up for Janus to work there and somehow it felt unnerving. Considering the number of critically wounded or ill patients he dealt with, there should be blood on almost every surface but it was spotless.
Janus himself stood on the other side of the operating table drawing imaginary symbols in the air in front of him. His hair was a mess and exhaustion covered his face and yet he seemed so intent on whatever he was doing that he was oblivious to his state.

"You should really rest, you would not be able to escape if they arrived now." Leanne teased him, hoping to remove the eerily determined stare from his face.

"If who arrived?" Janus asked in reply, still intent on his work.

"The Dragoons. I am not certain they know you are here, but they are coming all the same." She responded, sulking slightly at the healer's refusal to be riled.

"They would not attempt to attack me within the trading post. If they come looking for me, then it will be for information, probably on dragons. Although I'm not sure what they hope I'll tell them. They have killed far more than me and none of us are close to killing the bigger ones. We need to search for a way to defeat them and we need to keep the morale of the country alive if we are to succeed."

"Wow, that's...uncharacteristically insightful of you." Leanne stated, genuinely surprised, "When did you become the fountain of wisdom?" She mocked.

Janus signaled at the floor, still concentrating on the symbols he was drawing, "Magic circles. They help me to concentrate, fight off the effects of many diseases, although sadly not mine, and aid in the healing process. It's been a long time since I've been somewhere long enough to draw them."

Leanne looked at the floor, the table was indeed surrounded by circles as well as runes and symbols much like the ones Janus was drawing in the air. She could not read any of them. Stranger yet, magic circles were limited to reinforcing the magical strength of the user, they could not do any of the things Janus had just said.
Looking up, she finally lost her patience, "What are you doing?" She asked, irritated that Janus had not actually looked at her since she came in.

"It occurred to me after I drew up these circles that I might be able to absorb incoming magic. I know I can make a spell to partially absorb the magic as it approaches, if I can add to such a spell the power to negate the offensive nature of the magic then I might be able to feed off magical blasts. It's certainly preferable to turning people in to dust. It may be the component I was missing when I made a circle to draw out the magic in the air. It was more than three metres in radius and it called down lightning. I don't remember much about what happened but the crater suggested I should not try that anymore."

Leanne rubbed her temples, calling down lightning was yet another thing the circles could no do.

Janus finally looked away from the mental patchwork he had been so focused on and threw a small stone towards Leanne. She caught it in the air and her eyes widened as the symbols slowly seemed to make sense.

As Leanne read through the rows of the circle, seeing the names of many diseases that had long the plagued their lands she began to believe that these circles really did as Janus said they would. Examining the stone, she saw the remains of a gold inlay around the outside of it. It was a primer; it translated the language so long as she held it. Placing the stone down on the table, the symbols became illegible again. Even remembering what they meant, they still did not seem to connect in her head. It felt as if she were making it up.

"I found it beside a river a long time ago, I had just bought a book written in that very language and had almost given up on being able to read it when I found that stone. It felt different and suddenly I could read the book. Almost overnight I went from Janus, the village healer to the legendary healer, Morlake." Janus leaned back into the wall and looked downward, "Lizard skin takes your memories away, the same thing happened in that journal you showed me. It's odd that I can remember finding the primer and reading the book." He laughed aloud, "Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting better! No need to fight high dragons, I can flee South East with everyone else, heal the wounded and wait for someone else to stop the blasted things."

There was a long silence in the room before Leanne took the tired healer by the hand and led him out, "Come on, who knows when the Dragoons will appear. It's about time the Nephilim made some friends."

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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Gareth winced as he passed the Ugly Duckling tavern. There were two presences inside of immense strength, at least as strong as the elite of the Dragoon. Their energy pulsed and vibrated chaotically. This was no traditional magical energy that Gareth was sensing. He had to investigate right now.

Entering the grimy pub was akin to entering a sewer. The putrid stench of various humanoid excretions filtered through the tiny, candle-lit room. Hulking giants of men sat in the corner, huddled together. They eyed Gareth with distrust as he entered but knew better than to invade the personal space of such an armour clad figure. Several wooden tables were set out with different people playing Blackjack and Liar’s Dice. Gareth did not approve of such games but he had little jurisdiction down in this area of the fortress. His focus was entirely on two dark hooded figures at the far end of the bar. As he drew nearer the energy began to pulse faster, similar to a heart rate increasing.

Ordering a mug of ale, Gareth began the waiting game. If the pair did not know the reason for him being here then they would leave at closing hour. If they did... well, things would most likely get very messy. Sure enough, not an hour later, they stood up and tried to subtly sidle out the door. Gareth swiftly blocked their exit. “Welcome strangers. Why are you leaving at such an early hour?”

