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Coincidences and other weird stuff
« on: August 20, 2008, 06:02:32 PM »
I'm reading a book at the moment with loads of weird stuff in it. My favourite section is the coincidences so i'll post some here. They are all from the book Mysteries of the Unexplained.

1. When King Louis XVI of France was a child, an astrologer warned him to be always on guard on the 21st of every month. The advice terrified the young child and thereafter he refused to undertake any important business on that day.
 In spite of his precautions in regard to business, he was caught up in larger events on that date. It was on June 21, 1791 that Louis and his queen were arrested at Varennes as they tries to escape the revolution. On September 21 the following year, France abolished the institution of royalty and proclaimed itself a republic. And on January 21, 1793, Louis XVI was executed. (Holiday, November 1962, p.52)

More to come but i gotta go now.

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