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The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« on: June 04, 2012, 05:23:05 PM »
General Edward Vanheim sat in his tent, staring at the sheathed sword lying on the table. The hilt was shaped like a dragon’s head with blade extending from the mouth. The handle was wire wrapped with another dragon’s head at the pommel. The scabbard was black with a silver flame design. The blade was very wide and thick and Edward knew that a large red stone was embedded near the hilt, contained by the scabbard.

“Why?” he sighed. “Why did the Emperor give this thing to me?”

“Because he doesn’t trust anyone else with its power,” a sly voice said from the entrance to the tent.  Edward looked up as frowned as he identified the man standing there. Captain Nathaniel Marciel. Marciel was a special envoy of the Emperor, outside the normal chain of command. Although Edward’s rank as Lord General of the Imperial Army meant that Marciel did have to answer to him, he knew that the man was a spy and an assassin who was likely working to an agenda of his own. He was also the man who had brought the object in question to the Emperor.

“The Ark of Fire was a momentous discovery,” Marciel continued, smiling. “Its power alone could tip the balance of the war. However, the Emperor is wary of giving such power to anyone. Your loyalty to the Empire is the stuff of legend, making you the perfect choice to wield it for the glory of Arcadia.”

“This much power should not be held by any man,” Edward sighed, once again turning to look at the sword. “It should be obvious. We can’t even touch the *Bleep* thing.”

 “That’s why the Imperial artisans crafted Brynhilda,” Marciel replied. “It contains the power of the Ark and allows mortals to safely harness its power. It also has the benefit of preventing anyone but you and the Emperor himself from using it.”

“I still don’t like it,” Edward said. “Now, what do you want, Captain?”

“I just came to check up on you,” Marciel said. “And to inform you that General Astal and General Verde are both on their way.”

“I see,” Edward said. General Bartholomew Astal was a good man and an old friend of Edwards. Frederic Verde, on the other hand, was known as the Butcher. He was vicious and well known for his opinion that all the peoples of Hellios were freaks and abominations that must be wiped out. Edward really didn’t like the man.

At that moment, a mild gust of wind signalled the appearance of Senna Vash, Edward’s bodyguard and attendant. She was short, barely five feet tall, with short blood hair and pale features. Despite her diminutive appearance, Senna was a dangerous assassin who was able to move at lightning speed over vast distances and remain completely invisible and undetected. Edward trusted her with his life. Senna’s family had been the protectors of the Vanheim family for centuries.

“My Lord Vanheim,” she said, bowing. “A division of Imperial Soldiers have been caught in an ambush. They are being wiped out.”

“Where?” Edward said, leaping to his feet.

“Several miles away,” Senna answered. “A Sigil has already been placed. We can teleport there immediately.”

Edward was almost at the door when Marciel called out.

“General Vanheim,” he said. “Surely this is a perfect opportunity to test Brynhilda, saving the lives of your own men.”

Edward turned to look at Marciel for a moment then nodded to Senna. The woman bowed and retrieved the sword, careful not to touch the handle. He took it from her, frowning, a turned to leave the tent.

 The Sigil, a magic pattern that allowed almost instant transportation to another Sigil aligned with it, flashed as Edward, Senna, Marciel and another 5 soldiers materialised on the edge of a large valley. Edward could already hear the sounds of battle; the clash of steel, the blasts of fire and lightning cast by the mages on both sides and the screams of the dying. He wasted no time in rushing along the cliff side until he could see the fight properly.

The small and dwindlining group of soldiers wearing the armour of the empire were surrounded on all sides by the Hellios forces. Beastmen engaged them head on while the Featherfolk mages flew above at fired spells and arrows at the defenders. The Arcadian mages were barely holding a protective barrier above their heads. It was only a matter of time before the mages ran out of mana and the Arcadians were wiped out.

“Now is the time, General Vanheim,” Marciel said.

Edward frowned as he pulled Brynhilda from its scabbard. The blade was inscribed with runes that channelled and focused the Ark of Fire that was pulsing with red light near the hilt. He sighed and raised to weapon above his head.

“Brynhilda!” he shouted. The blade burst into crimson flames and Edward grabbed the handle with both hands. He raised the weapon up and brought it crashing down to the the ground. The flames exploded from the blade, racing across the mile or more that lay between the observers and the battle below in a matter of seconds. The Beastmen never stood a chance. The wave of mystical fire roared through them, burning them to ash. The battle ceased as both sides saw the devastation that had ripped through the battle field, cutting the Hellios force in half. Edward swung again and another wave of deadly fire cut through the other side of the Hellios forces. The two huge walls of flames had formed a clear path for the Arcadian’s to escape. The surviving Hellios, seeing the power the Empire now controlled, fled.

Edward sheathed Brynhilda and turned to leave. Marciel was practically cheering.

“That was truly magnificent!” he laughed. “Such power! And that was just one piece of Ark! Imagine what we could do with all five!”

“Yes,” Edward said as he walked back to the Sigil, Senna close behind. “What could we do?”

He looked down at his hands as smoke rose from his steel gauntlets. His hands had been burned.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2012, 09:21:36 PM »
"The Ark of Fire?" Caius asked without glancing at the Featherfolk messenger, "It has been a thousand years and dismissed by many to be nothing more than legend or a fairy tale to scare babes in bed at night. How did the Imperials find one?" Envoys and councillors of the seven races all had their eyes glued to the trembling lower lip of this poor Falcon.

"That is unclear," he replied, "What we do know is that it is in possession of one General Vanheim. Why the Emperor would part with his key to victory has caused many a rumour to stir."

"Edward Vanheim!" Thenna, councillor of the feline races hissed, "The scourge of my people."

"Peace Thenna," Caius growled, "There is a time and a place to reopen old wounds. Vanheim's loyalty to the Empire is absolute. Nothing will turn him from his duty to Arcadia. What does this tell us?"

The envoy of the birds spoke next, and elegant owl by the name of Ro. "The Emperor trusts this man completely and that they have little idea of how to use the Arks to their full potential."

"Exactly," replied Caius, "Messenger, tell your people they have my thanks. You have bought us much needed time." The messenger bowed then left. "We will need double the patrols on every border. Any Arcadian that gets within arrow distance of our shoreline will die, no exceptions." The Merking nodded silently before leaving. "The rest of you, inform every willing citizen that we need a continent wide search for the Arks hidden on Hellios. Ro, send messengers to your more reclusive tribes, requesting their assistance. We need to find an advantage quickly."

"Lord Caius!" another messenger shouted as he entered, "We lost contact from our landing party in the Eastern lowlands of Arcadia!"

"Our time just became shorter..."

*1000 miles to the south-west*

Feraal sat at the bar of a dingy tavern, impervious to the befuddled gazes of those around her. She had a more important goal in mind than bedding some witless human. She ordered a pint of their finest mead and asked that it be sent over to an impressively obese man in the corner of the room. As the bar maid walked out from behind the counter Feraal stuck out her foot causing the human to trip.

She fell right into a group of exceedingly drunk sailors who began pawing and clawing at her as she screamed in pain and the rest of the staff fought with the group to save her dignity. Feraal stepped lightly up, danced over to the fat man on her feather light paws. "Good entertainment tonight," she said with a dazzling smile before impaling the man's neck with a poison dart. He was dead in seconds.