“We have had a long journey,” a female voice replied, “My companion and I are in much need of rest.”

Gareth bent closer and whispered so that only they could hear him. “Oh, I know that. But you see, I cannot have people like you walking through this fortress unsupervised. Come with me and we can keep this exchange nice and civilised.”

“Run!” the female voice whispered urgently to her companion.

Flicking a hidden knife out from within his belt, Gareth plunged it deep into the torso of the female. He span around holding the hilt of the knife, the woman dangling in front of him like a human shield. “You have magical knowledge do you not?” he asked quietly but forcefully, “The wound that I have inflicted can be healed in moments. However, if I twist a centimetre in either direction she will bleed out in moments... Now, do I have your cooperation?”

“Yes,” a male voice said, still from beneath his hood. “Please do not hurt her. We wish no trouble here.”

“If that is the case then you have nothing to fear,” replied Gareth calmly, “Your name?”

“Morlake...” he replied. He lowered his hood with trepidation revealing amazing, rippling scales down one side of his face, “Janus Morlake.”

With a flash of movement, Gareth’s hand was on his spear and pressing it into his adversary’s throat. “Demon...”

Janus did not move a muscle. “The word you are looking for is ‘Dragon’.”

“Come with me!” Gareth roared in fury as the tavern emptied from the fury of the Dragoon and the face of the legendary healer. He threw the girl over his shoulder being wary of the knife. She was still an innocent. Not one of Janus’ movements was missed as they strode slowly to the central fortress.

OoC: I can add to this if no-one else can come up with anything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, be gutsy with your posts.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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Annabeth and Tobias walked side by side, both alert for any sign of the High Dragon. Neither could sense the presence of any of the lesser dragons, at least not anywhere near. It seemed that the High Dragon had decided to deal with the Dragon Slayer and the Sorcerer personally.

Annabeth nodded to her husband, who slowed to a halt and began to incant rapidly. Annabeth recognised some of the words as he jumped from language to language casting protection and reinforcement spells around Annabeth and himself. She caught a few phrases in elvish dwarvish, two or three human languages, even goblin.

It always amazed her how extensive her husband’s knowledge was. She had met him almost three decades ago and he looked almost the same now as he did then. Annabeth knew that he wasn’t a normal human mage. She suspected that his magic gave him some semblance of immortality. From the stories he had told her he had spent a many years traveling the world studying magic. Although he never told her exactly how old he was, some of magics he knew had been supposedly lost centuries ago.

She shook herself out of her reverie just before her senses began screaming at her. She immediately looked up as a huge dark shape cast a shadow over the square. The High Dragon was hovering above the town centre, its huge wings creating punishing winds that hammered against the dragon slayer and the mage. It was enormous, with black scales, huge bat-like wings and a long vicious tail. It opened its fang-filled mouth and bellowed its screeching cry down at them.

Tobias ran forward to his wife’s side as the dragon let loose a massive blaze of fire, completely engulfing the two humans. The dragon continued the stream for several moments before it closed its mouth and dropped to the ground, crushing the buildings on the far side of the square and sending a wave of dust and debris outward. The flames receded to show Annabeth and Tobias were both unharmed, protected by a force field the sorcerer had quickly created.

Annabeth wasted no time and leapt from the protective field, shrieking her war cry with her weapon spinning in her hand. The dragon brought its head back, taking in a deep breath before loosing its fire again. Tobias quickly shouted a few words and released a dozen white energy bolts from his outstretched hands. The bolts struck the dragon, cutting its flesh and interrupting its attack. Annabeth hadn’t slowed down and took the opportunity to slam her weapon into the dragon’s exposed underbelly. The creature howled in pain and swatted at the dragon slayer with its clawed arm but she had already pulled her axe free and dodged away, still spinning her weapon. The dragon moved with a remarkable speed, spinning around and lashing at the woman with its tail. Annabeth was knocked flying but the protective spells prevented any serious damage.

 Tobias began to incant again and extended his hand towards the rubble near-by. Huge chucks of rock and burning wood lifted into the air. The mage thrust his outstretched arms violently towards the dragon and the rubble shot towards it with the speed of a crossbow bolt. Unfortunately the dragon was faster and knocked away the largest pieces with its tail and claws. The rest merely impacted harmlessly on the creature’s diamond hard scales. Tobias immediately began to cast again but was forced to dodge quickly out of the way as the dragon released a blast of fire. The dragon’s flame followed Tobias as he ran for cover. The mage tripped over a pile of rubble but was able to raise a protective barrier just before he was incinerated.

