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Role-Playing Forum / The Next RP
« on: April 08, 2012, 02:36:43 PM »
We seem to be on the home stretch for The Defence of Kerusan. We are going to be needing someone to host the next RP.

Anyone who's interested, state in this thread and summarise their RP idea. Yiaz can go through them and choose when he gets the opportunity.

Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Builds
« on: March 02, 2012, 02:22:21 PM »
This is a thread where I am going to post good monster builds that I come across or ones that I have made myself. Feel free to request a specific monster if you like. I can't guarantee I will do it but you never know unless you ask.

This first one is a Siphon Boost build for Omega that negates the effects of his unfortunate Leadenstrike ability. I found it on GameFAQs but cannot remember the person's username. Since he forgot to add the locations of the monsters, I will add them now.

Fencer - Academia 400AF - A unique monster that can only be respawned by locking the gate and re-entering.
2x Yeoman - Academia 500AF
Chunerpeton - Yaschas Massif 110AF
Mud Frog - Archylte Steppe Clearwater Marshes ???AF (Rainy)
2x Pink Lily - Oerba 300AF
2x Clematis - Yaschas Massif 100AF
Forked Cat - Oerba 400AF The Ashensand
Tonberry - Bresha Ruins 300AF (DISTORTION)
Frag Leech - Oerba 200AF
Orion - Augusta Tower 200AF - Lock the gate and re-enter to increase the spawn rate of these monsters.

“Fuse Fencer (19) into a Chunerpeton (2) - locks Siphon Boost II
Fuse 2x Yeoman (1) into Mud Frog - locks ATB Charge II
Fuse the Chunerpeton into Mud Frog
Fuse 2x Pink Lily (30) into Mud Frog - locks Chain Boost II
Fuse Clematis (58) into Mud Frog
Fuse Forked Cat into Mud Frog - gives HP 30%, washes Resist Poison 66%
Fuse Clematis (58) into Mud Frog - locks First Strike

Fuse Mud Frog into Omega which gives you the following:
Feral Surge (L)
Feral Fatigue (L)
Leadenstrike (L)
Siphon Boost II (L)
Chain Boost II (L)
First Strike (L)
ATB Charge II (L)
HP 30%
Strength 20%

Fuse Tonberry (24) into Omega - locks Strength 35% and washes out Auto-Bravery
Fuse Frag Leech (30) into Omega - washes out Magic 35% (you also get Faultsiphon)

So the final result is:
Feral Surge (L)
Feral Fatigue (L)
Leadenstrike (L)
Strength 35% (L)
Siphon Boost II (L)
Chain Boost II (L)
First Strike (L)
ATB Charge II (L)
HP 30%
Role Resonance

After all of that, get an Orion (13) and infuse it into Omega for Adrenaline, then go get a bunch of mid-level, cheap RAV monsters to feed to Omega to learn Jeopardize for even more gauge boosting giddyness."

So I wrote a guide to farming the Long Gui and Shaolong Gui in the final days before Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out, go figure. This time I’m going to input tips and strategies that I come across, for defeating the uber bosses of Archylte, as recommended by others or figured out by myself as I repeatedly take them down for fun. It will start off small but I will continue to update it over the course of my playing through FFXIII-2.

General Tips

Love thy Tortoise – This triple Sentinel Paradigm is your best friend in all four encounters and should be present in your Paradigm Deck at all times. A fully upgraded Silver Chocobo or Bunkerbeast would make the ideal partner.

The ATB Refresh Trick – Credit to the official Prima guide for teaching me this. This is a simple and efficient method of racking up extra damage and acquiring the Strategist trophy/achievement. There are three steps to this trick:
1.   Set up a bar of attacks.
2.   Paradigm shift as soon as the animation of the final attack finishes.
3.   Wait a split second and your ATB bar should be completely replenished.
This trick is why there will be duplicates of some of the Paradigms in my recommended Decks.

The Synergist – Even when completely maxed out, Serah and Noel only have access to defensive Synergist abilities. That is why you should also focus on acquiring a sturdy Synergist and make sure it has access to Bravery, Faith and all the En- spells through Infusion. I used a Purple Chocobo, though I’d imagine there are sturdier alternatives. However, there is an alternative in...

The Buccaboo Ace – This handy and sufficiently powerful Ravager has a Feral Link that immediately casts Protect, Shell and Faith on the entire party, as well as healing some wounding. He can be found during sunny weather in the Grave Ridge and Stonestump Wastelands areas of the Steppe. If you are confident in your party’s strength and worry little about buffs then he is likely the Ravager you should be using. Thanks to Ashe10 for showing me this monster’s worth.

The Dendrobium Effect – The first tameable Saboteur in the entire game, found in the Bresha Ruins 5AF,  is one worth keeping in order to fight Yomi, the hardest boss in the game. It may be outclassed in many ways by the Black Chocobo and many other Saboteurs, but it’s Feral Link inflicts Curse, Imperil and Poison if the opponent is even the slightest bit vulnerable to each effect. Lamentably, it must be raised to level 70+ to even survive the fight against Yomi but it is a useful option if you have the time to invest in a monster.

