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Reformat PS 3--gulp

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Okay guys I need some hand holding. Looks like I'm going to have to reformat my PS 3. I keep getting a message that I've maxed out the power to USB devices, I get this message when I boot up, when I load a game, and when I quit a game. I only have a keyboard on there and sometimes a controller wire. My controller doesn't always want to charge up and I have to reset it all the time for it to do so.

I read online that this maxed out USB message goes away if you reformat your PS 3. I just want to be sure that I should do the Quick reformat. My main issue is I have 3 accounts, a US, an EU and a JPN account. Obviously I have game saves on all them. I have my saves backed up and I know I need to make sure my trophies are synced before I start.

Anything else I need to know?

That should do it. Back when I replaced my HD for the PS3 I done the following.

1) Synced all my trophies. Only done this on my EU account since my other accounts didn't bother.
2) Made a backup of each save file in Game -> Saved Data Utility (mini and PS3) And from Game -> Memory Card Utility

! Step 3 & 4 are to cut loading times to create/restore backupfile
3) Went to Video / Music / Pictures to remove everything I didn't directly need on my backup.
4) Went to Game -> Game Data Utility and removed all installation files that are located on the disc, and all files I could easily re-download.
5) Then I backed up everything at Settings ->System Settings -> Backup Utility

After that I swapped out the HD, replaced it with a new one and reinstalled the backup. I believe step 2 is also covered by the backup itself, but since those are your save data I wanted an extra backup just in case. Not sure if using backup utility works in this cause though as it also copies along some system settings.

It sounds like you've covered all your bases. As long as you have all the information for your accounts and Saved Data/Media backed up then you should be good to go.

Okay! wow thanks for the help! I don't know anything about the backup utility, I will have to look at that. And thanks too for the reminder for the memory card save data, I forgot about that and I do have a couple of older game saves in there. I'm glad now I didn't just go ahead and do this, and in fact I'm going to wait another day or so in case anybody else chimes in with something I might have forgot.

Sorry I don't have anything to add, but good luck in doing so! I had to reformat my PS3 once when I sent it in to be fixed, and I was pretty scared event then.


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