Seeing her husband was in danger, Annabeth ran forward, swinging her weapon in attempt to distract the beast and halt its attack on the mage. The dragon responded to her attack by lashing out with its tail but Annabeth managed to jump over it and swing her axe into the dragon’s side. The creature howled in agony as the gold-like metal bit deep into its flesh, burning at its insides. It struck out with one of its wings, catching Annabeth off-guard and forcing her to abandon her weapon, lodged in the dragon’s side. The dragon writhed in pain but was still able to turn its fire on Annabeth. The dragon slayer was able to avoid the worst of the flames but was still hit badly. Fortunately, the protective spells still protected her from serious injury.

Tobias had taken a moment to rest while his wife attacked the beast but as soon as it made its counter attack he drew on his power. He reached out with his will, seized Annabeth’s weapon and pulled it out of the dragon’s side. It howled in pain as the weapon was pulled roughly out of its flesh which served to halt the beasts attack on Tobias’ wife. The weapon flew directly to Annabeth’s outstretched hand.

The dragon, wary of the dragon slayer and the sorcerer because of the many injuries it had suffered, pulled back and threw itself into the air. The creature’s powerful wings beat fiercely, again stirring out a strong gust of wind. This prevented Annabeth from attacking as it took off. The dragon made a circuit of the village before returning to the town centre. As it soared overhead it began to breathe fire again, torching the surrounding area and again forcing Tobias to raise barriers over himself and his wife. As the dragon banked away the mage fired off a series of magical arrows but it was far too agile in the air to be hit. He began to chant briefly before firing and the arrows became larger and longer beams of light which changed trajectory in mid-air and followed the dragon. Unfortunately the bolts which did manage to hit didn’t penetrate its scales. The dragon continued to scortch what was left of the town while Tobias and Annabeth huddled behind one of Tobias’ barriers.

“We’re not getting anywhere here,” Tobias panted as more of his Mana and endurance was required to maintain the field. “If we can’t bring that dragon back to the ground it’ll burn through the protection over the town hall.”

“What about one of the storm spells?” Annabeth asked her husband.

“I’m too tired,” Tobias replied weakly. “And besides, even if I wasn’t, its moving too quickly to be hit by one of the large scale spells but too powerful to be affected by the lesser ones.”

The two remained in silence for a few more moments as they tried to come up with a way to force the dragon out of the sky. Tobias’ Mana was almost depleted holding up the shield. He reached into his robe and pulled out one of the vials that had been in his bag. The vial contained a glowing blue liquid.

“What’s that?” Annabeth asked.

“Distilled Mana,” the mage answered, shaking the vial slightly. “And a few other things. This should restore quite a lot of my Mana, for a short time at least.” He un-corked the glass and downed the contents in one go. His body began to glow with a blue light for a few moments before the mage shook himself. The waning barrier became much stronger.

“That should keep me going for a while longer but it still doesn’t solve our problem,” he said. “I just wish I had my Mana-store rings. Unfortunately, I left them in my bag.” Tobias possessed a pair of very rare Mana stores which took the form of jewelled rings. One he had discovered recently and had very little power in it but the other he had owned for centuries and added to its power whenever he could. He suddenly felt a chill of premonition and turned to his wife.

“Throw me,” Annabeth said firmly.

“Say what now?” Tobias gasped.

“Just get me up there and I’ll bring it down to the ground,” she said. “And make sure you’re ready to hold it there.”

Tobias stood staring at his wife then let out a deep sigh. He began to incant and a green light surrounded the dragon slayer. The mage made a sharp gesture with his hand towards the dragon and Annabeth flew up towards it, landing hard on its back. She slammed her weapon into the dragon’s back and held on for dear life as it screamed in pain and started spinning in the air, trying to shake her off. Annabeth continued to drag her weapon out of the dragon’s hide and slam it back in, doing as much damage as she could.

Meanwhile, Tobias had begun chanting rapidly in an old language that was part dwarven and part goblin. Those two races and their magic were closest to the earth and the spell Tobias was going to cast would draw on that power. While largely untested, Tobias had a theory that the magic of the dragons leaned more towards fire and air. He hoped that the power of the earth would be able to weaken the creatures own. He doubted it, but it was worth a try. The mage was holding his hands up to his face, palms pointing inward. A faint golden light surrounded his hands.

Up in the sky, Annabeth continued to struggle on the dragon’s back. The creature was becoming frantic as it tried to free itself from its assailant. IT swooped low to the ground and as it did Annabeth allowed herself to drop to the ground as her husband struck. Tobias slammed his hands into the ground, his fingers actually sliding into the earth. At the same instant, thick black chains shot up from beneath the ground towards the dragon. The chains glowed with the same light that had covered the mages hands. The chains wrapped around the dragon, pulling it to the ground, tightening all the time. The beast crashed into the earth as its wings were pinned and continued to struggle. Tobias drew his hands out of the ground, pulling more of the shining chains out of the stone, further tightening the binding on the dragon.


