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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #30 on: June 14, 2012, 03:27:22 PM »
"...You know, I feel bad about this," Vulpe frowned, glancing at the side where his companion stood without any indication of her presence other than her shadow, "I mean, we just watched Iskandar burn... Woman, have you no sympathy toward your own kins?"
"I am a rook," Sinkair spoke quietly, not even sparing a glance at Vulpe frowned, "I never met another featherfolk from my tribe.. And I felt no kinship towards any of them, just as I had never felt any kinship towards others of the Hellios. There is no point in killing those golems.. The force in Iskandar had been outmatched."
"Then we could have just left-"
"Shut the *wark* up," Sinkair suddenly snapped, her eyes still watching the city now that turned into ruins, "if nothing else, my decision to remain and watch allowed me to witness important things- Vulpe, I have not asked you to follow me- you may as well leave before you annoy me enough to kill you."

Vulpe gluped and frantically nodded, his ears slowly lowering above his head- and Sinkair gave another glance down the cliff she was standing, leaning against the trees just to blend in from possible onlookers. Unlike Vulpe who was in emotional state, Sinkair had no problem analysing everything she witnessed in the objective view- after all, she felt no attachment to anything that may or may not have been in Iskandar.

'...That bearman was High Lord Caius, and the girl had the Ark of Air. That means I have no reason to persue any more information on that particular thing..' Sinkair narrowed her eyes, her gaze not leaving the site where the grey robed people standing with some survivors, 'I should probarly have another word with Captain Kaeda for another order, but.. Where have I seen those robes before?'

While Vulpe had been busy mourning and holding himself back from running towards Iskandar when the flame blazed up, Sinkair had seen the fire that once engulfed city- the fire that had been powered by two complementary Arks no less- being suddenly 'sucked up' by something. And being a treasure hunter for three years, Sinkair was quite capable in sensing power of magic. She could do nothing in manipulating, but her sense was good enough- as in, figuring out what she can mess with, and what she should avoid unless she wanted to commit suicide. The magic that radiated for a moment, taking away the power of two Arks, had screamed at Sinkair to flee..
And yet Sinkair stood, watching the grey robed figures- she could not see them well, for even for a featherfolk, the distance was too great- approaching the other figures who seem to be still alive. They somehow seemed familiar to her- not them, but something about their robes annoyed her, as if to taunt her with the fact that she was an amnesiac-..
Sinkair blinked, surprised at her sudden train of thoughts. Had she not remembered those grey robes when she had first woke up with amnesia? ..Yes, the only thing she remembered of her past was that she was being chased before she was found by a council man of the High Council nearby boundary of the Hellios, and that someone wearing grey robes had saved her from her chasers- a bit too late, because she did remember getting her head bashed against a tree, but still..

"...Yes, I have seen those robes before.." Sinkair shook her head, suddenly sighing, "I don't even know how I remember this, it's nothing related to shinies... Those robes are horrible! Grey, with no sense of fashion at all-" Sinkair pouted, whirling around and turning away from the cliff, "I am leaving."
"Wha-? Wait!!" Vulpe cried out, surprised at Sinkair's reaction once more, "You are leaving!? Just like this!?"
"They messed with the power beyond their capabilities to wield," Sinkair scoffed, shaking her head as she walked away from Iskandar, "And if anyone was clever enough, they would have fled from that city immediately the moment they learned that the Arcadians had obtained the Ark of Fire. It is slightly unexpected that they had such a powerful golemancer working for them, not to mention that they had acted very fast- but Arcadia and Hellios's war had been going on like forever.. Iskandar had been a strategically important location, and hence always been under the danger of being attacked." Sinkair stopped walking for a moment, her voice suddenly lighter and childish, "I like shiny things, but I don't have any suicidal tendencies- that place will be swarming with humans soon."

Vulpe gaped- he knew that logically Sinkair was right- but he was more shocked by the fact that Sinkair was already done with being serious and began another 'childish talk' about shinies. However.. He was not completely disappointed.