The Yakshini Effect - Yakshini is a cheap to develop Synergist with an amazing Feral Link. Fanatical Dance Bestows Protect, Shell, Veil, Vigilance, Bravery and Faith for a remarkable length of time. The only buff that needs to be bestowed manually is the En- spell that suits the situation. He is particularly useful in cutting the battle times against Raspatil.

Respawning the Bosses for Farming – Simply alter the weather, return to the Historia Crux, then re-enter the Steppe and reset the weather.

Final Fantasy XIII / Long Gui and Shaolong Gui Farming
« on: January 21, 2012, 11:45:03 PM »
As we all know, the Treasure Hunter trophy is a tremendous pain in the ass to acquire. It involves farming an enormous amount of gil by repeatedly killing Oretoises. Most people choose Adamantoises/Adamantortoises but the stronger Long Guis have a far better drop rate. I thought I’d share a strategy that allows the player to farm 2 Long Guis and 8 Shaolong Guis in 40-45 minutes.

Shaolong Gui: This fight is the more luck reliant of the two depending on your strength and equipment. The Shaolong Gui has an attack called Bay that has a high chance of inflicting Daze and rendering this strategy almost unsalvageable.

Let’s start with the character choices for this battle and why they are or aren’t useful.

Lightning – She is capable of being one of your damage dealers and synergists. Enfire is one of the main keys to victory in this fight and she is one of the three party members who can cast it.

Snow – I cannot stress enough how important Snow is in this battle. His titanic health stat and access to Daze make him the ideal Saboteur for keeping the Shaolong Gui in check.

Sazh – He is another of the characters with access to Enfire and capable of being a potent damage dealer with the right equipment.

Fang – Another of my major recommendations for your squad, and possibly your leader, Fang is the best Commando of your team and has access to Bravera, Faithra, Protectra and Shellra.

Hope – Hope has access to Enfire but not to Daze and since the Shaolong Gui only takes 10% damage from magic attacks he cannot act as an offensive player.

Vanille – She has all the necessary Synergist abilities but lacks Daze and the physical strength to help with the offensive part of the battle.

For the sake of example we’ll use the team I use of Fang/Snow/Sazh. Now we can move onto Paradigms.

Tortoise – SEN/SEN/SEN – This is used for sponging damage, mainly Bay and Ultima.
Infiltration – SAB/SAB/SAB – This is for adding all the standard debuffs.
Recuperation – SYN/MED/SYN – The medic heals any damage while the two synergists add buffs.
Smart Bomb – RAV/SAB/RAV – The Ravagers drive up the stagger gauge while the saboteur maintains Daze.
Devastation – COM/SAB/COM – The commandos deal damage while the saboteur maintains Daze.

Equipment: The only really necessary equipment is a Genji Glove for each of your damage dealers. Here is what I’m currently using as an example.

Fang: Kain’s Lance – Genji Glove, Kaiser Knuckles, Collector Catalog, Imperial Armlet
Snow: Midnight Sun – Nimbletoe Boots, Nimbletoe Boots, Aurora Scarf, Aurora Scarf (Allows for ATB Rate +20%)
Sazh: Hyades Magnums – Genji Glove, Kaiser Knuckles, Imperial Armlet, Imperial Armlet

If you are not worried about defence then swap the Imperial Armlets for Rainbow Anklets or other equipment that resists Daze.

Strategy: Have your active paradigm on Tortoise as the Shaolong Gui pre-empts with Quake. Immediately switch to Infiltration and cast Slow to prevent the damage racking up too quickly, then make sure Deshell, Deprotect, Imperil, Curse and Daze are all active before switching to Recuperation. Snow as a medic will heal all of your party to near full health while you (as Fang) must cast Protectra, Shellra, Bravera and Faithra on your entire party. Sazh should have cast Enfire by this point. Switch to Smart Bomb and stagger the Shaolong Gui before changing to Devastation and finishing it off. If the battle went perfectly and your party has maxed the Crystarium then your final time should be 2:00 – 2:30.

« on: January 11, 2012, 02:14:23 AM »
I've been searching for hours looking for the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition available for pre-order. If anyone could link me somewhere where it is available I would offer you money, a tap dance and a cookie.

Bugs & Suggestions / A Question for the Forum as a whole...
« on: December 05, 2011, 12:39:29 AM »
I know this isn't really a suggestion but bare with me...

I've notice a considerable drop in the activity of the forum since the summer months; not a trend I was expecting due to the shorter days and considerably more time spent inside (at least for us in the north). I think it's a good idea to get to the root of this problem. I don't have the time right now (due to school) to take my time over this poll and really consider the options but anyone is more than welcome to take these ideas and fine tune them to more accurately measure what has gone wrong.

While the Sandsea and the Gold Saucer are thriving along with all the forum games, the Creative section and entire Gaming board are both in severe decline. Choose the reasons you believe for this to be the case. Since there is likely more than one reason I have given the option to vote for everything. I have blocked the current votes from being seen until you've voted so you aren't swayed in your choices.