Still invisible to the other tenants due to the cacophony of noise, Feraal swiped a brilliant, emerald jewel that managed to dazzle her even in the low candlelight and walked out of the tavern. The noise followed her all the way to the edge of the village.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2012, 01:50:50 AM »
"Hey, did you hear?" A drunken bear-man spoke aloud, "Another battle occured near the Trench! Those *wark*ing humans never know when to give up!"
"Come on, everyone knows that," another snorted, leaning towards the bear-man, "but that's not only thing- the rogues are turning more vicious these days. I heard the villages closer to the Trench were attacked more frequently now," he shuddered, glancing shiftily around the bar, "I hope nothing happens to our village.."

'...Well, I didn't know they were attacking that often...?' Sinkair frowned, shaking her head as she toyed with her shiny glass cup. She did not visit Hellios' villages for past month, too busy chasing down an annoying rogue demi-human thief who stole the necklace she really wanted to buy. No one, she meant no one, stole things she was negotiating to get! Smiling dreamily as she remembered how she left the annoying thief tightly tied by the ropes in the middle of no-where, Sinkair poked her glass absent-mindedly- the dazzling light around the glass was entertaining her enough for the night.

"Ms. Sinkair?"
"...?" Sinkair blinked and tilted her head, not expecting anyone to recognise her tonight, "Who..?"
"Ah, you don't remember? I once worked with you in patrols at the borders!"
"...Ohhh.. It was nice, shiny..."

The patrol guard sweated, as Sinkair focused on the completely different aspect of the said experience. That answer was enough to make the guard realise that Sinkair had recognised him, but was making fun of him instead of being serious. Still, the other guards who came along with him frowned, unsure of her identity.

"You are sure she is the same person who saved your life? Shs is just--"
"Oi, watch it!" The guard cried out, looking personally offended at his friend's question,"I told you she is easily distracted when she isn't being serious! Ms. Sinkair, how have you been?"
"Mmm.. Shiny hunting!" Sinkair smiled happily, although her eyes trailed the patrol guard who still seemed skeptical, "I just managed to hunt down annoying rogue thief who stole the necklace I wanted.. He had a lot of shiny things. Though.. Heard there's more rogues around these days--" Sinkair's tone slightly changed, her eyes suddenly completely focused on the guards, "Good for my line of business, but not for your work, I presume?"

The guards excluding the one who knew her before looked surprised at her sudden change of attitude, but the guard who recognised her shook his head, sitting down at an empty chair nearby.

"Not really- if you are searching for rogues to hunt, you should head more north, closer to the Trench," the guard remarked, waving at the barmaid to come near, "You don't plan to join in the war anytime soon, do you?"
"And give up all the shinies?" Sinkair pouted, looking rather cute- but next moment, she glanced at her glass of milk, her light blue eyes darkening with emotions, "No, the war is not my concern- my concern is what interests me most. Blood, death, pain.. I am not interested with those things.. I saw and experienced enough of them. Treasure hunting is fun.. And the rogues have interesting shinies."
"But the war is taking interesting turn I heard- Oi! No fights!"

The guard shouted once, noticing the fight the barmaid was busy attempting to stop. Many demi-humans winced and covered their ears- with their sharp sense of hearings doubled with their drunken state, the shout was loud enough to make them wince. As the fight stopped, the drunks realising the guards in the pub, the guard turned again and spoke to Sinkair conversationally.

"And that involves something- shiny," the guard grimaced at the irony of speaking in a way that Sinkair would speak, "Have you ever came across rumours or stories about jewels with magical power?"
"...Huh..." Sinkair tilted her head, frowning, "So this is not a social visit, is it? Well, I thought so- last time I heard, you were busy fighting in the war," Sinkair shrugged, glancing at the finally approaching barmaid, "I want a shot of something strong- anything strong, really-"
"-it's on me," the guard quickly interrupt, making Sinkair focus on him again, "so, anything you heard, Ms. Sinkair?"

Sinkair pouted, realising that he wasn't about to let her go easily.. Glancing at the guards who were slightly away, Sinkair measured the level of noise in the pub- no one was close enough to overhear their conversation except the guards, and considering who the guard she was talking to was, they must be trustworthy individuals..
As the barmaid brought their orders and moved away to serve other tables, Sinkair leaned against her chair and crossed her legs, tugging down her hood lower so that no one would able to see her frowning face.

"..Jewels or shiny things with magical power.. Most famous one would be the Ark of Infinity, but I doubt someone as practical as you would bother with such thing.. Even among the treasure hunters, not many believe in those legends. It's more practical for us to track down more common- and more sensible- items to find.. Not to mention the fact that many mages had been trying to recreate that thing and left around enough fakes. It's rare, but it's not impossible to come by jewels or items with magical power if you know where to look for. I did hear rumours about humans trying to locate Ark of Fire-" Sinkair scoffed, her voice full of dark amusement, "Those idiotic researchers, according to my sources, had help of the Arcadia's government.. Fools. I haven't heard anything about them recently- either they all got killed by Arcadia after actually found that thing, or just hit with all dead-ends. Either way, it's better if they don't find that now.. I doubt Arcadia's higher-ups would leave that kind of powerful object in the hands of the researchers."
"The Ark of Fire is already in hands of the Arcadians," the guard remarked, raising his own glass to hide his grimace, "half of my comrades were burnt to ashes with its flame.. I had displeasure of witnessing Vanheim of Arcadia using its power with my own eyes."
"..." Sinkair gave a look at the guard who kept his stoic expression, then sighed, "Well, that's unfortunate.. But if you want to know, according to legends that do say that Ark of Fire was left at the Arcadia's territory, all of them say that Ark of Wind was hidden at the opposite place.. Or so I heard."
"You are saying that Ark of Wind is in our land?"

Sinkair lowered her head. She heard rumors.. Nothing solid, nothing perfect. These kind of occuasions annoyed her endlessly.. Poking at the guard's forehead, and making his ears twitch with annoyance, Sinkair pouted, her voice suddenly childish.

"I hear things, but whether they are truthful or not- that's always in question. If you want facts, go find scholars and researchers! Well, off you strut, mister! If I find anything, I will let you know."
"You aren't going to help us much, are you?" the guard raised an eyebrow, his ears twitching again, "you are impossible, Ms. Sinkair. How much?"
"Don't bother," Sinkair answered, shrugging, "you would have gotten same information from anyone else who has enough contacts. But if I were you, I would try asking around mer-folk legends about Ark of Water," Sinkair tilted her head, her earring catching the light as it slipped out of her hood, "the Arks, supposedly, releases their power continuously and affects the nature unless someone, or something is suppressing or using the power. Fire burns, wind blows- water flows. Strong, clean, unchanging source of water, or current... I think mer-folks would know, unless it's located deep in the Arcadia. I will let you know if I do come across anything solid-" Sinkair scoffed, her voice sarcastic, "well, as you oh-so-elegantly put it, the Arks are shinies.."

With that remark, Sinkair stood up and walked out of the pub-- and the guard barked out a laughter, shaking his head with exasperation as other guards approached.

"Well, well, Sinkair Ira Zephyrus, she hasn't changed at all.."
"..Captain Kaeda Anima, is she always like that?"
"What, not being serious, or being sarcastic?"
"...What about both?"
"Well," the canine captain shook his head, emptying his own glass of alcholic beverage, "She just has her own twisted sense of humor.. Even if she acted like she wouldn't do anything for us, those information she gave was probably all she knew about them at the moment," the captain chuckled, looking amused, "And now with solid evidence that the Arks are not just fairytales.. With that curiousity border-lining obssession, she would try to find them by herself- although she would back off immediately if she feels its too risky. Not to mention that she is quite reliable and wouldn't want to keep such a dangerous thing with her.. We should inform Lord Caius about what we have got.. Let's move- Oi!" Captain Kaeda smirked playfully, "No alcholic beverages on duty!"

