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Sandsea / What would you guys like to change/see on FFTogether
« on: May 09, 2014, 10:25:15 AM »
Well it might be no surprise any more that the current forum/website can basically be considered dead. I've personally been quite busy with work the last 2 years and the only free time I've got is mostly spend towards actually playing the games like FFXIV, which means FFTogether itself hasn't really received any updates for the last few years.

With the current state of the FF fan base its hard to give this site an impulse to get back to the days when we've started this place, but through all the years some of us have remained hanging around. And many with those we can probably still make FFTogether an enjoyable place (be it on this forum or in some other form).

Right now is basically the moment where I'll ask how you guys see the future of this place:
- Should I keep up the forum or ditch it.
- Should we try to rebuild the main site into some form of information hub, or is no one interested in that.
- Do we want some kind of FFRadio, continues web-show on Twitch like the kind Tebian used to run on FFRadio.
- Or some form of youtube group where we'll create videos (be it integrated on the main site where we can add better search features).
- With the newly VPS I've bought I might even be able to set up some kind of IRC channel.

I'm open for everything, though at the same time I can't really promise anything as well. Its just that it would be a shame to see the current remaining group to go separate ways completely.

Event Board / FFTogethers summer marathon 2014
« on: March 25, 2014, 03:15:25 PM »
Okay I'll think you guys know the drill by now. As every year, this year we'll also be trying to hold hour annual marathon event. And as usual we'll be trying to find as many people as possible to help out.

First of all let us again start of with trying to figure out who wants to help out and which games people are interested in. If you can't help out but like to see a particular game post it as well, might always give an idea to the rest.

The dates aren't set yet, but they will most likely be around the summer holiday again. I'll just have to figure out the best working dates for us all ;)

Like the last 2 years I'll be hoping we can do something like a 3 tier "speedrun" again. So far I've personally finished both second and first once, so despite having the feeling that this year is going to be my downfall it will most likely be good fun :P

We'll all understand that there's a difference between playing solo and playing in a team. And since you can do most of the leveling phase within FFXIV solo, it will make the transition to the team play even harder. The reason behind this is that playing solo often means defeating your opponent as quickly as possible making use of all your assets, where playing in a group only requires you to play on the strengths of your character. Now a days most roles in MMO's are simplified towards three roles: Tank, Healer and DPS (short for Damage Per Second), back in the older days there was a much larger variety of roles, but we'll get to that later.

The reason behind the three roles is quite simple. The Tank is there to soak up all the damage from the enemies so that the Healer has an easier job keeping everybody healthy (which in the perfect scenario would only be the tank). All while the DPS are taking care of defeating the enemies.

Enmity control
Whats important to note about this party setup however that it works entirely around Enmity control. The whole thing either works or falls depending whether the team can correctly control the Enmity.

Before we talk about the Enmity control we'll first need to explain what Enmity is. And in the most simple for of speaking Enmity is the indicator that decides which character an enemy is attacking. Apart from a few exceptions the enemy will always focus his attacks on the person with the most Enmity. For some characters this is a good thing and for others it isn't. Within FFXIV there are 3 ways to see what your Enmity level is. The first is also the most useless and are the red lines drawn from an enemy to the character that has drawn the Enmity for this creature. While a nice indication that something is terribly miss the lines will be easily missed in the heat of battle.

The second indicator is the Enmity bar next to each of the party members. At default its located in the top left corner and forms key information for Enmity control. The higher the bar the more Enmity you've generated and the character with the highest bar is usually the character that will get all the attention of the enemies.

The last indicator is by default located on the bottom left corner. This indicator is a personal indicator and will tell you your personal status for each creature. The indicators are both visually telling the Enmity level through the color and the shape of the icon.
A Red Square (flashing) means that you are the target for the mentioned creature.
An Orange Triangle means that you're pretty towards the point where the creature will focus you instead of his current target/
A Yellow Triangle means that have drawn some attention, but you've got nothing to worry about yet.
A Green Circle means your fully in the save zone as far as Enmity concerns.

Enmity control is a job for the entire team
I've told you how you can see your Enmity towards enemies and with it comes the question "What has it to do with me? Enmity control is something for the tank."

