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Shadow Gilgamesh:
i'm assuming most of the members here's first game was a clasic game (since most of us are 13+)

so what was it?

(since "vintage" seems to be N64, PS1 GBC and older)

mine was pokemon red, i remember it clearly, it was christmas and i was 6, i got my GBC and my red version
and only a year and a half later i was creaming my brother and his friends (all 2-3 years older than me) with my team of venusaur, haunter, rapidash, hitmonchan, kabutops and zapdos.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage for me and Crash Team Racing.... those games are love.

Tomb Raider II for the pc. It isn't the first game I played (can't remember the name of that game, it was some kind of side scrolling dungeon game with a wizard), but as far as I can remember it was the first game I actually bought myself.

I don't remember the console, but it was either that duck-shooting game or that spaceship arcade game where you should down aliens or whatever there was.

Haha, funny, mine was Megaman X6 and Digimon World 3. Absolutely loved those games.


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