The guards protested, their answering voices equally playful.

"You just drank as well!"
"Not fair, Captain Kaeda!"
"I drank because I was having a chat with Sinkair, what's your excuses?" Captain Kaeda chuckled, shaking his head, "I was joking, but come on- we should go back to our camp and send messenger to Lord Caius."

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2012, 02:37:18 PM »
OoC: Yes, I want in on the action! Kainy, explanation below for you.

She coughed as she blew away the dust from the tome. "Another big one.".  The candles flickered and a gust of wind blew inside. The door opened. "Alice?" a voice exclaimed. "What is it now, Tobias. It was just starting to get interesting!" Alive whined.
"It's the Five, they want to speak with you.." the young Mreaster said. Alice turned her head around, making her hair swirl over her shoulder. "It looks like you'll have to wait, big friend." she caressed the tome before her on the oak table.

Alice reached for her bow and quiver, securing it on her back and stood up, now facing Tobias. "Please, go first" she signed. The footsteps echoed through the hollow library as they both walked towards the exit. The light shined too bright for Alice her eyes to comprehend. Has it been this long that she's seen the light of day? Holding her arm before her eyes, Tobias opened the large gate-like door, fully enlightening the insides of the hallway.

Her eyes finally started to adjust, she looked down from this high place. The library was located on this steep mountain, to ensure no treasure hunter from human kind could reach it. From this high, she could see the green forest grounds change into he desert like outskirts, but it was about a three hour flight away. The waterfall roared as it rushed downwards. "Ready?" Tobias shouted, Alice nodded, her face still worried about the sun's light. Tobias dived forward. A few seconds later, she did the same. Her view was spectacular, the rocks and trees grew bigger with the second. Her eyes could now see the details from far away, her clan's village. She spread her wings, making her angled flight horizontal. A few wing beats later she was balanced and stationary again. "Always the daring one, aren't you?" Tobias said with a grin. Alice answered the question with a gust from her white wings, throwing Tobias off balance. She started sniggering.

They both started to decent into the village. After landing, a group of local birdling children started to gather around them, cheering and what not. Alice enjoyed the company, lifting the little Celine of the ground. "Ah, stop it!" Celine said with a scared voice. 'Put me dow-hown!" she whined. Alice laughed and placed the birdling on the ground. "That's no way to look at the sky, how could you fly with the fear of falling." Alice laughed, Celine frowned a bit. "Alice, Alice! How was is up there?" Celine asked in high interest. The children started to chatter in chaos. "Yeah, Alice, Yeah, whats it like!" was the general thought between them. The chaos overwhelmed her.

"Alice, stop playing with those kids! We have work to do." Tobias said with a temper. Alice sighed. "Kids, another time, this one says we have work to do.". They started to walk away from the center of town. "Alice, you really should start to act like your age. You're an of age Dove, purist in kind." Alice sighed again. "Dove this, responsibility that. Come on! We're Featherfolk, we're more free then almost anybody else and what do we do? Exactly, nothing."
"Well.. after the war.."
"You don't have to tell me anything about the war! If anyone knows the most, it's me!"
Tobias looked her in the eyes. "Well, it does not matter now. Alice, will you go inside?" The large structure in front of them was a temple. It was carved out from the rock that stood here long ago. The detail in it was magnificent. The white marble was a jewel in this region, to think a whole building could be build out of it.

Inside was even more spectacular. The spiral staircase had a beautiful flow into it, the floor reflected the ceiling that was painted over with a spectacular sky. It had many rooms, the chance that refugees came by where great in the time of its build, but the most interesting room was upstairs, the Council room. The Five spend half of their days there 'counseling', Alice was skeptical about that.

Tobias walked up the stairs, Alice followed without talking. She focused on his wings. The white glow went down to the tips, which where gray. Only the Mreast had this.

The room contained a marble round table that was attached to the floor, it was carved out this way. Five men were seated there, all of them shared characteristics of each other. The five were brother by blood, sons, made by the marriage between the Breh and the Mreast. Long before this village was made, the Breh and Mreast were enemies from each other. A treaty made a stop to it. This was long ago. Since then, they've lived together. Children born from the blood of both families were supposed to bring luck, they show the bond we created since our little stopped.

"Magisters, as you asked, I've brought Alice with me."
"Please, sit." the man in the middle said. His dark beard made him different from the rest of his brothers.
"I prefer the stand, Magister." Alice spoke back
"Sit." he repeated. Alice removed the bow from her back and handed it over to Tobias. He bowed to the Five and stepped backwards.

Five brothers, Marshel, Maverick, Bernhard, Binter and Brom. Brom was the eldest, the man of tactics, the leader. All of them have a history. Mashel was a huntsman, Maverick a smith, Bernhard a mason, Binter a craftsman and Brom was the squire of his father. Nothing important about this, it's just the chaos that went through Alice her head. She stared at Brom's rough brown beard. It was getting more grey with the years.

"I'm sorry to ask, but why am I here." she spoke.
"Shortly, some terrible news has reached our ears."

"And this has to do with me, because.."
"Please, let us finish. I'll get to the point. The Ark of Fire has been discovered at the other side of the Trench."

Alice's eyes grew somewhat bigger, her interest grew. "The legends.." she mumbled.
"Yes, the legend. The legends seem to be true. This can bring chaos to our town, so please, restrain yourself from sharing this with the rest." Alice nodded. "But.. I.. What is my part in this?"

OoC: Kainy, the Five aren't important NPC's, later, contact will only go through Brom. His history can be of interest. Same goes for the girl Celine, she's not important, but someone else who's not introduced is. Tobias, he is worthy for your topic.
As you can read, Alice is of the 'Dove' type.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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"I heard there was another fight just now."

The voice startled Petyr, sitting at the edge of the windowsill. The shock almost caused him to fall out, although he managed to grasp the edge of the window with his arm. His right hand had reflexively found its way to the hilt of the dagger strapped onto his side.

"Don't startle me like that, Lyria" he said, annoyed. "People knock for a reason."

"But the door's open."

Lyria Greyfang approached Petyr with her usual cheeky smile. Her blonde hair and brown eyes glistened in the evening sun, in stark contrast to Petyr's dark hair and light eyes. She and her brother were hunting on the outskirts of the village when they had found him outside this small, peaceful settlement bordered by vast green steppes to the north and the vast blue of the Trench to the south. She has since then been his fifteen-year old younger sister and accompanies Petyr in his hunts from time to time.

Petyr has been most grateful to the Greyfangs; while it pains him to admit this, in the short two years that he has lived in their care, he knows them better than his own birth family. They have accepted him regardless of his history and the hostile glances thrown at their house by other villagers from time to time. His silence on his past have spawned some dark rumors, which fly around the village like a flock of seagulls (none of which sadly stray too far from the truth), and at times he could still feel animosity in the air even after two years of being in the village. But as far as he was concerned, everyone had every right to feel that way.

"So, you had some news for me just now," Petyr said. "Arcadians?"

Lyria nodded. "Yeah, just a few hours ago earlier around noon."

"Word sure travels fast around here," Petyr sighed.

"Yeah, but that's probably because the Lord General has decided to try out his new toy. He unleashed hell upon them... quite literally. I'd heard that those men were burnt to a crisp."