This is a commonly made mistake in many groups. So many times I've heard people complain about bad tanks that can't keep the Enmity. Surely there are some tanks out there that haven't gotten a clue how to control the Enmity, but more often the answer to your problem might lie with yourself. Sure its the tanks job to keep the Enmity on himself, but its not really hard to get the Enmity of him. The damage dealt by a DPS spikes heavily above that of the tank (obviously) which generate huge amounts of Enmity even casting cure generates a huge amount of Enmity let alone stronger cure spells. This is especially true when the tank is at a lower level or has weaker gear than the rest.

"Does this mean I have to stop attacking as a DPS?" The answer to that question is simply YES. Whenever you notice that you are generating more Enmity than the tank its better to hold of for a second or 2 than to keep going and draw the creature towards you. This even goes for the Healer who should stop healing (if possible) to prevent the Enmity from switching over.

Sure as a DPS you can probably tank a creature or 2, but this often means the healer has to spend a few (unnecessary) cures which means he'll generate Enmity. This on its turn might cause the creatures to attack the healer which then has to heal even more generating even more Enmity. In lower dungeons this might not be the biggest problem, but in later dungeons this endless cycle is one that usually ends with a party that gets wiped out.

So as said above keeping control of the Enmity is a job for the entire team. Its the tanks job to generate as much Enmity as possible and the rest of the group should do everything they can to keep there Enmity below that threshold, even if this means to hold your chocobo's for a moment.

Jobs within a party
As said above there are many roles within a party, but these days most MMO's have simplified these roles to 3: Tank, Healer and DPS.

The roles below are the roles in a party for FFXI. While the roles itself might not appear in the duty finder they form the basis for any end game party. Note that a character might take on more than 1 single role in a party.

Tank => Its the tanks role to soak up all the damage of the creatures. To do so the tank should be able to cast spells that draw the Enmity towards him and keep it on him whiles also minimizing the amount of damage he takes so that the healer can keep up with the damage he takes. A good tank will put the well being of the party above his own. Communication with the team is vital for the Tank. He's the one that should give the direction on which creature to focus, whiles also keep up the communication with the healer as to when he's able to keep up a good defense or requires some extra healing.

Healer => Its the healers job to keep the party alive be it through the use of curative spells or beneficial status effects. The main focus of the healer is most likely the tank as he's the one soaking up the damage, but a healer should never forget the rest of the party. The healer will most likely spend most of the time watching the HP bars of the party members whiles also keeping an eye on his on MP. He should find the right balance between keeping up the HP bars, draining his own MP and the generating of Enmity. Only by finding the balance between the 3 will the party prevail.

Damage Dealer => Its the role of the damage dealers to do as much damage as possible. Its the task of the damage dealers to strike down the creatures as fast as possible whiles keeping the Enmity on the tank at all times. This means they need to know there own limits and that of the tank to find the right balance between dealing damage and generating Enmity. A good damage dealer will never draw the Enmity of a tank as this will cause problems for the Healer and will more than often have deadly results.

Support => Its the supports role to support the rest of the team through beneficial status effects. This can be by enhancing the damage output of the damage dealer; Regenerating MP of the party; Increasing the defense of the tank; Heal additional party members to reduce the load on the healer; Whiles the support doesn't have a direct impact on the fight, it should be his job to make it easier for the rest of the party to do the things they are suppose to preform.

Puller => Its the job of the puller to lure new creatures towards the group. Most preferably the puller is a ranged damage dealer, this way he doesn't have to spend resources to pull in new creatures. A good puller knows the limits of his party and will only pull in new creatures when he knows the rest of the party is ready to receive them. Within FFXIV this role is more often merged with the Tank, but with the right communication you can let other people preform this task as well.

Secondary Healer => More than often having a single healer in your group isn't enough. During this time its the secondary's healers job to fill in the pieces that the main healer can't fill in himself. This might be healing up the rest of the party while the main healer is focusing the tank; Proving the team with beneficial status effects whiles removing negative status effects so the main healer can focus on healing; Providing additional AEO healing against bosses with bosses with many AEO abilities; Or simply having a tag team duty with the main healer to take over each other over once the other has ran out of MP. Whenever you play with more than 1 healer they both should know there task as healer to prevent them both from doing the same thing.

