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Daily Update Thread: What did you do in your old school games today?

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Yeah i know, Charizard is my favorite.

Shadow Gilgamesh:
Beat Misty with just my level 25 Sandslash, slash having a ~95% crit rate helped a lot. then went and beat Lt. Surge, which is when i realised that Pokemon IS supposed to be on this planet, as the gym dude said "he is commonly known as the lightning American"
i bet i knew that some time ago and forgot.

anyway, then i went through the rock tunnel and over to cerulean where i got my third pokemon: Vaporeon. then to saffron where i picked up my 4th: Hitmonlee.

tomorrow i will probably beat the rocket hide out, beat Erica, and beat the pokemon tower.

May 11: Beat team rocket, Erica and the pokemon tower, as well as getting my 5th member, Gastly.
May 12: took a day off broadcasting for some off screen grinding for Gastly and Vaporeon
May 13: finished grinding, will stream again soon

I managed to obtain the almighty Atari 2600 and a Sega Mega System.

Tried Jungle Jump and finished it on first time to my surprise even though it wasn't really difficult ;)

Shadow Gilgamesh:
busted out ape escape for my... i don't even know any more, playthrough, i know this game too well XD


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