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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

A = Ashe
S = Solo
LLG = Low Level Game
NG = No Gambits
NG = No Guests
NE = No Espers
NQ = No Quickenings
NR = No Revives
NR = No Reverse

This is "NOT" New Game Minus- (Weak Mode)! It's a "REAL" Solo  LLG with Firefly!

NLBLLG (NO License Board Low Level Game) until after Ashe joins the party on board the Dreadnought Leviathan. Once Ashe joins the party and arrives in Nam-Yensa Sandsea she will be granted access to the License Board. First job will be Machinist. After Tomb of Raithwall second job will be Red Battlemage. Everyone else's License Board will remain untouched for the entire game. All party members will remain un-leveled and at base 122333 levels throughout the entire game. Ashe joins the party at Level 3 and she will stay Level 3 from beginning to end. This is a Pure Solo, so Ashe will be the only character allowed to carry out any actions once she joins the party. Orthros Hunt being the exception. Ashe, Fran and Penelo "MUST" be in the party to spawn Orthros. It's the "ONLY" way the Hunt will appear. The instant Orthros spawns Fran and Penelo are permanently removed from party. Ashe will not be allowed to use Gambits or Quickenings. She can activate on License Board, but never use. Furthermore, ALL Guests must be killed off immediately. (This includes ALL Hunt Guests as well) The use of Espers is also strictly prohibited. The "ONLY" exception to this rule is the fact Belias, the Gigas must be used to advance in the Story. His "ONLY" action will be to open the Gigas Gate. Once this mandatory action is performed no other Esper actions are allowed. Ashe can activate Espers on License Board to unlock grid, but cannot use them in battle. Lastly, Ashe cannot use Reverse and if she gets KO'ed it's an instant Game Over. No Reviving whatsoever.

I defeated The Undying and completed the Story on October 11, 2008 in the original NA PS2 version. Nine years have passed... I'm back! Now it's time to do it again in 2017 in the Zodiac Age version on PS4. With that beeing said, let the Journey begin! Embark with Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca as she avenges Lord Rasler's death!


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