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probably one of my favorite systems also held some FF games and alot of other Square Soft (The old Square Enix) games Chrono Trigger one of my favorites

There are a whole bunch of Squaresoft titles not released in the west, and it was a bloody shame.

Here are a few:

Seiken Densetsu 3 (AKA secret of mana 2) => this one they had no excuse not to release, I thought this game was as good as Chrono Trigger, or any of the FF games.  And it has tons of replay value.  Also its far superior to Secret of Mana IMO.

Bahamut Lagoon => One of the best strategy RPGs of the 16 bit era, its up there with Tactics Ogre, and a Bloody shame it didn't get released.  This is also as good as anything on the SNES.

Treasure Hunter G => Another good strategy RPG by Squaresoft, not as good as Bahamut Lagoon, but it was a very original, also I remember end game was really brutal in this.

Ring of the Rudra => Cool game, not another one like it, appears to play like a typical FF style, but you could create your own spells by typing words in, some words, prefixes and suffixes were guaranteed certain results attached to a particular element.

LiveAlive=> Strange battle system in this game, also very original, not another one like it.  Basically its random battles, and then 2d grid system you move around on, and your attacks have certain ranges on the 2d grid.  Its similar to a saga frontier game in where you have different characters that you complete their story for, some of them were really good, and then they all team up in the end.

Romancing Saga III => Basically its saga frontier style game, but 16 bit, and this game is also very good, its non-linear with multitudes of quests and characters, and lots of abilities/magic etc to learn, and a ton of locations/cities etc.  Even had a battle minigame with tactics you could learn for your armies, etc.  Lots of different party formations you could learn that gave different bonuses to your group that also enabled combination attacks and spells that could be used with certain formations if your members were in the correct position with the correct elemental spells, etc.  Also you could recruit people to work in your armory, who make items with various rare materials, lots of weapons/armor/accessories to be crafted.   A surprising amount of depth in this game for a 16-bit title.  Squaresoft put a lot of work into this game.  Also this game doesn't hold your hand and walk you through a story, its relatively non-linear.  With certain quests being unlocked at certain HP ranges.  Probably the best "saga series" game that was ever made.  Blows the PSX saga games out of the water.  Also another masterpiece, as good as any of the FF games or Chrono trigger. 

Romancing Saga II => also for the SNES, and translated, but I haven't played it.  I hear its almost as good as the 3rd, which means I will definitely get around to playing it some time.

There is good news and bad news, the good news is all those games have been translated into English, the bad news is you have to use emulation to play it in English.  A few of those are as good as ANY of the FF games on the SNES.

Maybe you want to play one of those for the Summer Marathon, our theme is Old School Games. What do you think?

visit for more info about the marathon.

If I was going to do a game it would be Seiken Densetsu 3.  Possibly not stream the whole game, but steam the boss fights or something, and maybe do the Black Rabbite fight (secret boss).

Go to the Summer Marathon Topic, and sign up.


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