"I am heading to the nearest Hellios's military base- I need to have another word with Captain Kaeda."
"...YES! You are going to help Hellios, even with those 'I-don't-care-about-anything' attitude!"

Sinkair scoffed, not at all bothered by the fact that Vulpe passed her as he darted forward.

"Dealing with humans is harder, although not many even realise that I am a featherfolk with my wings hidden under my robe," Sinkair remarked, her voice turning slightly whiny, "But really, have all beastmen lost their senses? Haven't their instincts screamed 'flee' when they go near those things? Even from this distance, it wasn't hard to feel that something dangerous was going on at Iskandar purely by my instinct- those Arks reek of danger! What's wrong with that kitty assassin? She was even 'wearing' that around her neck- her bare neck!"

Vulpe had to laugh- of all things, Sinkair seemed to be horrified by the mere prospect of having a direct contact with the Ark- but Vulpe knew inwardly, that if Sinkair, a famous treasure hunter who had enough experiences with powerful items infused with magic, was reacting like this- then this business with the Arks, was trully dangerous.

OoC: Sorry for late update.. *sheepish smile* but I never got around a change to post in the middle of the battle, because by the time I have written, you guys have already progressed.. *shakes head* not that it's bad thing. I am still enjoying my trip with my friends.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #31 on: June 15, 2012, 05:30:06 PM »
The Simurgh had traversed the Trench with such speed that it seemed an insult to the time the ships had taken to cross the water. Isaac had expected to be waiting for it but it was already there ahead of him. Yet, that was not the greatest surprise.

Isaac had ran until he could hardly breathe and then he ran some more just to be sure he was away from the city. He had barely stopped when the firestorm tore through the air. It never reached him, it barely left the city and it was over in an instant.

That could not be right. When he had begun the experiments to construct Cilia he accidentally allowed the cores to touch before he had synchronised them. The cores had shattered, collapsed a wall and blown the legs off a golem on the other side. Those cores were not half as powerful as the ones he ended up using for Cilia, and she had not even a fraction of the power of just one of those Arks. That city should have been burning for months. It should have given off a light like a second sun, but it was not. It was silent.

Isaac walked up the gangway onto the airship. The Simurgh was designed to vaguely resemble a giant bird. Two great wings, a wide tail, even the control room above his head stretched out over the body of the ship in the shape of a bird's head.
In the belly of the ship, golems waited. War golems were too heavy to fly around in a ship this small, so Isaac was greeted by clay golems reminiscent of stick figures. They nodded respectfully and then disappeared to pilot the ship.

The airship was small, containing little more than the cockpit, sleeping quarters, kitchen, bathroom and the main hold which usually just held a desk and some books. Isaac was not fond of flying. Golems were little use in the air but sometimes he needed to be somewhere quickly.
The great propellers began to stir and the ship lifted into the air, heading south in search of the Ark.


Cilia stepped quietly through the ashes of Iskandar. The magical explosions had brought about a change in plans. The golems had been destroyed but any souls still protected by the cores could give valuable insight into the strength of the Arks as well as information on what had stopped them.

Cilia had adopted a dark cloak for this mission, hoping to avoid interference from either side of the conflict while she found the remaining souls.
The city was eerily still. Windows had been destroyed, door ripped off, anything that could be flipped over was flipped over. Except, bizarrely, one golem.
Standing in front of it, Cilia tried to guess his line of sight. Everything seemed to have blown outwards from a point ahead of it, perhaps it had a perfect view of the whole thing. Turning to face it, her right hand reshaped, quickly forming a sharp blade like the tip of a spear which she thrust into the stone sentinel with her inhuman strength. The stone shattered and fell away in a pile of dust, revealing the glowing core at the center.
Almost eagerly, the enchanted soul jumped from the core and disappeared through Cilia's skin, granting her a closer to connection to the remaining souls scattered across the surroundings. There seemed to be four in all. They flew through the air as they felt her calling, gliding from broken husks and even debris she had mistaken for a piece of a wall.