I love this community and all of it's people and I want to help it to thrive.

Written Section / FFXII: The Gigas Slayer
« on: December 04, 2011, 12:28:32 AM »
Well I promised you guys an FFXII story... School has been getting in the way (severely) so you'll have to make do with what I've written so far.

Final Fantasy XII: The Gigas Slayer

The great king brushed a hand through his flowing bronze beard. “What of the Ozmone Plain?” he asked the trio of elegantly dressed advisers assembled around him.

“It is being quickly overrun, your highness,” a particularly elderly man croaked, “Legions of fiends are forcing their way north from both Jahara and the Golmore Jungle. Our scouts report that Mateus heads the eastern force. The southern forces are being led by a fearsome creature whose identity is not yet known. Ultima’s intentions are unclear with respect to this second army.”

Raithwall fingered the glittering, two-handed blade in his right hand apparently absent-mindedly. Everyone present, however, could not begin to guess just how many thoughts were running through the Dynast King’s head at that moment. There was a reason that the Occuria had chosen him to lead the sentient races of Ivalice into a new age. This moment was one of the true trials set before him during his reign. “The deifacted nethicite?” he asked after a time, “Will it be ready?”

“The mages believe it will, your highness,” another of the advisers, a massive Seeq with a fiery snout and fearsome, red features, said, “But if you intend to use it to combat the invading forces... you do know we can only keep one side at bay with its magic?”

The great king whirled around, his purple velvet cloak billowing out behind him before he strode towards the throne room’s mahogany double doors. “Indeed!” he replied in his booming baritone, “That can be solved with the Treaty Blade in my grasp. I have always been wary of the nethicite’s power. It is far too great for any one man to wield. Now would be a good time to split the stone into three shards; two will defend against the invading armies while the third will be kept here, in the palace of Rabanastre, for protection.”

The three advisers, swarthy Bangaa, elderly Hume and bulky Seeq all stopped dead in their tracks. Her long snout twitching in anxiety and her beady, black eyes narrowing, the evergreen skinned Bangaa considered her next words carefully. “My lord... Do you believe it prudent to weaken such a deterrent of violence? Archadia and Rozzaria may consider it a pretext to launch their own offensives if they hear of out weakened magical defences.”

Raithwall laughed heartily, a cheerful sound that echoed pleasantly off the throne room’s sandstone walls. “A pretext to invade? To my knowledge they seek the stone for themselves and are already amassing their armed forces. But surely you knew that?” He turned and fixed each of them with a penetrating gaze, as though gauging loyalty and motive. Only the Seeq remained unmoved. “Come, there is much work to be done!”


Hanar brushed the whetstone back and forth across his mythril sword. The instructions for his regiment’s next assignment had been ominously vague and the tension was palpable among the men. Skinny Liant was nervously shifting and rearranging his armour unnecessarily, while the burly Seeq Torno drummed his massive fingers so hard on the wooden table that they sounded like hammers amongst the silence.

Time continued to crawl by at a snail’s pace until a rhythmic drumming could be felt through the earth coming from the distance. “The army’s on the move,” Liant said unnecessarily.

“Alright, suit up,” Hanar called in his firm, melodious baritone, “We join up with the 501st heading south towards Jahara. From that moment we are to aid Lieutenant Mavlov in any and all necessary recon to ascertain the objectives of the enemy, understood? Yes Torno?”

“Is that all we have to go on?” he asked with a snort, “What about numbers, current location, weapons? If we end up in a skirmish as blind as we are now we’ll be slaughtered.”

“That’s all you have to go on,” Hanar said, looking three feet up at the Seeq so their eyes met, “So I suggest that you arm yourself soldier. That’s an order.” The Captain didn’t like disciplining his men and losing some of their confidence at the same time, but he couldn’t ignore such orders so close to the time of dispatch without risking the safety of the frontline.

I've gauged my plan for the short story and this is roughly one third. Maybe one quarter at a push.

Sandsea / I got a Partner offer?
« on: December 04, 2011, 12:15:23 AM »
I got an e-mail from Youtube offering a share of revenue for my videos. Considering I haven't uploaded in over two years and that all of my vids are just inexpertly spliced together Dissidia battles, I don't know where this has come from. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Written Section / Need an opinion
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:37:02 AM »
I am bored and seriously need to exercise my writer muscles. Hopefully you lot can help with this.

Which of the above Final Fantasies should I write a short story on? They are the games I know well and can therefore adhere relatively strictly to the established canon. I could potentially do a story on FFs III & IV but I don't really like them as games.

I've given the option of voting twice so get cracking.

If you have an idea for what part of the game then leave a reply. If you don't like any of the choices then pick a game and leave a reply and I'll consider it.

Unless a particularly irritating assignment crops up I should have it done by Sunday. If people enjoy it enough I might do it once a fortnight/month.

EDIT: It should be noted that this will be a short story.