Thought this little background information about Enmity might help out a few people, also if you got any add-on or remarks let me know and I'll update them into the post.

Final Fantasy XIV / Post your character and Server data
« on: August 16, 2013, 07:24:06 PM »
Post your characters/server data so we know whom to add to our friends list and where we can find you. Please only make 1 post and update it should anything change, that way we can keep it easier to find everything.

Server: Odin
Character: Myriu Nioben

Server: Balmug
Character: Myriu Nioben
Note: Old 1.0 legancy character

Final Fantasy XIV / FFXIV General discussion topic
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:29:26 AM »
Well obviously if you feel the discussion is worth its own topic be sure to do so, but for all the "random" talk we'll use this board so the the other topics don't get cluttered with it ;)

So with less than a month to go I can't wait for the game. Even managed to get three days off from work to play the game :P

Coliseum / [FFX] Sin (Head)
« on: July 06, 2013, 02:20:33 PM »
HP: 140.000
MP: 999
Strength: 30
Defence: 40
Magic: 30
Magic Def: 40
Agility: 30
Luck 15
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 0

Known Attacks
Giga-Graviton => Instant Game Over

The fight starts with Sin away from the ship preventing you from using close range attacks. Each turn the ship will draw by closer eventually allowing you to attack Sin from close by as well. Sin itself won't move until roughly 15 turns have passed after which he'll use the only available move in his arsenal Giga-Graviton.

Coliseum / [FFIX] Meltigemini
« on: June 24, 2013, 01:08:09 PM »
HP: 24.348
MP: 1.570
Strength: 18
Defence: 30
Magic: 18
Magic Def: 20
Evade: 5
M Evade: 6
Spirit: 30
Speed: 37

Known Attacks
Viral Smoke => Deals damage to party and can inflict Virus.
Bio => Deals damage to party and can inflict Poison.
Wings => Deals damage to a single target.
Venom Powder => Deals damage to a character and inflicts Venom.

Coliseum / [FFX] S. Flux
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:41:58 PM »
      Seymour Flux         
HP: 70.000
MP: 512
Strength: 30
Defence: 40
Magic: 15
Magic Def: 40
Agility: 38
Luck 15
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 100
HP: 4.000
MP: 512
Strength: 40
Defence: 100
Magic: 40
Magic Def: 1
Agility: 38
Luck 15
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 100

Known Attacks
Seymour Flux
Lance of Atrophy => Turns a single character into a Zombie.
Banish => Only cast on Aeons instantly killing the Aeon.
Protect => Cast protect.
Reflect => Cast reflect.
Flare => Cast Flare.
Total Annihilation => Dealing masive damage to entire party

Full-Life => Restoring a dead unit to full health (or intantly kills a zombified unit).
Cross Cleave => Massive damage to entire party.
Mortibsorption => Used when Mortiorchis died. It absorbs HP from Seymour (current max HP - 1.000, with a minimum of a 1.000 HP) dealing equal amount of damage to Seymour.

Coliseum / Coliseum rules
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:23:20 PM »
In this board I will regularly (most likely once a week) post a boss battle from the Final Fantasy Series. The idea behind the board is to post your strategy to defeat the boss. Once a few strategies have been posted we can compare them and come up with the most efficient way to defeat the given boss. This input will later on be used to fill up the bestiary with helpful information for those who have yet to play the game.

Notice that there are often different ways to beat a boss as most people have different play styles and use different characters. The whole point isn't of this board isn't to find the best strategy, but to cover an broad area of strategies. Including not only strategies for a normal play-through, but also speed-runs, low level games or any other popular challenge for the specific game.

Note that this board may contains spoilers, so be warned when you open a topic of a game you haven't played/finished.

Sandsea / Bringing back some activity to the forum?
« on: May 23, 2013, 09:39:52 PM »
Hey everyone.