"Well, *Bleep* those Arcadians," Petyr growled. "I can taste the war turning sour very soon. Hellios must either be planning a major attack, or if not they must at least have fortified their defenses at the borders. The power of the Arks is a force to be reckoned with..."

"If only they would all burn themselves to death with it," Lyria interrupted. "... Is what you're thinking right now, isn't it?"

Petyr chuckled. "I really do hope so. This is strange for an Arcadian to say, but I pray every night that the Hellios will be successful in finding their Arks and destroy this filthy Empire and all the rotten officials who serve under it."

Petyr stood up from the edge of the window. He walked over to his table, yanked the drawer open and grabbed a bunch of vials filled with a clear liquid. He shoved the vials into his hunting pack and grabbed his stash of throwing daggers from another drawer underneath it.

"I'm going for a hunt. I'll bring a nice deer back for you and Fernis," Petyr said. "Speaking of Fernis, when does he get back, anyway? He seems to be rather busy lately."

"Fernis should be back around sundown. With the war and the tensions in the air, there's been a high demand for equipment, particularly swords. Most are probably mercenaries looking for some profit out of all this fighting. Others are treasure hunters looking for the one remaining Ark on Arcadia and other treasure," Lyria explained. The thought of the war made her depressed, so she abruptly attempted to switch the subject with the first thing that came into her mind, although that next subject wasn't that much more cheerful either. "By the way, Petyr, you haven't gone out for a hunt this week... how are you feeling? Any contracts lately?"

"I'm fine... but I do need to feed the devil," Petyr muttered. "There haven't been any contracts... at least not from anyone outside the village. The other day I received one, but my target was some important council member of the Fishermen's Guild. Of course I rejected it. Wouldn't want to cause any trouble in this village, otherwise the villagers might just snap and hand me over to the Empire on a silver platter."

Lyria backed away. She could sense the mild tone of anger in his voice, which was only the very beginning of what would happen if he hadn't "fed the devil" for weeks. Once upon a time, there was a particularly stormy season where it rained fire and ice every day of the week. Petyr hadn't gone on his hunt in about two or three weeks. He began shrieking, throwing all sorts of books, weapons, and other things around his room and one night, he entered into an enormous argument with Fernis. Lyria didn't witness it, but she was genuinely terrified. She could have sworn she was this close to losing one of her brothers. The argument, fortunately, did not end disastrously, but Petyr disappeared for two nights. When he returned, he had thankfully calmed down and returned to his usual self.

"Alright then, brother, take care. Try for the white-horned stag if you see one; Fernis alwayss go crazy over the meat," Lyria chuckled. The white-horned stag had the most tender and flavorful meat of all deers in Arcadia, and they are only sighted in the south. No one would even find them near the capital, especially with all the violence that has battered the surrounding lands. Selling their meat to the capital is arguably one of the most profitable ways of living.

"Thanks, Lyria. I'll be back," Petyr replied as he disappeared from the hallway.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2012, 04:45:52 PM »
The ocean winds blew salty air across the decks of the Arcadian ships. Isaac stood on the leading ship, eyes closed as he focused on the work of the golems around him.
When the Arcadians had first tried to cross the Trench, the Merfolk had been waiting. Many men died. The golems could change things. They stood along the edges of each ship, a cross between sentinel and cannon, and fired into the depths at any aggressor that dared approach.
Isaac sighed and left the golems to their duty. If the Merfolk had found the Ark of Water then this fight would not have been so simple. The Ark must still be hidden.

Isaac sensed another golem approaching. It could only be Cilia. He could see his own back through her eyes, she glanced to the side and he saw the terrified captain beside her.

"Captain, how can I help you?" Isaac asked, before turning and bowing. "The war golems clearly cause you some measure of discomfort, I doubt you would be up her with them without a reason."

The captain cleared his throat and answered, "We have been asked of our progress. In truth, we are behind schedule, the golems weigh the ship down more than we expected. We will likely arrive tomorrow. I am afraid the golems will have to watch the seas for another night."

As the captain waited for an answer, every second golem on each the ships suddenly jumped overboard, hitting the water with a loud splash and causing the boats to jump from the change in weight.
"Now we can arrive tonight, and I suspect the Merfolk will be too busy now to bother us." Isaac replied.

"You just cut the invading force in half!" The captain yelled in fury, "You were paid well for those golems, when the generals hear of this-"

"They are not gone. They are merely underwater. They don't breathe and water takes quite some time to destroy stone. The will arrive tomorrow as you said and then they will reinforce our landing party. I spent  a great deal of time making them, I will not cast them aside so easily." Isaac retorted, cutting the captain off.

"V-very well then, but you should still consult with a real military officer before splitting the forces." The captain responded, trying to sound dignified, before stepping back below decks."



"It is time you left. The bookstore in the city at the foot of the Iskandar. You claimed its owner had a rare text on the Order of the Grey and the Arks. Based on that pillar of fire and smoke over there, I suspect the General has played his hand. The world knows the Arks are not a myth. The price on that book will soon be blood, so move quickly."

"Very well, Sir. You mean to attack the Iskandar? Shall I wait in the town for your arrival?"

"That pillar of light is the bane of our airships. The Featherfolk will control the skies so long as the crystal at the summit can shoot our ships down. We will destroy it and take the Demi-human's last advantage from them. Return to me when you have the book. Remaining would be less suspicious, but I would rather no one had the chance to steal it from you."

Cilia nodded. Grand white wings sprouted from her back and she took off into the sky.
Isaac watched her leave, and viewed the land ahead through her eyes. The war and the return of the Ark coinciding was less than convenient but he suspected that was fate's hand in all this. Where the two nations warred there would be the Ark, so for the Ark to return, there would have to be war.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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“An army of stone soldiers have managed to punch a hole through our defences,” the Merking told the council, his voice rife with concern, “They have begun their march into the settlement of Iskandar. We will be unable to detect their ships for a hundred miles in either direction if it falls.”

“Thenna,” Caius said, “Ready you’re most skill assassins. I will take a small raiding party and draw their attention. Get into position and repel them from the town.” He turned back to the Merking. “Feign a retreat around the beaches of Iskandar and wait until they drop their guard before burning their ships.” Thenna and the Merking both nodded before rising and exiting the council chambers. Caius turned to his assistant. “Have our mages begin drawing up a teleportation sigil.”

“High Councillor,” Ro began, “The Featherfolk bring news. An ancient and most reclusive clan has recently been stolen from. Among the items was an emerald that shone brighter than the noonday sun.”

“Ro, reach your point swiftly please,” Caius growled.

“Our scholars believe it to be the Ark of Air,” he said simply.

Caius sat back down and thought for a moment. “Good work, trace it’s path as best you can. Have Rangoh and his Lizard spies help you if more close quarters spy work is required. I will return when we have defended or retaken Iskandar.”

Caius picked up his shining broad axe and strode from the chambers.
Feraal threw the emerald across her employer’s desk.

“Impressive,” the broad-chested, black-haired human said, “Was it difficult to acquire?”

She audibly snorted at this question. Feraal was only sent the toughest jobs and most extreme assassinations. This particular one was pedestrian compared to others over the past year.

Joeny touched the gem and began to roar in agony. He flailed and thrashed about the desk before being catapulted backwards across the room.

Feraal rushed over to check his breathing and his pulse. Both were non-existent. “This should be interesting,” she thought, drawing her daggers and darts before leaping lithely into the ceiling as a dozen of Joeny’s bouncers lumbered into the room.