Current Generation / Heavy Rain. A new breakthrough in gaming?
« on: February 12, 2010, 04:02:08 AM »
I cannot BELIEVE we don't have a topic on this game. Come on PS3 fans, where is your pride :P? I kid, I kid. I just played the demo of Heavy Rain and I was nothing short of enthralled. The cliched phrase "movie experience" was never more appropriate. The dialogue options, interactions with your own character, other characters and the environment all provide for a seamless flow of gaming that is only (and I do mean ONLY) punctured by one, maybe two, slightly irritating button combinations. And if that is irritating then you can simply lower the difficulty.

On the downside that would take away from the sheer thrill of some of the combat situations. If you are fast with your fingers and properly motivated fights may only last a few seconds. However, the one I attempted lasted a full two and a half minutes with no repeated animations or anything to give away that I was in the middle of a video game. My heart was literally lodged half way up my throat with the atmosphere.

And the atmosphere is not lost in any other areas of the game.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And the characters are complex enough, with enough flaws to complement this atmosphere flawlessly. If you haven't played this demo yet then download it now. Yes, NOW! ;D

RP Graveyard / Whisperer [Started (Y)]
« on: December 28, 2009, 11:26:01 PM »
I recommend reading your character's app and checking for any alterations that I thought were necessary. If you don't like them PM me.
This list is to help anyone confused by certain characters' skills or looks throughout the RP.

Whisperer Applications

The Whisperers:

FFT Username: Ultima
Character Name: Fayora (Leader)
Race: Human
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Whisperer
Personality: She has had little need for speech in her lifetime. Mental communication comes far more naturally to her. Calm, collected and merciless she only allows those she trusts implicitly to be in her presence. One errant thought, one silent passive-aggressive remark and you are dead.
Appearance: Lithe and graceful, she is tall for her age at five foot six. Her face would be called beautiful, with her blonde curly locks and silvery skin, had it not been that her expression was completely devoid of emotion.
History: Outcast as a child due to her abilities and unimaginable intelligence, she wandered the streets of Rordon’s capital until she was found on the streets at the age of eight by two elite Whisperers. One instantly believed her to be a huge threat and attempted to contain her. He was dead seconds later. The other saw Fayora’s power as potential and trained her in the ways of the guild. She learned at an astonishing pace, mastering every skill by the time she was eleven. A year later, when the higher-ranking Whisperers staged a coup of the previous guild master she manipulated every one of them into promoting her to leader. Now, her thirst for knowledge has led her to the Symbols of the Elnar people.
Weapons: She uses nothing but her immense mental and magical strength. Her body can mutate and transform itself giving her an almost endless supply of weaponry.
Skills: She has unimaginable magical potential that is still not yet fully realised. Even being in the same room as this young girl can terrify the hardiest of men. Nothing discovered, as of yet, on this planet has the power to break her fear control.

FFT Username: Ultima
Character Name: Daylien (Lieutenant)
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Whisperer
Personality: Considered a recluse among the commanders of the guild, Daylien finds little fulfilment in the life that he leads. Externally calm yet nursing an inner anger, he often just sits in hard to reach places, lost in deep thought. He has somewhat more of a moral centre than many of his comrades but that doesn’t stop him from getting nasty jobs done.
Appearance: He’s a tall, bald man with a stubbly beard around his face. Built very powerfully, Daylien commands a certain daunting presence even without the use of his abilities. His most noticeable feature, however, is the tattoo of a panther down his left cheek and under his chin.
History: He was born into a rich upper-class family of Raymar so he was pretty sheltered for the first ten years of his life. Then the Whisperers set their sights on his family. His parents were captured, trapped and passed away in a very short while but Daylien wouldn’t be taken so easily. He fought back and killed two Whisperers which were more than enough for the rest to take an interest in his training. Ever since then he has lived from day to day searching for a purpose to his life.
Weapons: Uses a silver short sword engraved with ancient hieroglyphics. It was an heirloom passed down through his family from one generation to the next. He conceals it in the wide sleeve of his thick, black Whisperer robes for quick, silent and unnoticeable kills. He also carries throwing knives and a small pouch of explosive powder to cause distractions. When it comes to straight up combat he is quite adept at disarming opponents.
Skills: He is powerful in terms of the Whisperers but by no means the strongest of them all. However, he also has some considerable skill in the art of Ninjitsu when more physical methods of deception are called for.

FFT Username: Judge Magister Gabranth
Character Name: Aduro Caelum Nox
Race: Alto
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Whisperer
Personality: Kind hearted, soft spoken, charming, usually always smiling. Under his nice exterior beats the heart of a killer.
Appearance: Light blond, rather jagged and wavy hair to his collar and is parted down the middle. Light purple eyes with orange, fire like effect towards the pupil. A rebel among the ranks of the guild not wearing the traditional garb, he’s usually wearing a smile and bright white clothes. His pants are relatively tight. His shirt is sleeveless with a turtleneck. His gloves are elbow length and fingerless. He has gauntlets matching the length of his gloves, but covering his fingers in armour. His elbow pads are bladed. He has white boots to his mid shin. His boots have shin guards covering them and bladed knee pads. He has a large white belt with no buckle. He has an elegant short sword sheathed on his back with a gun built into the hand guard. He has retractable blades on his back, gauntlets, shin guards, and the heels of his boots. All of his weapons and armour are made of orihalcon and diamond mix. He has a white cloak that closes at the collar only. He’s about 170 lbs and 5'7". He's rather muscular, but don't let his slender appearance fool you. His skin is like metal (a trait amongst most whisperers), and he could knock down a building with the proper motivation.
History: He grew up in a perfect family. His skills at fighting and combat brought him to the military, where he was brainwashed by the Whisperers to forget his past as a hero.
Weapons: *see appearance for bladed CQC weapons* Elegant short sword with gun built into the hand guard. He calls the sword "Vox".
Skills: Impeccable speed. Can jump extremely high and far very quickly (almost like teleportation), incredible CQC skills and very good accuracy.

