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Last night a new idea was born on FFTogether! A bunch of us pulled an all nighter with live broadcast gaming.

We would like to encourage folks who are doing live stream broadcasting of gaming to post us a link here like this:





DuskShards will be broadcasting again his live game of

Final Fantasy 12: International Zodiac Job System in 122333.


Time: Saturday Feb 21, approx. 8 p.m. EDT

That would be 2 a.m. in the UK, Sunday 10 a.m. Tokyo.

Stop in anytime after this start time, especially folks interested in checking out IZJS. DuskShards has studied Japanese, and he and his buddies discuss etiologies of the names of things in the game so it's really interesting, and easy to watch if you've played FF12.

I'll try and be there seeing as i only caught the end of his last broadcast  :-\ although its quite late for me (I live in Uk). I'm sure i can stay awake though  ;)


its OK Twiggy im in the UK too :D Ill open my room up now, though i cant broadcast for 10/15 mins

The room is open and people are gathering  ;D Everyone stop in anytime!

Game: Final Fantasy IX


Date/Time: 10:30 PM Central Time

I'll just be playing the game from the very beginning, if anyone wishes to watch. :) I've fixed my sound, now it's bearable! :D


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