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Just started playing Dragon Quest 8
« on: March 14, 2012, 03:03:45 AM »
I found it for $8.99 used.  I played it years ago but never finished it because I couldn't get past Dhoulmagus, and I had applied my points very poorly.  Basically I missed all of the best skills up to that point.  This time I'm going with Sword/Courage(spear also when I find skill seeds) on Hero, Axe/Fisticuffs on Yangus, Whip/Staff on Jessica, and Bow/Staff on Angelo.  The thin air attack with Fisticuffs is really good, and I think that skill goes well on Yangus, even though he has the least amount of MP, fisticuffs gives him a couple low MP cost hit-all attacks, including boulder toss later on which he doesn't get from any other weapon but the 100 scythe skill, which is 30mp to use.  A lot of fights in this require you have 2 dedicated healer/support, which is why I gave staff to Jessica and Angelo, for the free mid heal, caduceus.  Also twin dragon lash with Jessica is deceptively strong, I'm certain the damage modifier is somewhere between x3 and x4, etc 20-22 with a normal attack and it can do about 38-42x2 on a single enemy, which is more damage than Hero or Yangus can do on 1 enemy at that point.  Which makes that a devastating attack for single target boss fights, and I think it does even more damage to dragon type mobs.  I'm currently playing it on PCSX2 emulator, even though I got a working PS2 because the low res PS2 games hurt my eyes, and I can play it at 1080 resolution on the emulator.

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