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Re: League of Legends
« Reply #330 on: August 04, 2014, 01:17:38 PM »
Well when i say tonight, it usually is after diner. Same time as always.

I was wondering who besides Bram, Peer, Oni and Ronald. is also still playing this game? especially since its free and all.

Okay so today a new patch came out, Trinket cooldowns are reduced, and some champion buffs and debuffs. Dragon is worth more gold and the towers have gotten an buff that lasts for 420 sec. Feral Flare has been debuffed since it was way too strong. For the full notes:

i suggest to read up on all the champion buffs and debuffs.

They are changing allot, and even though its still a work in progress this visual update looks awesome:
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for some reason its invalid

okay for everyone who is following the LoLEsports matches:

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