Author Topic: Duel Colosseum - Want to Submit a Battle Recommendation? Read this!  (Read 2153 times)


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Okay, so you want to suggest a possible battle between two characters? Well there are some rules you need to know before doing this. :)

Rule #1: If you want to suggest your fight, then start a new poll! Any suggestions in the Discussion Thread will not be relevant. The Discussion Thread is mainly for talk about the current match, and it would get confusing if suggestions are made randomly there. Any comments about the suggestion from others can go directly in the new poll thread that you make.

Rule #2: When creating options for the poll, simply put "Support" and "Reject" for the two options. No need to go in detail with the options. However in the post part, you must say why you think these two characters ought to be in a battle together, and it had better be two people in common that are comparable. For example, pitting together "Cait Sith" and "Yuna" would not be a suggestion to make, as they have so little in common in terms of personality and action. A much better suggestion would be between "Ashe" and "Agrias" because those two have many elements of personality in common. Both are headstrong and have something to do with a monarchy of some sort, as well as the fact that both are willing to break rules to achieve their ultimate goal, be it freedom or protecting a princess of the Crown.

Rule #3: Please do NOT repeat suggestions. If it didn't go through once, chances are it won't the next time either. Any repeated suggestions will be deleted!

Rule #4: The characters could be from anything Square Enix has made or published. This includes Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and other games like Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant. However, please try to suggest characters that are generally known by known by most people. For example, comparing someone not as well-known like Pagus from the Last Remnant against Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, it's obvious that Vivi would win by a landslide. Try to make the fights seem like both sides could be totally up in the air as to who would win.

One final thing, no matter what, the Staff of FFTogether have final say over who goes to next week's Duel. However if your suggestion seems very promising yet doesn't make it to the very next week's Duel, don't worry. A queue will be set up(not accessible by normal members, to hold the suspense) so we can plan ahead for future weeks. That means there will be generally a delay between when you suggest and when it gets put in, but it's worth it if the fights seem generally good.

With that said, I wish you luck and have fun suggesting people! :D

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