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Daily Update Thread: What did you do in your old school games today?

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Well??? any suggestions?

Hmm, well you seem to be on a good track so far. The key is keep your levels up and keep updating your jobs if possible. Devilman's better at advice with FFTactics, but I suggest moving Ramza from a squire to a Knight if you haven't already.

Okay well I'll keep that in mind. I'm using a walkthrough on gamefaqs and that one suggests keeping Ramza a squire for now.

I would also recommon to use at least 2 save files. There are a few moments in the game where you can only go to the next battle (without a way to train your units), would be a shame if you get stuck because of it. So keep on saving on your second file untill you can at least go to an area where you can freely level ;)

I've been continuing Mystic Quest myself lately. Managed to reach all the way up to the Lava Dome (fire dungeon). Must say for the first time in this game I've had a reasonable time figuring out the correct path through this looping dungeon. All that's left now it the wind crystal ;D

It finally seems that Mystic Quest is showing his harder side. Right now the fights are either a walk in the park or a pure nightmare. Most monster can now cause all kind of status effects including sleep, paralyse, poison and petrify. If you've ever had a pre-emptive bad breath from a Malboro in FFX you'll know what I'm facing right now ::)

Last night i finally completed Chrono Trigger for the SNES. What a though final boss. Am i glad that that is over.

Now i really should continue FFVI. I think i will do that later this week.


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