The Resistance:

FFTogether Username: Spee
Character Name: Aria Keys (Leader)
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Allegiance: The Resistance
Personality: She's a kind, young spirited girl who would do anything to help someone. But somehow, the thought of mentioning her family turns her personality to the opposite, to a much sadder and more vengeful personality.
Appearance: She's 5’5’’ and she wears the resistance armour, with her Bow and Arrow attached to the back of it. She has brown hair and deep blue eyes.
History: Aria grew up from a wealthy and helpful family where she led a happy life. That is, until, the Whisperers take all of that away, when her family is killed by them. However, her dad survived and went to go get revenge, but never returned. Her father was the leader of the Resistance, and now, she has taken up his position. Willing to help out in any way she can.
Skills: She has high accuracy with her bow and arrow, quite beyond what a normal human should have. She also knows magic, mostly healing and defensive spells and she specializes in Elemental Magic as well. She doesn't know how to command the arcane yet.

FFT Username: MegaFun
Character Name: Therion Lanzear
Race: Ferrault (Direct descendants of animals, mostly living in forests and highlands. They live their lives as both humans and beasts, shifting back and forth between each form monthly, weekly, or even daily. Their abilities greatly vary depending on their ancestry; some are frighteningly agile, some have incredible senses and coordination (the Alto are still superior in all of these departments), and some harbour great physical strength. However, most of them are only physically-oriented; very few Ferraults are able to use magic.) They possess animal instincts and are able to communicate with most of them.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Resistance
Personality: A man of little words, he never speaks unless he finds it absolutely necessary, and keeps his judgments of things to himself. This silent disposition often adds to his intimidating aura, although deep down, he is a good, loyal man at heart. His calculating nature is often in stark contrast to his rather brutish appearance, and he attacks accordingly based on his perception of the opponent.
Appearance: He’s a large man of about 6’4” tall with a rather solid and stocky appearance. His short, dark chocolate hair somewhat matches his light brown eyes. There is a scar running down the centre of his forehead, across his left eye and down to the left side of his clean-shaven face.  His ears are slightly pointed upwards. He wears an odd mixture of armoury consisting of a sleeveless dark beige shirt and pants, complemented with bronze shoulder plates, boots and fingerless gauntlets. As a Ferrault, he slowly shifts into his bipedal brown-furred wolf form as soon as dusk approaches, and shifts back into human form as soon as dawn breaks. He thinks that his transformation phase is 'too fast' and considers this a burden at times. In wolf form, he has brown fur, his head and face turns much more wolf-like, he grows claws and his ears shift and point up.
History: Very little is known about his origins, except that he was born into a middle-class family from the outskirts of Arineth. It is unknown of how he became a member of the Resistance, but an event from his past has led him to harbor a strong sense of opposition towards the tyrannical control of the Whisperers. He claims to have 'discarded all memories of the incident', but it has been implied that he was the only one to escape from the Whisperers when his entire family was about to be subjected to their merciless mental torture. The rest of his past is full of mysteries.
Weapons: He wields a large great sword named El Furor (literally The Fury), which was handed to him by an old comrade. Its 5-foot long blade greatly resembles an oversized knife with a curved end and a serrated edge. The lengthy metal is also engraved with intricate symbols, which are said to increase the destructive power of his sword when moonlight is present.
Skills: He maintains a good balance of strength and agility in human form; in wolf form, he often discards one for the other. He has the senses and instincts of a wolf in both states. His sword increases in power when moonlight is present, and it enables him to do a greater variety of attacks when the symbols on his blade glow red due to the moonlight.