I could write down a long story here, but I think I rather keep is somewhat short and simple. As we might have all notice the forum is slowly losing its activity during the recent years and I'm somewhat creating this topic to see if you have any ideas on brining back some of it. Be it an in the form of an forum update/reshuffle, some features that you feel are absolutely lacking on the site or just a reason why you think people don't seem to take the time to make a post on the forum. Heck you can even blame me if you feels that's the problem ::)

The forum on itself is now almost 5 years old and that on itself is already an achievement, but I hope I don't speak for myself if I want to at least set the next goal on 10 years. My own personal dream would be to turn this place in a knowledge center 2.0, where people who are in the need of help with Final Fantasy related stuff could come and get help on any level. Be it on the level of somebody who's stuck during a normal play through to the place where discussions can take place on how to beat the game on low levels. We once where this kind of place with FFXII, but when FFXIII came around it seems people got split up and found other places as well.

That said I've already got a few things in my mind myself, which can roughly be placed into the following points:
- Cleaning up the amount projects around the forum and the website. During the course of these 5 years I've made quite a few side projects, one might say that one because a bigger flop than the other, but I think its time to clean up the house and remove most of them. In this cause it would be the wiki and the triple triad place. The first I will try to integrate into a new main website which has a more friendlier interface than the wiki itself and the later as it hasn't been updated in the past 2 years and in its current state it would be more of a back-door for hackers than its actually used.
- Second point would be to re-organise the staff. And this is definitely more a problem of my own than of the staff, but right now I've basically lost track of who of the staff members are even still active on the forum :-X
Those 2 points are most be on my part and I've got a few more ideas spooking around in my head, but I need to make these more specified than they are right now. As they are mostly just stuff I would like to do, but have no clue on how to, for example setting up some form of a final fantasy radio on this place.

Well as said before please post down your ideas or remarks and who knows what we might turn this place into ;D

News / FFXIV Release date announced
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:56:12 PM »
With the 2 of the 4 Beta phases already completed Square Enix finally found it time enough to announce the Release date. And so as of today we have finally a day to look out to which will be August the 27th. The release will be worldwide and both the PC as the PS3 users will be able to start there adventure at the same time.

With a release date its only natural to announce the collectors edition of the game as well.

Those who already bought a copy of the previous version will also be able to download the game for free and if you previously bought a collectors edition you will also get the new in game collectors edition goodies from the 2.0 version for free as well. If however you want to play on the Ps3 you will need to buy a new copy of the game. For more detailed information about this you can read the official notification on the Lodestone: Announcing the Launch Date of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn! (05/23/2013)

Event Board / FFTogethers summer marathon 2013
« on: February 02, 2013, 01:31:26 PM »
Okay I'll think you guys know the drill by now. As every year, this year we'll also be trying to hold hour annual marathon event. This year being slightly different as its our 5 year anniversary as well, so lets try to make it a party we won't forget ;D

First lets get going with the people who would be interesting to help out. The games you guys are interested (maybe even a common theme). And so on.

The dates aren't set yet, but they will be around the summer holiday again. I'll just have to figure out the best working dates for us all. (which will probably be a date where my or sixty's house is parents free :P

My personal goal would be to have an even better opening than last year. The 3 tier semi blind speedrun was quite a lot of fun to do and for as far as I picked it up also fun to watch, so lets try to get one this year as well ;)

News / FFXIV Beta roadmap released
« on: December 26, 2012, 04:57:15 PM »
With the alpha phase behind the back its naturally time for the next stage. Meaning the time for Beta has come around. The whole explenation with the roadmap can be found through the link below, but for those interested in short and simple:

  • The Beta will start mid-February.
  • The Beta will be divided in 4 phases.
  • Core Systems Rebalancing (PC)
  • Gamepad Control Adjustments (PC)
  • Global Testing and Version 1.0 Character Data, Import Testing (PC & PS3)
  • Open Testing (PC & PS3)
  • Each phase will last roughly 2-3 weeks, which 1-2 weeks of debugging behind.

Read full post here.

Sandsea / MOVED: Where did all the remakes go?
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:56:33 PM »

News / First FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Released!
« on: July 26, 2012, 07:45:17 PM »
Square Enix has just released the first trailer for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn (in other words FFXIV 2.0).
The trailer is entitled The Fate of Eorzea and shows the transition of the current storyline into the 2.0 storyline.

Along with the trailer the official site has also been released:

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