OoC: I was originally going to do this fight in one post but I’ve decided to make it into two. More to come.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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Henlaiqua was walking around market place to buy some more supplies when he felt strange shift in the air. As he sought out for the strange pulses of magic, he noticed Gareth (of all people) fuming at two hooded figure and dragging them towards the Central Fortress. It was clear that Gareth was taking them to the High Dragoon Kain.. Slightly miffed as they were supposed to leave in an hour, Henlaiqua joined Gareth and questioned him while eyeing at the smaller of the hooded two, who was over Gareth's shoulder.

"..What's the matter, Gareth? ..We are supposed to leave to Nephilim Outpost in an hour.. What have they done, now? Hmm?"
"That may need to be delayed, Lai," Gareth answered stiffly, his eyes never leaving the another hooded man, "This, is Janus Morlake, the supposedly legendary healer, and his companion. I am taking them to the High Dragoon.. Are you coming?"
"..I guess. It's the High Dragoon's decision, after all.."

Henlaiqua shrugged, looking careless. However, within a moment or two, Henlaiqua glanced at the hooded man, Janus Morlake. Henlaiqua felt powerful magical pulses from him.. It was quite surprising for Henlaiqua. Not many had such power ever since the mages turned their back from other humanity and became elves.. ..Eyeing him with interest, Henlaiqua threw a question in passing.

"...But I should wonder. Who taught you magic? ...It feels strange. Not many human men or women have enough knowledge of magic to reach your level after most secrets of magic was taken by the elves.. They say you are a wonderful healer.."
"...That's what other people say." Morlake answered curtly, sounding quite nervous "I just did what I could."
"That's still more than what many would do.." Henlaiqua spoke in quite amused manner, sounding quite arrogant, "But I doubt everyone actually is worthy enough to be healed. Some people just disgusts me.. ...Just a sentiment, though. Who to heal and how to heal is a choice of a healer's.. Not someone like myself."
"...You are a mage."

It wasn't a question, Henlaiqua knew. But regardless, Henlaiqua did not responded to the statement, not caring of the sharp reaction from Gareth. Yes, it was quite surprising that this healer felt his magic, for Henlaiqua was so used to hide his magical abilities.. But there should be reasons why this man was known as a legendary healer. Glancing at Gareth once, Henlaiqua continued to speak in a bit taunting manner.

"I wonder, healer Janus Morlake.. I once heard of a rare health problem. As far as I know, no one knows of the cause. ...The patient is a mage.. A quite strong one. But he refused to use magic after some incident in his life.. I don't know exactly how long, but after many years, he came face to face with a dragon as he travelled.. And ever-since he fought with the dragon, he fall sick." Henlaiqua worded his words carefully, still sounding quite careless, "Not too much, but slowly, it got worse. And he started to feel the most strange urges to use magic... Especially near a dragon, in the battles, but even in normal time. The mage himself felt as if he was high on some kind of medicine, and said that it is like he was going through a magic withdrawal.. But as far as any mages or healers I know knew, there was no such thing like magic withdrawal. After sometime, he didn't feel sick anymore, but he always felt such urges to use magic, no matter of the kind.. Just any magic at all. I wonder if you have any insight on the situation?"
"...This is first time I heard of such thing," Morlake answered, sounding quite intrigued, "You are quite right on the matter that there is no such thing like a magic withdrawal.. Magic is not some kind of addictive. But just how strong mage are you talking about? ...Perhaps his body was too used to the using high level- or constant use of magic? It is also possible that it wasn't a withdrawal to magic, but the opposite of it.. Too much of magic in his body, all cooped up after years of none-use, especially when most mages constantly absorbs mana in the nature subconsciously. I can't say anything about the dragons' involvement.. Their presence might have been a trigger, as they are highly magical in nature."

Henlaiqua frowned a bit, thinking over the possibilities. However, Gareth interrupted Henlaiqua's trains of thoughts in a worried tone.

"...Excuse me, Henlaiqua? ...That's not you, is it?"
"Me! Sick?" Henlaiqua scoffed, looking insulted just at the suggestion- though he reacted almost instinctly, "As if I will volunteer for another supply run if I was sick! And why would I go through such thing? For me, Magic-" Henlaiqua felt a fang of pain as he spoke a quite outrageous lie about himself- "-never was anything of importance, Gareth. Perhaps you need some other things to think about if you have time to think of such things. Anyway.. Healer Janus.. I conceed at your points. That would be the best guesses without actually meeting the patient.. But I don't think it was the former case. Mages.. Using too strong magic too often is forbidden for them, and I don't think he used that strong magic that often.."
"But for someone who says that magic was nothing of importance in his life, your magic is awfully strong."