FFT Username: Zodiac Killer 99
Character Name: Kirill
Race: Ferrault
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Allegiance: The Resistance
Personality: After many years of seclusion from any other creatures and a brief stint as a Prisoner of the Whisperers, it would be easy for others to consider him mad, due to his reactions and character around those he does not know well. He is cold, speaks in a seemingly foreign language to all companions, but treats all except The Whisperers with respect and loyalty.
Appearance: A medium height, Kirill is 5’10”, with bright piercing blue eyes, white teeth and black hair. He has tanned skin, and, due to his lack of any proper fighting for 7 years, his muscles are not what they once were. He wears dark clothes, due to his preferred time of day being night, and such attire allowing him to sink into the shadows. A small scar runs along his left cheek, seemingly the only battle wound he has ever suffered, caused by bad judgement when he was 16, fighting to defend his hometown against a now extinct race called the Slyrith. The wound was cast by a poison blade, and will never heal.
History: Years before the formation of the Resistance, and just before he sunk into obscurity, many of his friends and family were killed by The Whisperers in an act of total brutality. Mere days afterwards, he disappeared amongst the shadows and very few reports of him have been seen since. Rumours have it that during his 7 year disappearance, he taught himself dark magic, though of course, not to the standard a different race would be capable of. His strength is not the best amongst his race, as he has not trained it for years against a real opponent. However, it is still almost unmatchable amongst other species due to his races amazing strength. Due to his ancestry, in feral form he is bipedal, able to run to decent speeds when required for sustained periods of time. His father, before his death at the hand of The Whisperers, was one of the most famous of the Ferraults, and his death was a great surprise and tragedy to them, as at the time it was thought that he was one of the most able Ferraults around, and if The Whisperers could kill him, there might be no chance for good to prevail. During the time when he was not seen for 7 years, Kirill taught himself a variety of deadly and strong black magic, but was unable to master any of the spells, and so must now rely on both his weakened strength and semi-strong magic in order to help The Resistance.
Weapons: A single katana, which he earned after defeating the being that cast the scar on his cheek, the poisonous spell on it has not worn off, and causes the katana to be twice as deadly as a normal one.
Skills: Powerful black magic capable of bringing total destruction if in the right hands, though at his current mastery of the spells, it can only cause extreme, yet temporary damage if used on a large amount of targets. If focused on an individual it is deadly. He also learned the ability to cast a poisonous spell on weapons after he killed the last of the now extinct race of the Slyrith.

RP Graveyard / Whisperer Application Thread
« on: December 23, 2009, 03:10:51 AM »


This actually all began as an idea for a second book. I’m still planning on using these ideas and writing it but in doing this RP I hope two things will happen.

1.   No-one will steal or copy my ideas. I trust the majority of you but I want to make it clear.
2.   We can use our collective minds to build on and improve the idea. We have some amazing creative minds at FFTogether and I’d like to use that (we also have some nutters who don’t read instructions or follow the plot but we’ll cross that hurdle when we come to it ;) ).


"Sometimes, there is a very good reason to be afraid of the dark..."

In a parallel Earth, a new kind of law enforcement exists. The infamous Guild of Whisperers controls the population with an iron grip of fear and intimidation. Any who rise up to resist are trapped, hopeless and alone, within the deepest chasms of their sub-conscious.

However, the flawless public image belies darker motives. Corruption, extortion and blackmail run rampant through the upper echelons of the guild. Wealthy businessmen are placed in captivity under false charges, their assets lining the coffers of the guild. Children as young as five are sold into slavery, their parents joining the countless hundreds before them who have sunk into madness.

It was not always as it is now.  Once the Guild was just and fair, a system founded on showing criminals the error of their ways through their own fears and misunderstandings. The remnants of such a mindset, the Resistance, now act deep under cover, making sure their every manoeuvre is carefully planned and calculated before being set into motion. What they do not know is that a power greater than that of the shadows is about to be discovered; a power that will once more find a balance between right and wrong.

Through all of this the prisoners continually fight for survival, often at war with their own imaginations. Most go mad within the first few years but some, the chosen few... they fight on, a force greater than any fear could ever create driving them. Some are driven by love... others by vengeance.

What will define your story? What matters to you most of all? Who will you become?


1.   All RP Forum and FFT rules apply throughout the duration.
2.   No, drugs, alcohol, sexual references unless approved by myself, Da_Cloud or Spee.
3.   You MUST fill out an application before being able to play. Be crystal clear with your information.
4.   Do not change any major plot points in the story without consulting either me or your group leader beforehand, e.g. No Aliens.
5.   Use your imagination and think about your post. Don’t try and get five lines in for the sake of it, add something to the story or move it forward.
6.   No character edits once the RP has begun.
7.   Be sure on place names like towns, countries, cities, dungeons etc. Confusion leads to inactivity.
8.   When your leader tells you to lose the current fight your in then please do it. I and the other leaders will make sure the wins and losses balance out in the end.
9.   During fights try and let all participants have a chance to post.
10.   Have a great time!

Countries & Regions:

Arineth: Once the military superpower of the entire continent, this titanic, grassy country lying on the western coastline is now home to mainly self-sufficient farmers, raiders and small groups of Resistance members. The main city of Raymar, lying on the coast of a large inlet that plays host to some excellent fishing, appears to be derelict and degrading on the surface but on the inside it’s a hive of underground and underworld activities. Anyone looking to contact the Resistance starts in Raymar.

Northern Tundra: This gigantic area of snowy landscape is regarded as the last pristine place on the planet. There is little to find up here other than the odd, tiny fishing village and Rangers travelling the continent on their own, living off of the land.

