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If You Make FF Vids... How Do You Record?

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I've been wanting to record FF walkthroughs for so long; I don't get the motivation to play if it is for no reason, and I have been wondering, if I were to get something to record my gaming, what would it be?

What do you use?

Where did you get it?

How much did it cost?

Online, or retail store?

Hehe, this isn't just to help me, but to help anyone else interested in making videos.

Hope you reply! :D

Depends on the FF

For the GBA FF's, all ya need is the Visual Boy Advance Emulator, which you can download for free, just look on google.

For PS FF's, I use a capture card/TV Tuner Device which I can then hook up the PS2 into the computer with the yellw/white/red plugins. My capture card has, obviously, a capture feature, so I record and edit. Not sure where the best place to get one it. I got mine from ebay, but it sorta sucks.

I use a Pinnacle Dazzle.

I got it from Best Buy.

It costs 30-40 dollors.

Retail Store.

Pinnacle: Dazzle DVD Recorder = $59.99 @ FututreShop

I wonder if a Tivo box would work, it has a DVD burner.


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