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Let's Play White Knight Chronicles

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LOVED White Knight Chronicles. It's absolutely worth a play if you're a JRPG fan.

As said before, it plays similar with FF12, with fun online and a Xenogears type aspect.

Keep in mind when WKC2 makes it to america it will inclue WKC1 if you were thinking about picking this up...

I currently put on a stop on this Let's Play. Because right now i don't have the time anymore to do it. But i definitely gonna do WKC2 too. The question is when will it come, and i probably get it later since Europe is usually the last place it gets released.

Yeah, finding time for all these delicious RPGs anymore is a drag =(

Have you considered importing any US PS3 games as they're region free?

I considerd it, but that means if i want DLC for that game i have to buy it from the US Store. And i don't want to put money on my US Account.

Definitely, you'd want to pump some moola into your georama. WKC2 is looking sick :D


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