Cilia felt the firestorm tear through the city and waves of magic that had come with it. She saw the gray-robed man and the object he held. The firestorm faded. It seemed there were powers that could combat the Arks. Her master would be interested to hear of this, although it was likely he had just seen it. She headed off into the hills. The Arcadian army, should be nearby. Her master had things to see to, but he still had appearances to keep up. She resumed her usual form and left to search.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #32 on: June 15, 2012, 06:15:24 PM »
Feraal awoke with a start. Her breathing was laboured and her vision was obscure. She could smell smoke, the aftermath of a hundred homes burned to the ground. Muted whispers reached her ears, but none of it made sense.

“Lie still...” a deep voice said from beside her, “I need to check the scarring.” It was the great bear, Caius, leader of the demi-humans.

What scarring? He would only find the Ark. Feraal winced in pain as he pulled down her shirt just far enough to see the Ark.

“Our best guess is that when you fought using the Ark that it marked you as the owner,” Caius said, “At least for the moment. These objects are fickle and shrouded in mystery. Who knows how many times they have changed hands across the centuries. In any case, the council will want you to speak with them.”

Feraal could barely find her voice. Her muscles ached and her voice was weak. “Iskandar?” she asked.

“Obliterated...” Caius sighed, “Along with most of the troops that remained behind to fight. The positives are that we severely dented their Golem forces and that our remaining soldiers in Iskandar were merely a token defence force. The negative is that Arcadia now has a hundred mile beachhead upon which to land its troops.”

Nodding, there was only one more worry of Feraal’s “Petyr?” she asked weakly.

“The human is tied up. Had I let him walk freely around the camp, one of my soldiers would find a justification to murder him.” Caius turned away. “That being said, I trust he has no allegiance to the Empire. If he proves his loyalty to me, I will see he is kept from harm.”

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #33 on: June 15, 2012, 11:32:10 PM »
Edward sat on the end of the bed in his tent, staring at the walls and listening to the sounds of activity coming from the camp. Brynhilda lay on its usual table but he refused to even acknowledge its presence. He stared down at his hands and the bandages covering the burns he knew had been caused by the Ark of Fire. A small demonstration of the Arks power had burned through steel gauntlets. With the amount of power he’d drawn on he was surprised that he even had hands left at all. In fact, he almost expected it to have killed him outright.

“Senna,” he sobbed, burying his face in his hands. He remembered her as she smiled up at him, dying in his arms.

“Edward, you’re awake!” Astal said as he pushed through the tent-flap. He stopped as he saw the weeping Lord General, then turned and ordered the guards to let no-one in. He walked over to his friend and put his hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Edward,” Astal said. “I wish there was something I could do to help.”

“It’s alright, my friend,” Edward sighed, raising his head. “She gave her life in service to the Vanhiem family and to the Empire. She’ll have every honour that can be bestowed. Now tell me, what happened?”

“We’re not really sure,” Astal said as he began to pace around the tent. “Most of our forces inside the city were wiped out by the blaze. The entire city has been reduced to a pile of smoking rubble. We assumed it was the Ark of Fire.”

“It was,” Edward said. “But not alone. A feline Beastman arrived. She… killed…she killed Senna and used some kind of wind magic to destroy the Golems. I’m not sure, but I think she had an Ark.”

“The Demi-humans have an Ark?!” Astal gasped.

“I think so,” Edward replied. “The Ark of Wind, I think. After Senna… fell…I lost control. I just wanted to kill every Demi-human I could. Brynhilda and the Wind Ark reacted to each other.”

“The power of two Arks,” Astal said. “That explains what happened to Iskander. Only a few of our soldiers inside the city survived. Colonel Tiberius was able to gather some mages and use the Golems to protect a dozen people or so, but even then they were badly burned. But then something strange happened. The flames just vanished, like they were just sucked away.”

“What happened to the Beastmen with the Ark?” Edward asked.

