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I made this topic for 2 reasons:

* To disscus which game your gonna do
* To let people know that there is a new episode of the walkthrough
Right now i am planning to do a Let's Play, but i cant choose between White Knight Chronicles or Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. What do you guys want to see?

I Would say do the one your more familiar with seeing as it will be your first.. On a personal note I'd say White Knight Chronicles since when BBS came out everybody jumped on the bandwagon of making videos for it to get themselves views and subscribers whereas i see practically no videos in my subscription box of WKC.

So WKC it is, thnx.

Hows it going with your vids?


--- Quote from: Sixty on November 03, 2010, 06:22:16 PM ---So WKC it is, thnx.

Hows it going with your vids?

--- End quote ---

Well i just finished Emerald and i'm waiting for the assignments i have for this week to be done with before i start my next LP

Don't forget to post them here.


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