Henlaiqua sneered at the person who suddenly spoke up but stopped. Was that.. A female? Shaking his head a bit, Henlaiqua snapped at the female who was being carried over Gareth's shoulder.

"And what would you know anything of magic or healing, foolish woman? And you sound awfully young to me.. Did your parents never taught you anything about manners? You shouldn't interrupt others when others are talking, little girl.."
"Lai! You shouldn't-"
"Oh, shut up Gareth. I don't care why you are treating her in that way, but I doubt they did anything good or none-suspicious thing- perhaps they tried to run? Huh, you know how I hate those insufferable people, Gareth.. *grumble* I thought I was finally free when I left the Sleeping Forest, especially Lazuli.."
"..You never explain anything about your past, Lai. Lazuli.. Your friend from before? And this is first time I hear about a place called 'the Sleeping Forest'.."

Henlaiqua huffed indignantly at Gareth's curious inquire. However, he did answer before he whirled around and left the three of them.

"..The place I used to stay before. And Lazuli was someone I knew when I was a child. But I never did like him.. He was a menance, and he used to throw a me when he was bored, always being an insufferable, arrogant git. He also used to bully others who were learning stuff along with us just because he was one of the higher man's son.. He loathed me, but the feeling was mutual. Last five times we unfortunately met, we always ended up almost killing each other.. ..I actually tried to kill him, but never suceeded. ..Dunno about now, though. Might have mellowed a bit, thinking of our age.. I am the one who looks *wark*ing young, after all. I will go to Kain first and alert about this thing first, anyway."

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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Gareth watched Lai stride away with curiosity. He had been part of the fortress for the better part of the decade and never mentioned his past to anyone. Kain was probably the only one with any real knowledge of Henlaiqua.

He shook himself out of his moment of reverie very quickly. He had regretted his actions in the tavern and had been using what little magic he knew to patch up the knife wound in the girl’s stomach as he walked. Janus was still not to be trusted though. The moment he knew his friend was no longer in danger he could turn tail and flee. Gareth would not let that happen.

“I am not going to run you understand,” Janus said as they began to walk again.

That was uncanny timing thought Gareth.

“You have been healing my friend for the past ten minutes,” Janus continued, “I can feel the flow of the mana. It was our wish to come here and ally, or if that were impossible make a truce with the Dragoon in light of the current situation.”

Gareth stopped. His instincts about people were rarely wrong but what Janus was saying made sense. The dragons were far too powerful for Frailand to attack them divided. He could not shake the feeling of danger around this man. This small, skeletal man brought out more wariness in Gareth than a High Dragon. “The High Dragoon will make the final decision. But I will be watching. You are dangerous, far more so than your companion may realise.”

“It is unclear how much she truly understands. But you are correct. I am very dangerous.”

Gareth did not break his focus from Morlake for the remainder of the journey to the keep.


Kain was in a long discussion with a number of his advisers, Agor and Arlin when several of them, including Arlin and Kain, gasped audibly.

“What’s going on?” Agor asked in confusion.

“You will understand when I say that we need to keep this next meeting  as small as possible,” Kain said to the general assembled party. The advisers all nodded and took their leave. Arlin’s face was pinched in anxiety.

“What’s going on?!” Agor asked furiously.

“One of the most dangerous people in the world is about to walk through those doors with Gareth,” Kain said, “His magic combined with an nigh incurable sickness will either make him an invaluable ally or a threat equal to that of a dragon lair.”

Agor was still completely lost as to why they were so afraid. When the doors creaked open and the tall, armour clad figure of Gareth appeared carrying the figure of a young woman, the figure next to him seemed diminutive, unimposing, someone that would make an expert spy or courier, not some destroyer.

“Welcome Janus Morlake,” Kain said, “I believe we have some serious business to discuss. The Nephilim and the Dragoon meet once again.”

OoC: Bram, if you have an idea then get it down. MC and I can work with pretty much anything.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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The three days that followed after her arrival at Rafalythos was spent busily roaming around the forest, hunting for herbs to make Rigel's salves as well as scavenging the headquarters for extra material to modify her crossbow. She was examining Rigel's wound when she discovered that her bolt had only barely managed to penetrate the soft webbing. Seeing this, she quickly figured that she needed to make bolts which are more penetrative and a crossbow with better propulsion power as there's no longer any doubt that she will encounter numerous lethal dragons in the future, all armed with their impressively tough scales.