“As soon as the flames abated I led a force into the ruins,” Astal said. “The mages were able to trace Brynhilda. We found you at almost the same time as a detachment of demi-humans did. It could have come to a fight right there but after what had happened, neither side was really interested in a fight. We collected our casualties and left.”

“What about Caius, the Bear Beastman?”

“He was a bit burned, but alive,” Astal said. “There was a female beastman, probably the one with the Ark, and a human I didn’t recognise. I would’ve tried to rescue him but at the time you were my priority.”


 “Surprisingly, her body was untouched by the flames,” Astal said. “Maybe the Ark protected her the same way it protected you and the Beastmen.”

Edward sighed, just as the sounds of a fight came from outside the tent.

“What the hell is going on now?!” Astal shouted.

Leon groaned as he awoke and found himself staring at a wooden roof. He turned his head to look around and saw that he was in a small room in a wooden house. There was a window facing out into a forest clearing and he could hear the sound of a river running past the house.

He tried to get up, but found his arms and legs tied securely to the bed.

“What the…?” he gasped weakly.

“Easy lad,” a gruff voice said from the door. Leon looked up, wincing as pain shot through this body, to see a wolf Beastman wearing a grey cloak. His fur was a mix of grey and white and his eyes were a bright blue colour.

“You need to take it easy,” the wolf laughed. “By all rights you shouldn’t even be alive. Don’t push yourself.”

“Where am I?” Leon asked.

“More or less right in the middle of the Hellios Republic,” the wolf said, moving over to check over the bandages covering Leon. Leon tried to move away but the bindings held strong. He reached for his magic to burn away the ropes but was shocked when he couldn’t feel the mana in his body. He tried again and again but still felt nothing.

“What did you do to me?” Leon growled. “What happened to my magic?”

“Your magic is gone,” the Wolf said. “But not because of anything I did. What do you remember about what happened? Do you remember Iskander, the flames?”

Pain flashed through Leon’s head as he remembered the flames. He remembered his magical barriers shattering and the flames slamming into him as if they were an actual physical object. He remembered pain, then a surge of energy passing through his body before everything went blank.

“What happened?” he asked weakly.

“You died,” the wolf sighed, sitting down in the chair beside the bed. “You died when the energy from two fragments of the Ark of Infinity broke through your defences and struck you down. Then your magic kicked in. You must have had more power than any single being my order has ever encountered. Your magic energy, which should have been exhausted as you tried to protect yourself and your companions from the flames, replaced your own life force and healed most of your injuries.”

“I died?” Leon asked.

“Yes,” the Wolf said. “You died and then your magic brought you back to life. But there is a cost. It is unlikely that you will ever be able to use magic again. Sorry.”

Leon simply stared up at the ceiling in shock. After a few moments the wolf reached down and untied the ropes holding the defeated human to the bed.

“You’re injured,” the wolf began. “You’re trapped in the middle of enemy territory with no magic. You can try to run if you like but I doubt you’d survive even a day on your own. You’re safe here. The people here will take care of you until you recover. Then I will have a job for you.”

The grey robed beastman walked out of the room, leaving Leon to his thoughts.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #34 on: June 17, 2012, 07:55:04 PM »
Petyr awoke disoriented in a completely unfamiliar place. He glanced around and saw two figures which vaguely resembled people, but his senses were still muddled from his long sleep and he could not really perceive his surroundings beyond a giant blur. “Is this a dream? Am I dead?” he thought. Thinking it was the former, Petyr closed his eyes again in hopes that it would wake him up, but this thought was broken when he felt something hit his face.

“Ouch,” he muttered. He shook his head and clearly saw the people who were with him; both inhabitants of Hellios. As he looked around, he saw that the entrance to the room was barred, and sure enough, he discovered that his arms were shackled behind his back when he tried to move them. When he attempted to struggle, a searing pain shot through his right arm to his shoulder and his chest, and when he looked down he found that they were covered in bandages. His left arm was relatively undamaged, with a few semi-gruesome scratches along his forearm which had no lasting impact and would probably disappear in a few days. His legs were numb and he felt a dull, throbbing pain in his first attempt at moving them, but it was nothing as serious as whatever had happened to his arm. Content with the condition of his body, he glanced over to his two prison companions and found that they had been staring at him. They must have been as curious as he was as to why a human would be put behind the same bars as the citizens of Hellios.