“Master Joeny!” one called in a dull, stupid tone, “Master Joeny?!” He spotted the limp figure of Joeny and rushed over. When he realised his master was dead, he yelled, “Search the building, the assassin is here!”

“Stupid ape,” Feraal thought, “The assassin is a jewel.” She shot two darts at the guards at the door, dropped down and skewered two more cronies facing away from her. Sensing movement from behind, she ducked under a vicious swipe from a sword and impaled another unwitting brute on it. She darted and weaved around the room, carving the bodies of her former employer, until only one face remained; Mace, leader of Joeny’s entourage. “This is for my childhood,” she whispered in his ear. Feraal cut off his testicles before stabbing him in the stomach; a very painful way to die. She swiped the emerald off of Joeny’s desk and made a swift get-away.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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Leon and his four companions were huddled in a cave in the hills overlooking the Hellios city Iskandar. They were waiting for an Arcadian attack that was supposed to occur any day now but after more than two weeks hiding they were starting to get restless. They had very little to do since they couldn’t risk being spotted by Beastman or Featherfolk patrols. Getting caught behind enemy lines would be very bad.

“Come on,” Steeg groaned. “How much longer are we going to have to wait? We’ve been sitting here forever! When are we gonna see some action?”

“It’s been a fortnight you big brute,” Valeria growled at the huge, muscular Northlander.

“And you’ve been complaining non-stop since we arrived,” Dimitri added.

Valeria Astal was the daughter of a prominent Arcadian noble and the niece of General Bartholomew Astal. She was also a very dangerous swordswoman. Dimitri Rozenmarc came from a family of frontline soldiers and was very skilled with a spear. While they argued constantly with each other, and Steeg the Barbarian, there was none better Leon would rather have beside him in a fight. The last member of the group was the fair young woman named Elisa Rivers. Much like Leon, she was an orphan with magical ability, but rather than a combat mage, Elisa was a healer and a Summoner.

Leon stood at the mouth of the cave, half watching the city and half listening to his friends bicker. Elisa came up to him and smiled.

“You seem tense,” she said.

“Who? Me?” Leon laughed. “No way, just a little bored is all. I’m actually looking forward to a little excitement.”

“We’ll certainly get that,” Elise replied, looking out at the city. “It’s very beautiful isn’t it? Pity all this is about to be destroyed.”

“Yeah,” Leon sighed.

“Do we know what kind of force the Empire’s going to deploy?”

“No clue,” Leon said. “But I’m guessing it won’t be hard to miss. The strategic value of this city is enormous. Even if we just destroy it, it’ll leave the Hellios military blind in this area and give us a beachhead.”

“What about our orders?” Elise asked after a few minutes. “We’re to push through the city to the archives? Why?”

“The top brass wants something called the ‘Ark of Infinity’, whatever that is,” Leon answered. “There’s supposed to be information about it in the city, maybe even the Ark itself.”

“The Ark of Infinity was broken into five pieces over a thousand years ago,” Valeria said, standing up. “The legends say it was some ultimate power that was too dangerous so a group of wizards split it and scattered the fragments over Era. The fragments are supposed to be really powerful on their own.”

“Whatever they are,” Leon continued. “Apparently, Captain Marciel got his hands on one of these Arks, although General Vanheim has it now. Our orders are to find any information about the Arks and make sure it survives the battle and reaches the General’s hands, before anyone else.”

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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"Visit the High Council? Join the upcoming war?" She sounded worried "Yes indeed, my child."
Alice tried to understand what was said to her. The word 'war' scared her.
"Again, why me?" her face showed a strange kind of confusion. "You are the only one here with enough knowledge about The Ark and all its legends." The Ark was being constructed again. Last time.. Alice tried to forget what she was thinking. "You'll be of good use there. The Council will inform you with everything. For now, rest." Alice nodded to Brom's words and stood up. She bowed, turned around and started to walk out of the room. "Before I go, Magister." she stopped for a second. "What are you intending to do with The Ark, when in your possession?" Alice turned her head around. "Use it, of course." With this in her head, she walked away.

Now outside, Alice started to enjoy the weak gusts of wind that past her whole body. She closed her eyes, the sun was still hurting her eyes. "Your bow." Tobias handed over the beautifully constructed longbow. Its brown wood looked smooth and without scratches, except for the carvings. "They've told me you have one day until departion. The Townsfolk already started to gather resources for your trip. Again, utmost importance that you-" Alice interrupted him.
"Don't talk about the Ark, something something. I know!"

"Well then, shall we?" Tobias asked. "Shall we what? Not more politics I hope!" Tobias started to smile. "No, this is surely something more fun for both of us. Minotaurs are roaming on the east side of the mountain, we'll send some fear into them." Alice started to stretch her wings, same with her arms. She moaned a bit of pleasure. "It's still morning, isn't it? Well then, shall we?"
Wasn't that what I.. never mind, let's find some Minotaur to hunt." Tobias started to ascent into the sky.

A minute later, the mountain was already in reach. "Do you know how many?" Alice asked. "I'm not sure, probably seven, maybe more. Scouts. Why?" Alice let of a grin. "I wanted to know on how much fun I was depending.". She accelerated, leaving Tobias behind her back. His view was quite.. peculiar. "Tobias, come on! This girl needs action!"

The Bullmen were marching up towards the hill. They were scouts for sure, since their numbers were low. "This could be interesting." Alice thought to herself. She dived downwards, getting in range for the first attack. Tobias unsheathed his blade. It was a silver sword. It reflected light and broke it into blue and green, from different angles it looked magical. The sword was made of a Adamantal metal, it was rare, but gathereble around here. Alice reached out for two arrows and secured it into her bow. As she stretched the cord, she lowered it. "Hey brutes!" she shouted to the Minotaurs. "Alice.." Tobias growled and her dived quickly to the fiends below. "Please, reacquaint yourselves with our forest rules. Keep out." she aimed and shot the two arrows. They were filled with elastic energy and with impact, launched one Minotaur backwards. It cried in pain.

Tobias was already in reach and swung his sword, making a wound through the leather armour of the beast. One tried to attack him from behind, but an arrow was already destined for him. It hit him in the back, making him die instantly. She aimed again, hitting the arm of another, Tobias finished him by piercing the sword through his stomach.

"Three down.. now this one.." Alice already prepared the next arrow, it hit the shoulder of the already wounded Minotaur, it now fell on the ground. The remaining three now fled into the woods. Alice descended, all this flying started to ask from her. She hit ground. Two of the Minotaurs were still alive, Tobias walking up to the one most near, and struck the sword through his torso, a quick death.

The last one coughed some blood up, he almost drowned into it. Alice walked up to him, pushing him on its side with her foot. The two arrow stuck out of his torso, it wounded him badly. "Tell me, you knew this wouldn't work. Why still do it." Alice said while shaking with her head. The Minotaur growled. "War's coming!" It coughed and died shortly after that. "Word is spreading fast. Alice, we should head home." Alice broke off the feathers from the arrows, who knows when she'll let some other fall.

She flapped her wings and started to depart from this location. They reached familiar territory again, the library. "Tobias, please go on without me, I have some business to finish here. Tobias agreed and went of on his own. Alice landed on the little platform and walked into the faintly lightened corridor. The tome on the oak table was untouched. She opened it, the book gave a squeaking sound of the ages. "Four elements, one to bind them together. I know this story, but the detail in this one.. Two in each region.. Fire in Arcadia. Stable in the hand of.. what's this? Tincediara? Is this elvhen?"

