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ok, im having this HUGE problem.
im need of good animes, it feels like ive watched all the good ones but i know i havent.
so im asking jOO guys to help pick out one.
and please, name the really good ones

luv Hilly boy  :-*

hey hilly  ;D ;D

I am just going to move this to the anime section   8)

can;t help with what to watch cos believe it or not , I am not a game player or an anime watcher....

I am here be default really  ;)

aah, sorry  ;) but angel, you really should start watch some animes, you dont know what your missing:D:D

actually some of the clips that go up I have clicked on and I agree , they really are something else...and very ermmmm well ....the characters are stunning

Have you seen the "Appleseed Ex-Machina" movie hilly?


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