“You’ve been out for a few days,” the male said. His hooded figure made it almost impossible for Petyr to recognize his face, but he glimpsed the webbed fingers bound by the shackles. Merfolk, it would seem.  “You’re lucky you didn’t suffer too much. It would seem that you were, however, blasted an impressive distance away, but something must have cushioned your impact because otherwise you’d be in a much, much worse position. When you came in here, your right arm was broken and something was wrong with your legs, but you should be fine now. It’s been 3 days. The explosion was kind to you.”

“Explosion? What explosion?” Petyr asked, confused. Something must have happened, but he only found a gaping void in his memory when he tried to recall the last moments before he fell into unconsciousness. The last thing he remembered was scorching heat, a ferocious column of fire... a grief-stricken Arcadian General, furious over the death of someone... probably his loved one... and Feraal... yes, Feraal...

“The explosion that reduced Iskandar into oblivion. Word has it that the Lord General’s Ark began to summon fierce firestorms and an earth-sundering heat wave, and then the cat-girl’s Ark reacted with an equally terrifying cyclone. The resulting clash of the Arks purged everything in its path and obliterated all that was left of Iskandar. The city has fallen,” the girl now replied. She was not hooded like her other companion was and she was clearly a Featherfolk, seen from the light brown-colored wings jutting out from her back. Her gaze was focused on Petyr with much curiosity. He himself wondered how he survived whatever happened at Iskandar, but now it became clear to him that Feraal had the Ark of Wind in her possession the whole time. And he had seen the ferocity of its power numerous times.

“What’s a human doing here?” the Merman said. “This isn’t a camp for the prisoners of war. Lord Caius muttered something like ‘I sense no harm in this boy’... where do you come from?”

When Petyr answered that he hailed from Arcadia, the girl raised her eyebrows in interest.

“Why would Caius trust an Arcadian?” she asked, eyeing him curiously.

“Maybe because he’s watched me fight and kill men from my own nation. I’m an Imperial fugitive so I’ve come to join the battle on this side. In reality, though, I just want this all to stop.”

The Merman chuckled and shook his hood off his head. He had a bluish skin and the sides of his face were lined with blue-greenish scales reminiscent of the ocean, forming a unique crown on his forehead. When he smiled, he had a set of menacing tooth, almost resembling jaws, but otherwise he appeared more human than many of the other Merfolk he had seen; mostly in books and paintings. He couldn’t really tell, but he seemed to be in his mid-twenties.
“Don’t be so naive, boy. War is necessary for the survival of the world. Survival of the species. We demi-humans understand that better because you humans seem to have forgotten the most fundamental laws of nature,” he laughed.

“Yeah, you do have a point. But still, there must be someone who stops it. You know, we can still stop it with a quick, swift and decisive victory over Arcadia,” Petyr replied. “So, what brings you guys here?”

“Looting,” the girl replied. “You see, we were looting Iskandar when all that hell went on over there. Almost made off with so much stuff, but those *Bleep* soldiers caught us. It’s a shame, really. The city is almost nothing now. We could have taken everything before it became the ruins we have now,” she pouted in disappointment.

“Boy, I like you. You’re a brave one. No boy crosses the Trench and fells their own men on foreign land like that,” the Merman replied. “We should be out of here soon. The High Council plans to pardon us and the Lord seems intent on letting you out. Fancy coming to Tsengar with us afterwards?”

“But I’m a human.”