She started to read further on the next page.  "A metal from the holy mountains in Arcadia.. but which one.. Properties.. Discovered by the Order of Gray? It's.. This is the only metal than can harvest the power safely. Why is it never mentioned in the others?" Alice rubbed of the dust on the side, making the book title visible. "Arcium Omiamus.. Everything about the old Arcadium.. this.." She ripped out some of the pages and secured it into her pouch. "Off I go then.."

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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OoC: Yes, yes. Even I'm still part of it ;P

The day was clear and Darhin was trying to find his way through the mountains.
"I've been here before, about three times. I'm not lost. I'm never lost!" he thought to himself. "Maybe if I go this way down.. It must be it!" A path revealed before him. "Finally.. "
He walked down on it, he focused on the distance, where he saw the great plains of Arcadia.

After walking downwards on the path for a few minutes, he discovered a trail of blood. His curiousity took over and he followed the trail. It lead him to a tree with a motionless wolfling laying underneath it.
It  was young, not older than the age of fourteen, he wore some kind of light metal armor, helmetless and without arm protectors. Only the chainmail chestplate was on him

The wolf looked much like a normal Demi-human. His claws were evolved into those that easily could handle a sword. The wolfling let of a sign of life, it coughed and moaned as the sun was burning him. The tree couldn't be his shelter for ever.
Darhin walked towards him, he inspected all the wound it had. Blood flowed from his side and bruises covered his arm.

Darhin made a quick fire of the dry wood he collected and a self made flint and tinder. The flame felt warm, he slowly held his dagger in the flame until it was faintly glowing red from the heat. He held his dagger against the wound, to scorche it and make the bleeding stop. The wolf growled and whined, but his body was too weak to react.
"It's getting dark. Boy, you'll be fine." he said to himself.

The next morning the wolf woke up noticing that his energy returned. His side still hurt though.
"G'morning" Darhin said while he sharpened his blade. The sound killed the wolf, as his' hearing was more developed then Human ones. "Tell me, what's this with you. A wolf, all alone in this abandoned place. Explain. "I.. I was abandoned by my master.. I managed to gather some junk armour. I fought with.. I'm not sure. Beyond this.. I can't remember.." The silence was filled with the sound of Darhin's sharpening. The wolf reached for his side, the rough surface felt weird between his soft fur. "How.. did you heal me?" Darhin said nothing. He stopped sharpening his blade and put it back in his sheath. He equipped the sword on his back.

"That's not important. I'm off now, so you'll be on you're own now. Take care." He turned around and walked away towards the path.
"Wait! " the wolf exclaimed. "Sir, sir! You can't leave me here! Even better, I'm in your dept!"
Darhin stopped and sighed as he looked back at the young wolf. "Alright then, you've hit my soft spot.  Darhin is my name. Yours?" he asked.

"Well, my name is Collin. I've been born as a slave, like many others of my kind." he bowed. "Well then Collin, can you fight?" Collin coughed. "I think I can handle a bow." Darhin laughed about his reply. "Think? Haha! Boy, we're going to have lots of fun."


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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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"..You are sure about this? Iskandar?"
"It ain't like I would lie, c'on.. How long have we known each other?"
"2 years, not long enough, but the longest period for the informants I haven't killed yet" Sinkair snorted, glancing at the so-called lastest news from black market, "And Joeny is dead? Good. I never liked him."
"Hey, it ain't like you ever met him!"
"Had to deal enough with his agents, they are *wark*ing idiots," Sinkair retorted and returned to the papers, shaking her head, "Bounty on the assassin.. Feraal? A kitty.. She took a bright stone-.. Oh."

Sinkair stopped in mid-sentence, looking through the reports. The information moved fast among the people who spent enough, especially with sigils and featherfolks.. ..And this one would be quite important. Picking up the information on Joeny's so-called killer (can they even call her killer when a stone killed him?), Sinkair took all the papers and turned, ignoring surprised yelp from behind.

"Huh? Hey! Sinkair! I need those! Which papers are you taking-"
"Don't get involved in this one," Sinkair answered, stopping only at the door, "you will get killed."
"...Get killed, as in I-am-going-to-kill-you, involving those shinies of yours.." The fox-man stood, his voice sly, "or get killed, as in with you and- Ouch!"
"...*sigh*" Sinkair turned, glancing at fox-man who was going down on knees, one of her dagger's scabbard accurately hitting his privates, "get killed, as in the High Council's assassins involved," Sinkair poked at the fox-man's ear which was twitching in pain, "and for the last time.. Fox, when they can, kills birds and eat them.. I am not interested in getting devoured. I am a Rook.. And we don't get eaten easily. Try harder, and I will pay you next time I visit- Vulpe Vermilus."

As Sinkair cheerfully skipped away, Vulpe irritably twitched his tail and leaned against the wall, not bothering to stand up. He was shaking his head, glancing at the copy of the papers Sinkair took.

"...Ah, *wark*.. She hits as hard as usual.. But, the High Council? ..Don't tell me she is working for them again..?" Vulpe rubbed his chin, sighing, "Hurts.. She is not a Rook, she should be a *wark* Carrion Crow.. Those harass even foxes and larger birds of prey to get their kills. For a smaller bird, she sure knows how to get her share.. Feisty.."
"Eh- M- Mister Vermilus? The guests are here-"
"Tell them to wait," Vulpe snapped, glaring at the poor employee, "what's your name?"
"C-Cardin, mister!"
"Well, Cardin.." Vulpe gave a sly look, standing up and beginning to hide all his throwing daggers in his person, "I am going to be AWOL (absent without leave), you will not report this to anyone until 3 hours later!"
"What? W-wait, sir!!"

Dashing out of the Treasure and Bounty Hunter Centre building, Vulpe smirked- he enjoyed running off from his duty time to time (despite the fact that he was in charge of the region's branches in Hellios), not to mention his not-so-secret, although most think it's just act, crush on Sinkair. It wouldn't do for his crush to die in accident, right?
With another glance at his papers, Vulpe ran towards the South-west gate of the city- knowing Sinkair, she would be heading towards the city Iskandar to get more information on that feline assassin's movement, not at all bothered by possible dangers, not to mention that city would have enough mages to create teleportation sigils. Treasure and Bounty Hunters lived dangerously- and there always are mages who would be willing to remain behind to get more money for creating sigils in the middle of siege.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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It wasn't until Lyria reminded him of Arcadia's possession of the Ark of Fire when Petyr began to seriously consider the possibility of escaping to Hellios.

It was a thought which had always existed in his mind, buried at the very depths of his consciousness only to surface when something reignited his hatred of this nation, like moths attracted to light. He may have been born on Arcadian soil with Arcadian blood, but the only thing the Empire ever gave to him was despair, and nothing else. The only things that could have given him happiness were forcibly taken away from him. The Empire killed his family twelve years ago and it pained him to think that the faces of his true parents had considerably faded in his memory. Since he was so little back then, he did not quite know why they were taken away from him, but they probably did something against the Empire's interests. They could possibly have tried to prevent another Great War and spoke against the utterly mad search for the Arks. Or they did something else that was contrary to the Empire's agenda. Either way, they must have done something of the sort, because these were the kinds of things that got people killed... at his hands, of course. At the order of the Empire. It was what they used to say. "He did this, kill his children... she did that, burn her mansion... he did that, bring me his head..." was all he used to hear, sounds of murder which used to resonate all over his mind, like ripples of water in a pond, until it overpowered his senses, and the demon told him to submit.

