Author Topic: Chaining Wyverns with Divers!!  (Read 1838 times)


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Chaining Wyverns with Divers!!
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:38:36 PM »
Ok, so this got picked up on GFAQS, in a thread I've been participating/following. The discovery (?) resulted in the following experiment:

Dive Talon    - Westersand
Vulture           - Mosphoran
Zu                   - Ozmone
Garuda-Egi   - Paramina
Pyrolisk          - Tchita       
Charybterix    - Cerobi
IMDUGUD     - Nam Yensa/Withering Shores

Wyvern - Nam Yensa
Belwyvern - Cerobi
Aeronite - Lhusu/Pharos
DHEED - MH/Skyreach Ridge
AEROS - Ozmone/Shred

Names in all CAPS are rare game. Dheed is a Trophy Rare. Bosses and Marks are excluded. (I killed em all in this save already :P )

Preliminary research shows that all non-boss Fliers are either Divers or Wyverns. This, I think, supports my hypothesis of Fliers being a faux-Classification, so to speak. Its support through lack of alternates, though, so it doesn't mean much.

Getting on to the doing... I started in Balfonheim and went out to Cerobi from there. I chained two Belwyverns to start. In order to avoid continuing the chain with Diver > Diver, I didn't kill any Charybs on my way to the Strahl. Off to Westersand, with a 2-chain on Belwyverns. And that Dive Talon gave me a 3-chain. Now off to Nam Yensa, that being the most Chain friendly destination for a different Wyvern type.

WTF A Urutan just smacked me for 1659 damage with a Tri-Attack?! Wasn't expecting anything short of the Wyvern or a rare game doing more than 0 :x Apparently, I don't have anything that details exactly what Tri-Attack does, other than Split's FAQ saying 'powerful Tri-Attack.' Ugh had Bubble up and it was over 3k. 1/3 total HP maybe? Enough distractions lol back to the experiment.

Forgot about that swarm of Bagolies near the Wyvern spawn point in Simoon Bluff (only spot I could remember that a Wyvern is guaranteed to be at, after killing Wyvern Lord). Break for the win :D I also overestimated Wyvern's power. 0 damage, 4-chain.

I really wish I had one of the more unique Bosses or Marks available. Including Bloodwing in this test would make it a bit more conclusive, IMO. Far as I could tell, Bloodwing is the only non-Boss/Esper, non-Diver, non-Wyvern Flier. Andrammalech could be another possibility for testing, if I hadn't obtained it already. Also, zombies would make that sloppy and hectic. lol

Since I'm in Nam Yensa, I'll take a hop over to Withering Shores and tackle Imdugud, just to add the icing to the cake, then I'll call it a wrap. Maybe I was a victim of the 6-enemy limit, but no-go on Imdugud. Regardless, I think there was enough evidence in the chain up to that point, and it would've just been redundant.

In summary, I chained 2x Belwyverns, 1x Dive Talon, 1x Wyvern for a 4-chain. Unless someone has a better idea, I'm sticking to the theory that Fliers are considered a Classification by the game.


EDIT: The link to GFAQ discussion is:
          Begins with EAski24, at the bottom of the page, and continues from there.

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