Author Topic: Did you know Final Fantasy Tactics has references to FF1-6? (Contains spoilers)  (Read 1955 times)


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Did you know that in Final Fantasy Tactics, these mainstream Final Fantasy games are mentioned in the Wonders section?

BTW: I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, please let me know.

* - denotes more than 1 Final Fantasy appearance
** - refers to a different Final Fantasy than it's actual appearance in another Final Fantasy game

  • Final Fantasy I
    • Floating Castle
    • Fortress of Trials
    • Matoya's Cave
    • Mirage Tower
    • Shrine of Chaos
  • Final Fantasy II
    • *Chocobo Forest (appears in several Final Fantasy games)
    • Pandaemonium
    • Semitt Falls
  • Final Fantasy III
    • *Chocobo Forest
    • Crystal Tower
    • Falgabard
    • *Floating Continent (Refers more to Final Fantasy III)
    • Forbidden Land Eureka
    • Tozus Village
  • Final Fantasy IV
    • *Chocobo Forest
    • **Crystal Tower (refers to Red Wings and Baron)
    • **Fortress of Trials (same as Crystal Tower)
    • Tower of Bab-Il
  • Final Fantasy V
    • *Chocobo Forest
    • Ronkan Ruins
  • Final Fantasy VI
    • *Chocobo Forest
    • *Floating Continent
    • Phantom Train

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Re: Final Fantasy Tactics references (May contain FF1-6 spoilers)
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this might fit into Spin-Offs, as it is about FFT, but then again, it's about MANY FF games  :D

so it fits here best.

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I doubt they have anything to do with eachother though.

It would appear that this can be on the same relation as a cameo appearance of characters and movies - don't really have anything to do with what movie those characters were in before but they just happen to be there.

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