"Darn it, Petyr, get over yourself," he thought to himself. The demon was hungry, and this made him more aggressive both in thoughts and in behavior. It was something which had constantly irritated and haunted him throughout his life, especially since he fled from the clutches of the Empire; the instant he stopped murdering people, he realized truly how much the demon thirsted for blood and the rush some people experience when being Death itself. It has worried his mother and father, Lyria and Fernis, for sure. The last time the demon overpowered him, perhaps a little under a year ago, he lost himself... and he imagined he had almost lost Fernis. Fortunately, none of that happened; if it did, he would most likely be out in the wild again as a fugitive of the Empire. From that day on, he resolved to conquer the devil; the evil Arcadia had implanted within him, so that such things will never occur.

Petyr's mind jumped back to reality when he heard a faint rustle in the bushes. The Sun was going down and the deer only hunts in daylight, so he'd better move quickly. He began to approach the source of the sound, walking very carefully so as to not crush any dry leaves or snap any fallen twigs on the floor of the woods. He listened more carefully, opening his ears to the quietest hums in the forest and noticed a sound of leaves being torn away from their branches. Its rhythm was irregular, but he was sure that his prey was having its last meal.

As he tiptoed over to several meters away from a small stream, he saw it. The white-horned stag, joyfully eating the leaves from a patch of shrubs, unaware of the peril that awaited it. Petyr crept closer towards the creature, hiding within the approaching darkness of the evening and shadows of the trees, just like the panther. Yes, panther... it was one of his many nicknames back in the capital, although his employers preferred the term "housecat" or "rat-chaser" or "pest-hunter" and other relatively vile nicknames. When he reached throwing distance, he quietly retrieved his daggers and swiftly launched them off his fingers towards the unsuspecting deer. The creature wheezed as the two knives penetrated its hide, but in its wounded state it immediately attempted to gallop away into safety. Petyr hissed in irritation and a small green sigil lighted up at the back of his left hand as he conjured a strong gust of wind in the deer’s direction in an attempt to halt its escape. As soon as the gust dissipated, Petyr pounced onto his prey like a hungry panther and ended its misery with a slash to the throat.


“This tastes so good,” Fernis exclaimed unintelligibly with a full mouth as he chewed on the deer, sitting down at the front pavilion with Petyr at his side. He was five years older than Petyr, a broad-shouldered man who, although not particularly large, had a strong and sturdy build after many years of smithing, hunting and being part of the village watch. The years of working in the smithery combined with Ashval’s scorching summers had darkened his skin slightly and he had eyes that matched his sister’s, though his hair was a slightly darker brown than Lyria’s blonde. He and Lyria were fairly well-educated despite their humble upbringing, which made them luckier than many of Lyria’s age who were illiterate.

“I heard there’s been a lot of work,” Petyr said. “You’ve been coming home late.”

Fernis nodded. “Lots of mercenaries and treasure hunters buying swords and armor from us lately. It’s strange that the Empire even needs sellswords, seeing that they already have the Ark of Fire. I passed by the tavern today and apparently the Lord General reduced a bunch of Hellios troops to ashes with it. As for the treasure hunters, they are probably scattered across this half of the continent looking for the other Ark. After all, the Empire might just reward them handsomely for their efforts.”

“Idiots. Not many can handle the power of the Arks... I’m not quite sure what the other Ark is or what it does, but it probably won’t let some common treasure hunter touch it without ripping him to a thousand pieces,” Petyr groaned. “I just hope the fighting doesn’t move further south. Ashval is far too close to the border already and I don’t want it to become a battlezone.”

“Indeed. The men here are already feeling the terror and doubling up the defenses around the coast. The village watch requires me more than they ever have, and I hear they’re even encouraging some of our men to fight as mercenaries against the Hellios. I don’t know if it’s patriotism or if they just want to end the war. I really just want to end the war,” Fernis sighed. “The Empire might not know this, but it’s really the small commoners who suffer from all this bloodshed.”

“You mustn’t leave Ashval, brother. Lyria, father and mother needs you. The village needs you,” Petyr said. The question which he had buried at the back of his mind began to surface towards the tip of his tongue, and when he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, he blurted it out.

“I wonder if there’s a way to cross over to Hellios.”

Fernis stopped and fixed his gaze on Petyr with a frown that questioned his sanity. “Surely you jest. Anyone who steps foot on the sands of Hellios is likely to be greeted by a storm of arrows. You are no exception, Petyr. No matter how fast you are, they will hunt any Arcadian down. The Imperial ships have fared better now that they have golems, but you can’t just sneak into any Imperial ship.”

Petyr moved closer to Fernis and looked straight into his eyes. “Brother, please,” he paused. “You know how much I hate this nation. Ashval, this little dot on the bloody map is just about my favorite place in this goddamned Empire.”

“Petyr, what is it that you want? Everyone knows how much you loathe Arcadia, but what are you going to do about it? You’re my little brother now, and I want you to know that revenge won’t get you anywhere,” Fernis growled.

“I know!” Petyr snarled, “But I have questions, and questions require answers. Answers I have to tear out of the Imperials’ throats if I have to. I can’t simply do this from here. They are still looking for me. They have even looked here. I don’t want to further jeopardize any of-.”

“Petyr,” Fernis interrupted. “This is war. Everyone is jeopardized... if you are really still considering this, I cannot help you. I don’t support it at all, but in the end I cannot stop you either,” he paused, hesitated for a moment, and whispered, “If you are truly so persistent, I will take you to Kailen. The port town, just a little bit to the west. But that’s as far as I go. You have to either find your own way, or forget about it and come back.”

Petyr’s face lighted up with the news. All the Greyfangs have always been opposed to his reckless idea of venturing into enemy territory, but none harbored personal hatred for the demi-humans. As Fernis said, all commoners want is for this needless conflict to end.

“Thanks, Fernis. I knew I could always count on you.”

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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The golems helped to bring the other ships ashore as Isaac stepped off onto the sand. The Merfolk had responded strangely to the golems jumping into the water. The fight should have been to their advantage but they had fled all the same. Being caught between the Merfolk and the town's defenses could prove difficult, but the golems beneath the water would not surface for another few hours. The Merfolk would be at a disadvantage if the arrived before then and would be easier to repel after.

The front lines of golems began to march toward the city at an unspoken command and the rest began to fall in line behind them, raising their arms to point toward the town.


Burst of light flew from the hands of the golems, flying towards the town. At this range they would do little damage but the intention was fear, and to signal the other Imperial troops, wherever they were. Hopefully, Cilia was long gone by now.


Cilia folded her wings in as she landed in the street. She had assumed the form of one of the Featherfolk, an older woman with a snobbish, icy cold glare. Certainly the type to travel so far for a history book.
As she walked down the street in search of the store, Cilia was struck by the number of people still wandering the streets. The boats would not land for a few more hours, but surely they must have known. The advancing forces were not exactly being quiet. She was torn away from her thoughts as she saw the sign for the bookstore.

Inside, Cilia had to maneuver between untidy stacks of books to reach the counter where an older man watched her with feline eyes. His beard had grown long, and the tufts of hair form his cat-like ears extended so far that his head appeared T-shaped.

"What can I do for you?" The bookstore owner's voice purred.

"I am searching for a book that I have heard you own. A text on the Ark of Infinity."

"Books on that topic have been selling quite quickly of late, I suspect the tome you seek has already been bought."

"The book I seek is rather special. Written in a cipher not many people can still read, most who can are Arcadian. Such a book is harder to sell."

