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Let's Play White Knight Chronicles

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Here is my first vid of my LP of WKC. I am not satisfied with the current vid quality, so for the next vid i am gonna experiment a bit.

Table Of Contents:
?Let's Play White Knight Chronicles Part 001
?Let's Play White Knight Chronicles Part 002

whats the gameplay for it like it looks good

The closest thing that comes near WKC's gameplay will be FFXII.

The second vid is on.

MK Emaster:
You should try adding commentary, it should attract more people to your video :)
Nice job, I'm waiting for the 3rd.

The next one probably won't be up till next week, it will probably be 2 parts since it will be mostly movies. I will try one, i could try to do the second one again with commentary. but that will be uploaded maybe this week but probably also next week.


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