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PS3 shuts down during gameplay and possible YLOD

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I know there's already a YLOD topic but I don't want to necro a two-year old topic XD

So recently while I was playing Skyrim, my PS3 has been shutting down abruptly after an extended period (2-3+ hours) of gameplay with three beeps and blinking red lights. I can turn it off by pressing the power button which brings it to the normal standby red light. It was okay until yesterday, where it started to shut down 5 minutes after I load the game. This time there are three beeps, the light goes yellow once and then blinks red. I disconnected the PS3, plugged everything out, cleaned the area, vacuumed it from the outside and let it sit for 18 hours but the same thing still happened. I thought it was a Skyrim problem so I tried FF13, but that also shut down, albeit after 50 minutes and with no yellow light. This hadn't happened before I started playing Skyrim three weeks ago, and even so it only started happening this week (although Easter break just started so it's possible that I might just be overstraining my PS3).

It's a 3-year old non-backward compatible 80 GB fat model. It sits in a well-ventilated area but sometimes I don't play it and it sits there for months on end so it's possible that it's a buildup of dust, but apparently a yellow light could be a motherboard or power supply problem. Furthermore my PS3 isn't actually bricked, I can still turn it on and play something but it shuts down randomly and I don't want to risk actually bricking it. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening and any tips on what I could do. Thanks in advance! :)

You could call the Sony/Playstation help desk. maybe they can help you further.

Check your remaining hard drive space. Low remaining space is one of the main causes.

Well I backed it up today just in case and I think I have about 16 GB left...

Sixty, I heard they would just tell you to send it in... I don't want to resort to that now :P

UPDATE: Today it shut down on the XMB (I was about to sync trophies). Yellow light present. I'm convinced there's a hardware failure somewhere. Going to backup all my trophies before I do anything else with it.

Also when it happened the power button seemed to randomly stop working. I couldn't stop the blinking red light so I used the master switch at the back. When I turned it back on the power button wouldn't work either, and neither did the controller, so I had to turn it on by attempting to put a disc inside.

Yeah your PS3 is dying. That's a shame. R.I.P.


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