Kunavran Desert: A huge area to the south-east of the continent, thriving with many oases, mountainous areas and nomadic traders. It’s a fantastic place to hide from the Whisperers due to long days and huge amounts of sunlight.

Rordon: The central hub of Whisperer activity on the continent. The Guild Castle is sat atop the highest peak in the country, surrounded by a myriad of beautifully built and architectural buildings in the city of Foriln. The law is rigidly enforced from coast to border causing the population to be dismissive and unfriendly. Unfortunately, the rich and the powerful congregate here alone meaning avoidance is often not an option for the well-meaning nobles.


Really hoping for some major creative input on this one guys. I’ll add to this list as the RP progresses.
Be sure your ideas are clear, in-depth and descriptive. The more, tiny little details the better.

Humans: Humans have been the main race living throughout the continent for many thousands of years, multiplying like ants across the land. Most of them live out their lives in obscurity, never knowing what possibilities are available out in the wider world if they were to simply try for it.
This mindset is not helped by the tyrannical fear spread by the Whisperers. Trust is a thing rarely encountered anymore within communities. Most people are content to live out their lives on self-sufficient farms, never moving, never changing.
Their skills can vary greatly as they have the ability to make decent attempts at most new ventures. Unfortunately few have the willpower to perfect that which they try.

(Credit to Metal Chocobo) Elnar: The Elnar people are naturally smaller the humans at an average of around five feet. They live up to ten times longer than humans and can also be identified by their shining white hair and pale complexions. Their main features, however, are their two sets of wings. The first are the larger pair on their backs for some degree of flight while the second are positioned directly behind their ears and are used for expressing emotion in tandem with their eyebrows.
They are an ancient race that were said to have died out long ago. It was officially chronicled that they died due to a devastating plague but in truth the Whisperers feared the powerful magic the Elnar could wield if threatened and so captured or murdered them all.
Using their great number of years on the planet, the Elnar honed their magical skills masterfully into four disciplines; Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. When it became apparent that their race was under threat, the Elnar scholars used their most dangerous skill. They encased all the knowledge of each of the four magical disciplines into four symbols and hid them around the world. To this day none have been found. Any who should find the resting place of one of these symbols beware, without the mental strength to take in all the information, to look upon one of these symbols is a death sentence.
The remaining members of the population are those who have managed to resist the influence of the Whisperers control and are now fighting desperately to be free. If any have managed to free themselves already they stay hidden, even from the shadows.

Vampyres: Almost as reclusive and invisible as the Elnar, Vampyres have been relegated to the nightmares of folklore and hellish legends among the majority of the continent’s population. This, however, is merely another ruse spread by the higher ranking members of the Whisperers. Most of the surviving Vampyres have joined the guild either for power or to simply survive in a world in turmoil.
Vampyres are typically much larger than humans, the smallest of who stand easily above six feet tall. They are also more powerful physically and magically but at a price. Not all of the legends about the race were fabricated. Vampyres still need blood to survive, they do not age with time and direct contact to sunlight, although not immediately deadly to them, does debilitate them considerably. On the other hand direct contact with moonlight increases their strength making when, as well as where, a factor in a battle. Skilled sorcerers have turned the tides of a battle by manipulating magical energies to mimic sunlight and moonlight.
Key features that highlight their appearance are pale (sometimes chalk white) skin, their considerable height and naturally blood red eyes. Some of the more violent Vampyres who are willing slaves to their instincts also have distinctive fangs protruding from mouths.
Vampyre skill sets are somewhat similar to humans given their common ancestry, although they are often more physically than magically oriented.

(Credit to Judge Magister Gabranth) Alto: The Alto were a noble and once exceptionally powerful race. When the Whisperers took over the continent they retired into the woods and mountains fading into the background of existence. If any people were masters of shadows and disappearance next to the Whisperers it would be the Alto.
Their agility is unparalleled, climbing up walls with reflexes similar to a spider. They move with speed that is unmatched by almost any animals. It is not uncommon for an Alto to be spotted running alongside a herd of gazelle for entertainment. This speed also allows them jump extreme heights and distances.
Alto are very similar in appearance to humans, usually being slightly taller and thinner with less muscle. They are soft spoken and have impeccable coordination making them the most sophisticated race of them all.

(Credit to MegaFun) Ferrault: Ferrault are typically very similar in appearance to humans, with the exception of their ears which are much more animal-like than the rest of the body in human state. Their build varies with their ancestry; those with a smaller stature are often descendants of the more agile animals, and those with a large build are often descendants of the larger, stronger animals. In their feral state, they grow to resemble the animal they descended from; the more human-adapted ones are bipedal while the others become quadrupedal creatures. Due to this, their appearance in this state greatly varies with ancestry.
Ferrault are second only to humans when it comes to diversity in skills and abilities. They used to live all around Earth alongside humans, but like the Alto, they have escaped to the forests and highlands and lived in seclusion ever since the Whisperers started controlling the world. Once known as a powerful race, they have grown to fear the Whisperers as most Ferrault don’t have the mental strength to resist them. Due to their lack of mental power and magical capabilities, the Whisperers consider them a ‘worthless race’ and leaves them alone most of the time.
As with appearance, their abilities vary with ancestry’ some of them are more speed-oriented, possessing immense agility, while some of them are more strength-oriented, harboring great physical strength. Some are well-rounded in both departments. All Ferrault possess the sharp senses and instincts of animals. Although they are second only to Altos when it comes to agility and coordination, they are the most powerful race physically (bar Vampyres empowered by moonlight). However, they are extremely lacking in magical abilities, and are easy prey for mind-shattering foes such as the Whisperers. 