Each of those three nights, Tiarra would venture outside to the waterfall and set up a campfire as she tended to Rigel's wounds, treating it with salves and bandaging it with whatever she could find from the forest or the headquarters. They would sit down and talk about many things, including each other's lives, what it was like to be a dragon, why dragons and human creatures exhibit a long-standing enmity towards one another, and their families, among others.

At night, Tiarra would be kept awake by her own deep thoughts. She would often revel in her own amazement of being able to maintain such a civilized discussion with a dragon, and wondered how their conversation would sound like to ordinary ears. People must have thought that she was a witch.

At the dawn of the fourth day, the dragon was finally able to flap his wings freely once again. Tiarra was slightly surprised, but relieved to find that he had made no attempt to flee after his recovery and questioned him about his unexpectedly strong loyalty towards their agreement out of pure curiosity.

"I know it was part of the deal, but I'm surprised you didn't try to escape."

"You threatened to do it again if I were to do such a thing," Rigel responded calmly. "But we have talked a lot the past few days and I am intrigued by you and your whole ordeal. I wish to see for myself the connection between you and the rest of us."

"Glad to hear we have the same objective."

Tiarra had not spoken to Reginn again since the night of their heated argument. She was still rather disappointed at his lack of faith in her, but as she was about to leave again for Flasgard she only thought it would be appropriate to at least say goodbye to someone who had been a father for her all these years. When she arrived at his chamber, she spotted him looking out the cliffside window as usual. Reginn quickly noticed her presence as she approached him and apologized for the needless argument they had the other day.

"It's alright, master. I shouldn't have walked away either," she said as she reciprocated the apology. "I've come to say goodbye. I'm sorry that I cannot stay here for very long, but I must head for Flasgard as soon as possible."

"I hope this journey ends up being more... fruitful, as the last one," Reginn chuckled mockingly.

"Hell yeah it will. Thanks for the support, old man."

By late afternoon, Tiarra had packed whatever she needed for her next journey and Rigel was once again ready to take flight. She said her goodbyes to Mrs Kerns and her old comrades, some of whom even offered to travel with her. Tiarra, however, insisted on going alone as she neither wanted to be hindered nor to drag anyone else into the potential dangers she may face throughout her journey, and after her short farewell, impatiently took off to the skies.

Flying was a mixture of terrifying and exhilarating, but it was a better experience than drinking the best ale in all of Frailand. She overlooked a vast portion of the country, which was easily an incredible sight to behold once anyone got over the shaky feeling of dashing through the winds at several kilometers per hour and the extreme vertigo induced by looking down at a height of over two hundred feet above ground, both of which were not very easy to overcome.

"Where is this Flasgard?" Rigel asked.

"It should be at the foot of the northern tip of the Cronos Mountains, if my memory serves me right. We simply need to follow the trail of this mountain range... will that take long?"

"I have never wandered very far to the north but my guess is that we should be there by the end of the night at the very least. We need to find a campsite tonight."

A few moments later Rigel abruptly decelerated his pace and hovered in the middle of the air, looking around cautiously as if they were being followed.

"What's the matter?" Tiarra asked in confusion.

"They are looking for me. At the moment they aren't anywhere nearby, but we should get moving. I can sense very faint traces of their magical presence in the air, but so can they. They are heading this way, and at this rate they are going to catch up before we can get to Flasgard. Either they are hunting me for my unexplained disappearance or they merely want to regroup with me in their search... for you," Rigel replied warily in a dragon-like whisper. "We will have to go separate ways."

"Wait a minute! You sensed me back in those woods, so that means they can sense my presence too! If we suddenly detach ourselves from each other, won't they get suspicious? They will think that you deliberately let go of me."

"You're right. This is a difficult situation," Rigel said. "Maybe I should just hide from them,"

"How? Won't that endanger you?"

Rigel nodded. "But that is something I have taken into great consideration before we set off on this journey. Hold on tight, Tiarra."

The dragon suddenly turned fifty degrees northeast and blazed through the skies at a horrifying speed. Tiarra closed her eyes as she laid on and clutched the dragon's body tightly with both of her arms and legs to prevent herself from tragically falling off and plummeting several hundred feet to the ground from the intense velocity.

"Where are we going!? You're steering away from Flasgard!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Trust me, I have a plan," Rigel calmly replied as they moved against the winds at the speed of a falling star.

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Re: Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
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Tobias pulled hard on the chains in his hands as the dragon struggled against its bonds. Annabeth began to move towards the dragon, ready to deal a killing blow. Before she could get close a strange, multi- coloured light began to ripple over the surface of the dragon’s scales. The light intensified around the chains and a heavy pulsing filled the air.

