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Chaos Sidequest [Spoilers]
« on: October 28, 2008, 12:19:52 AM »
This sidequest is quite a long and a little hard. But I hope this guide helps you out!

Before being able to fight Chaos you’ll have to get 4 fragments:

Clear the following mob hunt marks: Wraith ,White Moose and Orthros, by clearing the last one you’ll get your first fragment.

Goto the Garamsythe Waterway there you’ll have to activate/deactivate the following switches:
first you need turn all of them off,
now activate the 11th and 4th ,
now deactivate the 11th
activate the 3rd switch,
finally all you need to do is deactivate the 4th.
You have heard a pinging sound on the T.V screen.

go south of the same screen you are and you’ll find a shining object marked (!), the second fragment!

For the last fragment go to Nabreus deadlands, there talk with Ma’kleou, he’ll tell you he’s waiting for his two Nu'mu that look like him.

Now go to Rabanastre lowtown, go insider Dalan’s house there. talk with the nu'mu and he’ll explain you the situation,
Now you go to the vacant house(the house where the kid locked himself in while Wraith) and read the letter
(You’ve already done what this letter tells you to do, but you still need to read it).
The following step is to talk with Filo in the South Sprawl of Lowtown, after doing so go to the streets of Rabanastre. Talk with a woman that standing watching the fountain, next talk with a merchant in the bazaar you will tell you that he sold the necklace to an Imperial, this imperial is in the magic shop, choose the option 1 option twice. Back to lowtown speak with Filo again, now go and talk with the imperial again, you’ll receive the third fragment.
Go to the disciple in Dalan’s house and give him the 3 fragments you’ve got, he’ll dissppear.

Teleport to Archades, into the magic shop there talk with the other Ma’kleou’s disciple, now go to Old Archades west section and talk with Otto. Return with the medallion to the disciple.

Go to Nabreus deadlands. Talk with Ma’kleou, now go to the screen called the Slumbermead(if you're not sure, press SELECT and use find it). Now from there there go to the north west part of the screen where you’ll find a hidden path , follow it. It'll lead you to "The Fog Mutters". Keep going and fight the enemies along the way. Now go to the next screen, "Overlooking Eternity". There, you may run into many skeleton soldiers, you can fight them, but make sure you're level is high enough, because they WILL outnumber you. When you reach a shrine a cut-scene will play after that you’ll receive all the 3 medallions. Now go to the Necrohol of Nabudis, fight Fury and Humbaba Mistant, the Medallion of Bravery is now fully charged.

Fury: Hall of the Ivory Covenant
Humbaba Mistant: Closter Of Distant Song
Chaos: Closter of the Highborn

You can fight Fury and Humbaba Mistant in no order, but you must defeat both of them to fight Chaos!

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