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Gold Saucer Rules, Guidelines and FAQ - UPDATED


The rules needed to be updated a little bit. Not much, but it's to keep Gold Saucer a fun and interactive environment for you all.  ;D Please read before making a new thread (game).
What is Gold Saucer?

Gold Saucer is a game board. Here you can participate in a variety of forum games such as Hurt/Heals, Character Battles, or any other game that is created on this board.  ;D

Can I create a Hurt/Heal

You are more than welcome to create a Hurt and Heal. BUT, you must first run it by myself. Send me a PM and I will be sure to take a look at your hurt/heal. I don't mind if the Hurt/Heal is about anything, but keep it RPG related since it is the theme of the forum.

Can I create a Version 2 of a original Hurt/Heal

I may or may not accept Version 2 of any Hurt/Heals. It all depends if the last winner is considered unofficial or such. But Version 2 Hurt/Heals will be scarce, and I will not accept it unless you state a reason why you want a version 2 exactly.

Play Fair!

FFTogether is a troll-free forum. Most games tend to get out of hand, and all I ask is that you play fair with other members. Do not take stuff personally and ruin the game for everyone. You will be warned if you do not play fair.

When do games end?

The natural law of the forum is that every topic be locked at approx. 500 posts. Games will be no exception. Don't worry though, another version of the game will be created after the topic is locked. However, this will all depend on the popularity of the game itself. A game will end if it does not get a post within a month's time. Send me a request to reopen and I will be happy to do so.

Hurt and Heals, however, are an exception to the 500 post rule and will continue after that if need be.

How many games at one time?

The game board is free to as many games as the eye can see. With the exception of hurt/heals, there is a limit of only 3 hurt/heals at a time. If more than 3 is currently being played, your Hurt/Heal will be placed in a queue and I will PM you when one hurt/heal is done.

In conclusion, the only rule of the game board is that you play fair. Obviously, all forum rules apply as well.

If you have any questions, be sure to drop me a PM and I will be sure to answer it quickly. Cheers!
~Spee. Gold Saucer Board Moderator


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