“Annabeth, get down!” Tobias shouted as a blistering wave of energy exploded from the dragon’s scales. The earth chains shattered instantly and the force knocked both the dragon slayer and the mage to the ground. The dragon spread its wings wide a let out a massive roar. Annabeth leapt to her feet and charged the dragon. Just before the creature began to beat its wings to take off into the sky again she jumped into the air and cleaved through part of its wing membrane and bone. The dragon let out a deafening screech and collapsed to the ground. She moved in for another attack when the dragon lashed out with one of its fore-claws and grabbed the dragon slayer. As she was lifted into the air her weapon fell to the ground.

Annabeth!” Tobias shouted as his wife struggled to break the creatures grip. He could feel the protective spells straining and weakening as the dragon tried to crush her. He began to incant rapidly in elvish and struck his arms outward to either side. The fires strated by the rampaging dragon began to shift and change. Eventually they formed into two single streams of flame which flowed through the air to settle around the mages arms. Tobias pointed his arms at the dragon and the flames shot forward, expanding and re-forming until they had become two fiery serpents extending from his arms. The two snakes attacked the dragon, the first wrapping around its body before biting into the arm holding Annabeth. The second attacked the dragon’s own serpentine head, the two weaving and snapping at one another. Distracted by the mages attack the dragon’s grip on Annabeth weakened and she was able to use her preternatural strength to escape its clutches.

The dragon howled in fury when it realised that Annabeth had escaped. Its scales began to shimmer again. Rather than exploding outward from all over the dragon’s body, the light gathered around its head. The ripples eventually coalesced into a bright sphere of multi-coloured energy a short distance from the dragon’s head. The sphere then exploded, releasing a dozen bolts of energy which struck both of the conjured serpents and disintegrated them. Tobias fell backwards, gasping in pain as his spell was shattered. Annabeth ran to his side and helped him sit up as the dragon roared in triumph.

“Are you alright?” Annabeth asked as she helped her husband to his feet. She placed herself between the mage and the dragon in case the beast took the opportunity to attack.

“Yeah,” Tobias answered. “I’ll be alright. Just be thankful you’re not a mage. I wish someone had told me when I first started how much it hurt to have an enchantment broken like that.” The mage was panting for breath and had his hand pressed against the side of his head. Annabeth knew from 30 years of watching her husband’s experiments that if a mages spell was broken before reaching completion or being cancelled that the energy fed-back into the mage, causing a great deal of pain. The older and more powerful the spell, the more intense the feedback. She had even heard stories about some elven spells that were centuries old being broken and actually killing the caster.

“We have another problem,” Tobias panted. “I don’t have the strength to hold the protective spells anymore.”

“Caleb!” Annabeth gasped and turned towards the town hall. There was still a faint shimmer around the building.

“They’ll be fine,” said the mage. “I used some of the energy in the Mana-store to set up the spells protection the town hall. It does mean there is a time and damage limit but they should still hold. I sent a message to Raemus. He should be here soon.”

Annabeth visibly relaxed knowing that her son and the others were safe and the knowledge that the crazy old man was on his way actually made her feel more confident fighting the High Dragon. Raemus was a very strange and probably insane old man who had taught Annabeth, her father and son how to fight hand to hand. He was also one of Tobias’ teachers in magic and apparently hadn’t changed since he’d known him.

Her attention was pulled back to the dragon as its scales were once again covered in a shimmering light. This time, however, the light was absorbed into the dragon’s body and, to Annabeth’s horror, its wounds began to heal rapidly. Before she could do anything the gashes on its chest and back were nothing more than seemingly months-old scars. Thankfully, the injuries on its wing were more extensive and so hadn’t completely healed yet but the rate of recovery was incredible.

“We have to stop it now,” Tobias said weakly. “I don’t have the strength to do this all over again.”
“It’s by far the strongest dragon I’ve ever encountered,” Annabeth said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was almost old enough to be a matriarch. But why would something like that attack a town this small out in the middle of nowhere.”

“I expect it’s because of us,” replied Tobias. “Two dragon slayers and a sorcerer of my skill in one place would probably be considered a serious threat. The matriarchs aren’t as stupid as their offspring.”

“What do we do,” said Annabeth. Even the injury to the dragon’s wing was almost completely healed

“I think I’ve underestimated its power,” said Tobias. “Although I doubt it will be able to heal itself like that again I would be willing to bet it could overcome the barriers I set up much faster than I thought.” The mage reached into his robe and pulled out the second vial. It contained a deep black liquid. The mages hand began to shake as he stared at it.

“What is that,” Annabeth asked, seeing the expression on her husband’s face.

“Something very powerful and even more dangerous,” the mage replied. “It’s a potion that will drastically increase my mystical abilities and Mana reserves. But the cost of drinking it is very high. I doubt I will survive.”

