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FFV Blue Magic Abilites [Spoilers]
« on: April 05, 2009, 09:04:54 PM »
FFV Blue Magic Abilties

Some monsters will only cast a Blue Magic spell when you control them (noted with [CONTROL], or in reaction to a certain action you take (like attacking them or casting a certain spell on them), or under certain conditions (like if they're alone or if their HP is at a certain level).  And sometimes the monster will only cast the spell on themself or another monster, in which case you need to cast a Wall on them so the spell will bounce off of them onto you.  I've noted those conditions in brackets [WALL] after the monster's name.  Note that if a monster doesn't have enough MP to cast the spell, you may have to give them an Ether.

I have spelling errors here and there so please don't let that bother you.  :) I have also changed the name of some Blue Magic Abilities. Those who play FFV should know what I'm talking about.  :)

Condemn        Exdeath (Exdeath Castle), Cursed One [Control], Unknown
                (Skeleton), Apocalypse

Roulette       Bella Donna, DoomDealer, Apocalypse, Shinryu

AquaRake       D.Chimera, Chim.Brain, Seal Guardian (Water) [HP < 3000],
                D.Chimera (ZephyrZone), Bahamut [20000 <= HP < 25000], Gogo [HP < 33000 & HP Damage], Leviathan

L5 Doom      Tricker [Control and Wall], Ixecrator, LevelCheck,

L4 Qrter       Hydra [as it dies], Tricker, Ixecrator, LevelCheck, Apocalypse

L2 Old         Tricker [Control and Wall], Magic Drgn, Ixecrator, LevelCheck,
                Apocalypse, Shinryu

L3 Flare       Red Dragon [Control and Wall], Exdeath (Exdeath Castle),
                Lunenta (ZephyrZone), Archaesaur [Control and Wall], Ixecrator,
                LevelCheck, Shinryuu

FrogSong       Elf Toad [Alone or Control], ArchaeToad, Conago, Elf Toad
                (Metamorpha), Gilgamesh (ExDeath Castle), Silvune [Control],
                Chamcubia [Control or React:Fight], Farfarerro, Apocalypse

TinySong       MiniMage, Gilgamesh (ExDeath Castle), Mukare [Control], Silvune [Control], Cherie [Control or React:Fight], Farfarerro, Apocalypse

Flash          Blocks, Crew Dust [Alone or Control and Wall], Ramuh, Neon
                [Control and Wall or React:Physical attacks], Crew Dust
                (Metamorpha), Gilgamesh (ExDeath Castle), Apocalypse,
                Necrofobia [Alone]

Time Slip      Traveler, Gilgamesh (ExDeath Castle), Cherie [Control],

MoonFlut       Garkimasra [React:HP Damage], Page 256, Garkimasra (ExDeath
                Castle) [React:HP Damage], Mukare

DeathClaw       Iron Claw, Torrent, Rock Brain [Control], Statue [Control],
                Gilgamesh (Ship), Death Claw, Apocalypse

Aero           Mold Wind, Magisa, Defeater [Control], Gigas [React:HP Damage], Mukare, Apocalypse [React:Aero 3]

Aero 2         Gigas, Page 32, Whirl Demon, Gilgamesh (Bridge), Enkidou,
                GajraGajri [Control], Abductor (ExDeath Castle), Apocalypse

Aero 3         Whirl Demon (Metamorpha), Seal Guardian (Air) [HP < 3000],
                Magic Drgn, Elm Gigas [after you wake it up], Ziggurat (Zephyr
                Zone) [Control], Cherie [Control], Bardandels

Emission       Prototype, Flamegun, MachinHead, Triton, Great Drgn, Omega,
                Apocalypse, Mind Mage [Control]

GblinPnch      Goblin, Black Goblin, Sahagin [Control], Gilgamesh (Bridge),
                Gabbldegak, Armon [Control], Apocalypse [React:L3 Flare]

DrkShock       BlackFlame, Rock Brain, Druid [Control], Shadow [Control],
                Nile, Apocalypse

GuardOff    [Control], Ziggurat, Magic Drgn, Shadow [Control],
                Ziggurat (ZephyrZone), Nile, Cursed One [Control], Apocalypse

Fusion   Carcurser [Control], Mithril Drgn [Control], Water Buzz
                [Control], Dilure [Control], Unknown (Blob) [Control], Mover

Mind Blast  Stalker, Apocalypse, Twin Tania, Mind Mage

Vampire      Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor (Bal Castle), Enkidou,
                Radiator [Control or React:HP Damage], Bold Mani [Control],
                Python [React:Fight], Shadow [Control], MercuryBat, Achelone

Hammer         Byblos, Drippy, Owazoral (ExDeath Castle) [Control], Apanda

Mghty Guard       Stingray [Control], Apocalypse [Wall], Shinryu [Wall]

Exploder       Motor Trap [React:Thunder attack], Bomb, Puroboros, Grenade

? ? ? ?           Wild Nack, Kuzar, Tyrasaurus [React:Physical attacks], Lunenta
                (ZephyrZone) [Control], MachinHead [Control], Gel Fish
                [Control], Kuzar (Phoenix Tower), Slownin [Control],
                Apocalypse, K.Behemoth [Control]

Blowfish       Lamia [Control], Cactus [Control], Hedgehog [Control],
                BlandLamia, Mukare [Control], Chamcubia [Control]

White Wind      Whirl Demon [Control], Arage [Control], White Flame [Control]

Missile        Motor Trap [Control], Prototype, Rocket, Gilgamesh (Ship),
                Enkidou, MachinHead, Sol Cannon (Phoenix Tower), Apocalypse

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Re: FFV Blue Magic Abilites [Spoilers]
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2010, 07:22:32 PM »
one new info, LV5 death (labeled as LV doom here)
is also known by page 64 in the library of the ancients (which is the first time you see it)

i'll post any others i find