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Fate Primals
« on: September 02, 2013, 11:11:38 PM »
Well most of have already heard about Odin and Behemot. Both of them already spawned, but we don't know the full details yet. I want to use this topic to gather all the info we can get on them, and of future Fate Primals that may come.

Here are 2 vids of the 2:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As far as is known about Odin is that he got 12 spawn points, i don't know Behemoth's yet but we will find out xD

So Odin's Spawn points are:

Central Shroud       14-2114-18
South Shroud20-2033-2318-2316-33
East Shroud26-2126-2423-30
North Shroud25-2422-2216-27

So Yuichan and i, witnessed a Behemot Fate. Off course by the time we got there, death people everywhere:

He spawns in Coerthas Central Highlands and has 2 faith's, the first one starts at Snowcloak 6-22, after he is defeated he run's away to Behemoth's Dominion 4-15.
Both Faiths have an timer of 30 minutes. So Yesterday he spawned at 11:15 GMT+2 and ended at 11:47 GMT+2. This includes both Fate's.

If you find any more info be sure to post them here.

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