This is where things may start to become slightly complicated.

To begin with we have four sides to this war:

            Neutral                  Evil
The Resistance   The Prisoners   The Whisperers

The Whisperers: They are masters of the shadows, illusion and misperception, the most powerful of whom can cripple an opponent’s mind with a single spell. They travel through the shadows, physically melting into them, hiding from the cold steel of arrowheads and blades. When it comes to proper, bare-knuckle, brute strength fighting they cannot really hold their own. Fortunately their opponents are usually too busy cowering in fear, or being picked off by arrows shot from dozens of different directions by a single bowman. Their attire usually consists of long, billowing black robes that cover their faces during the daylight.

The Resistance: Powerful all around fighters, their skills are enormously diverse allowing for great fluidity within the ranks. Unfortunately perfection is an art that few have achieved and so the Resistance members are, on average, less powerful than the Whisperers.

The Prisoners: Trapped in deep crevices of their own sub-conscious, many of the Prisoner’s bodies have become weak and frail over long periods of time. However, having such close contact with their inner psyche has allowed these frail people access to parts of their minds they would never normally use. This makes them almost catastrophically powerful magicians. They usually wear no protection opting for light and free clothing.
They have no real allegiance in the outside war and may choose sides after their own survival has been guaranteed.

Miscellaneous: They are the best of the rest of the population. Rangers, Knights, hired Assassins; they answer to no-one but themselves and choose the path that most suits them or what they believe.

NOTE: For the moment all Miscellaneous Characters are rank 2.


Each side has a leader*, two lieutenants, a few captains and any number of low level warriors.

*Miscellaneous players have no leader.

This is where the Rankings come into play:

Leader – Rank 5
Lieutenant – Rank 3
Captain – Rank 2
Soldier – Rank 1

This is how to determine battles are won. If the ranks of all the players on your side are higher than the ranks of the players on the other side when added together then you win the battle. If the battle is tied then I and the leaders of the competing sides will come to an agreement on the outcome.

I will be the leader of the Whisperers and I am hoping Spee will kindly agree to lead the Resistance. I will PM the people I consider to be good candidates for leading the prisoners and they can refuse or send me an application. Of course, said leader must be hugely active for the RP to function properly, checking in at least once an evening.

The first members to post applications will gain the higher ranked positions in that side, e.g. the first person becomes a lieutenant and the next two become captains. The number of captains may change depending on the number of applicants. Those who do become lieutenants should be prepared to be just as active as the leaders as you will be the substitute commanders if the rest of us go missing.

The Leaders are allowed two characters; the rank 5 leader of their respective faction who will be absent until the climax and one of the rank 3 lieutenants which they will control for the majority of the RP.

Application Form:
FFT Username:
Character Name:

If you have ANY queries, questions or problems please PM me or one of the other leaders and we will do our best to help you. Even if it’s something as simple as not being sure of the current place in the storyline please let us know as we would prefer it.

Time to post Applications people. TaB is drawing to a close.

Instead of having 3 or 4 different versions of the same game, each with unique gameplay features or story related quests, wouldn't it be great if they kept making harder areas, more powerful bosses, extra weapons/equipment through downloading it online?

Like LittleBigPlanet... you'd pay ?0.79 ($0.99) to get a new weapon, piece of armour and an accessory.
?2.99 ($3.99) would download a new dungeon for overpowered characters and give access to a very powerful boss (similar to stage 100 on IZJS).
?7.99 ($9.99) would download a new city or an underground colony or somewhere with a few new quests and rare equipment/items/fights.

Whaddya reckon?

P.S. Prices are going by current Playstation Network Rates. Subject to change and manipulation. ;)

Current Generation / PS3/360 Multiplayer Chat
« on: June 15, 2009, 10:22:08 PM »
Final Fantasy is all well and great but some good online multiplayer gaming would spice things up a bit. We could arrange games and matches here.

Right now I can play LittleBigPlanet, Warhawk and Lord of the Rings Conquest online. I'm always looking for people to join me so POST IF YOU CAN PLAY ;D ;D ;D.

Bugs & Suggestions / XAT Chat Possibility
« on: May 30, 2009, 02:20:06 AM »
This is just a suggestion.

Another forum I now frequent uses an XAT chat page for most of it's communication (it's a Pokemon forum so they organise battles/trades etc). I don't know how much the Mods know about it (because I know very little) but I THINK it uses Windows Messenger accounts to create a large chat.

I thought it could replace the Sandsea or at least be a more convenient method for organising events etc. Tell me what you think and if you'd like me to find out more then I will.

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