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Title: FAQ - Some answers on common questions
Post by: Da_Cloud on September 10, 2008, 08:36:31 PM
This FAQ will cover some common site related questions.

Can I join your community?
You're more than welcome to join our community. All you need to do is register an free account.
During the registration you'll need to fill in some fields. Note that all these fields must be filled in.
Username This will be your name on the forum. Note that you can't change your username yourself once you've registered your account.
Email This must be an existing Email. Note that you can make this email invisible for the rest of the forum
Password The password needed to log in on the forum. We highly recommend to use an Complex and unique password, to prevent account theft.
Visual Verification Simply put in the letters you'll see on the image. This is to check if you are truly a human an not an bot.
Agreement Simply check the box that says "I Agree". Note that by checking the box you agree with the agreement.

How do I post an Image?
To post an image you'll need to put a a link of the image between the image tags:
Code: [Select]
[img]http:// *name of the full link here* [/img]So yes, this means that it already need to be on the internet. If the image isn't already on the internet of if you don't trust that the site will keep the image online (or doesn't allow you linking directly to images on there server) I can recommence photobucket (http://photobucket.com/). Photobucket is an free site where you can upload images from your computer, they will host it on there servers making it available for you (they even generate the entire link with the image tags, so you only need to copy paste it)

Is there a way to make clear that I've got a new PM?
Yes, and it simply requires you to tab one box and you'll get a popup that warns you whenever you've gotten a new PM.
To do this just go to you're User cp and click on "My Message Options" (third row first item). Here you can change some settings. Just tab the box saying "how a popup when you receive new messages?", or untab it when you rather not receive a popup message.

I've heard there are more themes than the default one, but how can I change my theme?
That's correct, besides the default theme we have two other themes. To switch you're theme go to you're  User cp and click "My Theme". All you need to do there is select the theme that you want to use. Note though that some theme's doesn't support all features added on the main theme, though these functions aren't vital to use the forum.

I see that my IP gets logged what does this mean?
It already says what it means, you're IP will be logged with your actions on this forum. That way we as administrates can see what you have done on this forum. Normally you're IP will only be used to check if you don't have multiple accounts, but it can also be used to give out an IP-ban to users that don't behave themselves. Note that only you self and the Administrates can see you're IP-address.

I see some members that have posted as a Guest, but I can't post as a guest?
Though guests have the freedom to browser through the forum they can't post. The guests that have posted on FFTogether where once a member, but have deleted there account. When a member deleted his account all the messages will still remain intact, but sins they aren't a member any more they will be listed as a guests.
But what about the members that have still an account, but also have messages listed as guest?
They simply made a new account on FFTogether with the same name. But remember that you're normally aren't allowed to do this. And by doing this without a good reason you might face a temporary (or permanently) ban.

I have a question that isn't on this list?
Don't worry we are always ready to help you. Simply ask you're question here: Site Related (http://www.fftogether.com/forum/index.php?board=19.0)