“No!” Annabeth exclaimed and tried to take the vial from her husband, who moved it out of her reach.

“We have no choice Annabeth,” Tobias said. “I don’t have enough strength to even protect myself and you can’t beat that thing on your own. You aren’t that powerful. This is our only chance to save our son. Besides, there is a chance that I might survive.”

Annabeth looked at her husband with concern but did nothing as the mage un-stoppered the vial and downed its contents. Even she could sense his magical essence flare into life, far greater than even his normal level. The veins on his hands and face bulged black and his eyes began to shine with a violet and white light. He stood up and began to levitate slightly in the air. While continuing to stare and the dragon he spoke to his wife.

“I will cast one of the spells of power and destruction,” he said, his voice echoing. “But I will need time to cast.”

“I’ll do what I can,” Annabeth replied and charged at the dragon. She quickly picked up speed and soon became nothing but a blur and she weaved and dodged the dragon’s fireballs. Her weapon spun in her hand as she ducked, dived, rolled and jumped around the dragon’s body. Each time she came close to the dragon she cut into it with her axe. The dragon simply wasn’t fast enough to match the desperate speed of the dragon slayer. Eventually the dragon tried to take off into the air but Annabeth was ready for that. She paused for a moment then swung her axe around herself repeatedly, gathering her energy each time. Shockwaves of energy lanced from the blade of her weapon and cut into the dragon’s wings. While not enough to damage the wings permanently it was enough to force it back to the ground. In response the dragon once more gathered its magic, the energy moving from the creature’s scales to its mouth. The dragon slayer jumped backwards and gathered all of her energy into her weapon. The blade of the axe burst into flame, which turned from orange to blue to white as the heat became more intense. The dragon fire off its biggest inferno yet, the blue flames gouging through the stone slabs under foot. Annabeth swung her flaming weapon into the fire, meeting it with her own. When the dragon ceased its attack there was no sign of the dragon slayer until she blurred into sight behind the creature and buried the still flaming weapon into its back. The dragon howled in agony and tried to retaliate but Annabeth had struck at the creature’s one blind spot and the dragon was unable to reach her. Although her dragon slayer arts had saved her life she had still been heavily burned by the dragon’s mystical flames. She knew that if she was dislodged now she would not survive a second attack.

Meanwhile, Tobias had continued chanting in the ancient language of the Drae’hallan spell masters. As he poured his magical essence and Mana into the sky, huge dark storm clouds began to quickly gather overhead. Thunder rolled across the sky, getting louder and louder and the sky became darker and darker. The clouds covered miles in every direction and soon a heavy rain began to fall, putting out the fires caused by the dragon’s attacks. Still, Tobias continued to chant and the thunder became louder still, drowning out even the dragon’s titanic roars. Soon the wind began to blow with the force of a gale which grew stronger and stronger, conflicting pressure waves creating tornados that ripped through the ruins of the town. Finally, lightning began to crackle through the sky but did not strike the ground. The sorcerer’s magic held that energy in the sky, forcing it to build in intensity and power. Eventually the rain turned to hail and even the dragon was bowed under, unable to take to the sky. It tried to summon its own magic to undo the spell but the energies gathered were much too great. Then Tobias raised his arms into the air and shouted three of the great words of power.

“Arch-Indar, Kalliach, Aal!”

The sky exploded as twelve terrifying bolts of lightning blasted out of the clouds above the dragon, fusing into a single bolt of pure destruction which struck right through the dragon heart. The beast howled as its life was all but extinguished. Unfortunately, just before the bolt hit, the creature used the last of its magic to attempt to take its enemies with it. A fiery explosion flared outwards, catching both the dragon slayer and mage in its blast. The two destructive magics combined together and lay waste to what remained of the town. The barriers around the town hall couldn’t even come close to withstanding the blast.

However, just before the destruction struck, a figure materialised. He wore a faded white robe and carried a gnarled oak staff. The old man struck his staff into the ground with both hands and a sphere of white energy blazed into existence around the building. The inferno of destruction raged against the shield but it showed no sign of weakening. Still holding his staff against the ground, the man raised his right hand, palm outward towards the explosion. The destructive energies slowly receded into nothing as the old man clenched his fist. The field of light vanished and the old man leaned heavily against his staff.

“Well,” Raemus panted. “I won’t be doing that again for a very long time.”


OoC: I know it seems like Raemus is breaking the “no god-like powers” rule but from this point on he’ll never use them, unless I decide to do another abstract fight like this one later on just for show. He’s basically an exposition device; a font of knowledge that can be used to explain just about anything. I have absolutely no idea who he actually is, maybe the secret avatar of the god of magic or something like that. If anyone has a problem with this let me know and I'l change it.

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