"Ahh," the owner responded, reaching into a stack by the counter, "You mean the Claywright journal. I had begun to expect I was stuck with it. Few people can read the scribbles and as it records a time after the events of the Ark, few people care to try."
The man placed a leather bound journal on the counter and Cilia quickly flicked between the pages. There were some legible ones added to the beginning listing the history of the book and guessing at its contents but afterwards there were only runes and symbols scattered across pages. She nodded her satisfaction and placed a small bag of gold on the counter.
The old man's brow raised in suspicion as he spirited the purse away behind the counter, "Why do you seek this book? There are others on the Ark that could tell you of its powers, and you don't strike me as the type to go looking for it." He asked.

"It is from after the Ark was used" Cilia explained, "I can see how it changed the world, the side effects of its use but more importantly, it has a better chance of telling me where the Order hid the pieces of the Ark."

Screams and explosions from outside. Cilia thanked the owner quickly and ran out, opening her wings and taking flight away form the approaching army. She had been too slow and the boats too fast. She would wait out the conflict away from the fight until she was called back.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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Caius stepped through the teleportation sigil to the sight of a towering pillar of smoke rising from the far side of Iskandar.

“The *Bleep* have all ready started attacking!” a wolf beside Caius growled. His name was Mabozza, one of Caius’ top lieutenants, “Let’s go!” he roared.

“Hold!!” Caius bellowed so loudly that the valley resonated with the sound of his howl. “This is a ploy! Their real attack has yet to begin! Move in slowly to the village and find likely choke points! Guard them well but don’t throw your lives away, Thenna won’t be far behind us! Move out!”

Caius and his troupe began marching into Iskandar as an unusually large member of the Featherfolk disappeared into the night.

Feraal had begun heading south with all speed since a bounty had been placed on her head for Joeny’s murder. How she could have been so careless as to have missed one of the idiot’s henchmen was causing her a good deal of concern.

She stopped suddenly, noticing light in the distance. Lightly and deftly, she scrambled up to the highest branches of a nearby oak tree. Even in the darkness, she recognised the town in the distance; Ashval. It was a quaint little town with little history of crime, somewhere she probably would have grown up if she were well-adjusted. She just needed to steal enough food for the journey across the Trench. She knew that makeshift rafts littered the coastline, so there would be no need to steal a boat.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
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She easily glided through the mountain winds. The Tome taught her interesting information about this 'Tincediara' element. 'The Metal of Gods', it was named by the ancients after the war. The detail of its properties were written in great detail, but no location was given away of this rare metal. Alice started to decent little by little. Her clan was in eye's reach. All the houses were symmetrically placed, the transition to the white temple was ominously perfect. "Probably the last safe haven I will see for long time." she thought to herself.

The ground lifted some sand particles in the air as she landed, the center of town was busy again. The news of her departure has spread. She walked up to a nearby wall and leaned into it. She could feel the heat leaving her body. "Midday and already broken." She took a deep breath of air. "How long has it been?" The thought of her warm bed jumped into her head. The streets were giving of a sound of organized chaos.

"Alice!". The young Mreast, Tobias, waved. She looked at his hazel coloured eyes and short brown hair.
"It took you long enough." he said.

"Well, what do you think 'business' means? If more, The Five would be grateful of me, spicing up my knowledge." she grinned. Tobias could easily be irritated by saying the right words.

"Again with your attitude. Alice, the stunt you pulled out there was daring, maybe even dangerous."
"So? it worked, didn't it?"

"With you, it always works, doesn't it?" Tobias smiled a little. "Style is everything. With you.. Well, let's say you're not missing any."
"I wished I could say the same, you careless hedgehog." They both began to laugh.
"Haha! Always the nice one, aren't you?" Tobias said. "Hedgehog? Couldn't you think of anything better?"
Alice cleared her throat and turned the conversation around. "Look, I'm already tired. Do we have anything else we're needed for?" Tobias faintly shook his head with an unnoticeable smile. "You're done for the day. If you're heading home, walk through the west resident district, I don't want you trampled, do I?"

Alice nodded. "Good luck!". She started to head home.

The residence streets were quiet. Kids were playing with their marbles and stones. "Alice?" She heard a familiar voice. Celine came running. "You again?" Alice said with a smile. She lifted the little Celine in the air and placed her on top of her shoulders. She stretched her wings to simulate a small fight. "Sis!'" Celine shouted. A young girl waved. "You alright there?" she shouted from the distance. Alice walked towards the sister. "Sure!" Celine replied.
"Ah, Erica, how have you been? Haven't seen you in a while." Alice placed Celine back on the ground.
"Could've been better. I heard you were leaving here?"

"Just a minor inconvenience, war is coming."
"We heard, but the battleground is way up north, we're safe here. No human can pass through without wings, haha!" Erica giggled. The sixteen year old Dove had a twinkle of innocence in her eyes. The Ark went through Alice her mind, the destruction will surely reach this place. War, for what?

Alice looked closely into her light coloured green eyes. An uneasy feeling went through her spine. "Shouldn't you be working by the Herbal shops with your mother now? The folks are busy with my leave, I thought you would've been of help there."
"I figured I would only be in the way. Mom has her own tempo, remember?"
"She surely is a multitasker." Alice rubbed the back of her head and smiled.

"I'm heading home, take care of your sister. Wish me luck!" Alice turned around. She heard the goodbyes of both sisters. From here she could easily see all the hunters and carpenters flying all over the place. Most hunters gathered enough food for this week, a storm recently hit the village, so the woodworkers were busy repairing it all.

"Finally, home!" She opened the wooden door en went inside. She ignored the living room and went straight upstairs. She turned left, into her study. A pile of old books were on her willow desk. She unequipped her weapons and armour, she picked up a robe from the bed that was placed next to here. She liked reading, so she made her bedroom also her study. She removed her ring and let her hair hang loose. With a match, she re-lit the candle on her desk. She opened her book on the page where she last left off. Nothing like a bed story before sleeping.

The next morning arrived, Alice was woken up by the knocking on her door. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "Alice, wake up!". She already sighed about Tobias being pesky this hour. "Yeah, yeah! Just let me gear up for a second!"
She let her robe slide of her body and put on her undergarment. A few seconds later she was fully equipped with her armour and Bow. She restocked her arrow supply and brought a couple of space quivers. Tobias was still knocking, the sounds annoyed her. She opened the door. "Done?" she slightly hissed.
"You look freshened up, the town is ready for your goodbyes."
Alice yawned. "Fine, fine. Just show me the way, please."

"How are we doing this, the journey I mean." Alice asked interested.
"It's a seven day trip, after we're out of the hills, it's just a straight road."

She noticed something in his reply. "We?"
"Wasn't it obvious? Of course I'm going too, we can't let you go alone, can we?"
"Is anybody else going?"
"I don't think so. That probably would be just heavy load, we'll be fine on our own."

Alice laughed.

"Well, we're here." Tobias said.

The town was gathered to send their good lucks to the two. They bundled sacks with food and flasks with water. It was just enough, so the weight wasn't terribly high. They villagers weren't cheering, who would if you send people to war.
The two made sure they were packed and ascended into the sky. The sky was clear of clouds, a glide maneuver would be best to make distance. From the ground, the young Erica looked at the two tiny dots that went northwards.

The night fell and everyone went to their homes again, except for her. The girl flapped her wings and went to the sky. The moon enlightened her wings as she went to the same path as Alice and Tobias.

OoC: Kainy, Erica's introduced. There was a joke on my last part. Tobias' 'Adamant' sword, Adamant is NOT his nature. >.<

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