“We don’t give a *Bleep*. You’re right - I do want to end this war. No matter the outcome. You don’t seem to mind crushing your own nation, so human or not, it seems like you could be a bit of help,” he replied rather assuringly. Petyr hesitated, still unsure of his course of actions now that he was far in Hellios land and unsure of whom to follow. “If it’s that hard for you to make a decision, for now, at least, we should make acquaintances. I’m Istvan, and this is Flavia,” he said, pointing to the Featherfolk. She gave a warm smile towards Petyr.

He smiled back and gave Istvan a slight nod. He didn’t know what to do in this country, but now it seemed that he had some kind of direction. With Iskandar destroyed, Hellios now lacked a natural buffer for an Arcadian invasion and it is only a matter of time before they overpower the Merfolk forces on the Trench and invade further into the mainland. He thought about Lyria and Fernis back in Ashval; so little time had passed, yet so much had happened. He truly felt like he was on the Hellios side of the war now. And no matter what it takes, he will do whatever it takes to end the war from this direction.

“I’m Petyr, nice to know you two.”


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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #35 on: June 18, 2012, 09:55:34 PM »
OoC: As powerful as I make Feraal seem in this post, there will be consequences to balance this. Don’t worry.

An explosion echoed from the far side of the building followed by the clash of steel upon steel. The Arcadians were obviously playing for keeps this time around. Feraal forced herself to sit up and, all of a sudden, felt completely rejuvenated. Was this magic from the Ark? Was it one of the benefits to being the current owner? “I can fight.”

Caius sized her up with his piercing black eyes and nodded. “This building is not terribly defensible,” he said as the pair marched to the area of the explosion. “If they have brought more than a platoon of soldiers then we will need a quick exit.”

“A sigil?” Feraal asked.

Roaring at two, rather frightened, featherfolk mages, Caius ordered them to prepare a sigil at the rear of the building. Dust began to cloud Feraal and Caius’ vision as they neared the battle. The battle was mostly taking place outside. A hole blown in the wall of a locked cell exposed the sights and sounds of magic, fighting and death.

Feraal exhaled a feral hiss and shot a flurry of arrows at the nearest three Arcadians. They had been torturing and taunting a young Sparrow, an aged Merman and... “Petyr!” She flipped out one of her daggers and sliced off his manacles. “Are you okay?”

“I’ve been worse,” he muttered, “Not by much though... What’s going on?”

Caius stepped forward. “The Arcadians don’t give up easily,” he said, “Can you fight?”

“My left arm is completely useless,” Petyr replied, “I’d be a distraction at best in a real fight.”

“Protect your two companions then. Come Feraal!”

The great bear and lithe feline leapt through the hole in the wall and were greeted by three wolverines barely surviving against a troop of twenty or more humans. The grass around them was stained with blood and the bodies of a dozen, dead, feline and wolf corpses littered the ground.

Feraal felt her fury rising. The jewel on her chest began to glow once more as a cyclone of wind enveloped her body. While weaker than that displayed in Iskandar, it had the potential to cause devastating collateral damage.

“Peace child,” Caius whispered, “Control your emotions. There have been far too many deaths in recent days.”

The assassin was having none of it. She launched three darts at the Arcadians and followed up with four arrows. Focusing a degree of the wind in her control, she propelled them forward so quickly that each projectile exploded with a sonic boom upon impact.

Taken aback by the ferocity of the assault, the Arcadians backed away. A voice then spoke up from behind them. “That’s the one!” it shrieked, “That beast killed my sister!”

Caius stopped anymore potential actions with the loudest roar that Feraal had heard any creature produce. It resounded for miles around and caused many of those with more sensitive hearing to double over in pain. When he finally quietened, Feraal was amazed to find her anger subsided and the Arcadians with their weapons lowered.

“Give us the cat Caius and this need go no further,” the woman snarled. “My sister deserves justice.”

“Your sister died protecting a fine and honourable General,” Caius replied, “I have the utmost respect for her. But this is war. There will always be casualties. You have the numbers in this fight, but provoke my companion and she could, potentially, kill us all with her anger.”

Feraal was unused to being protected. Growing up as an assassin and sex slave had that effect. Suddenly, she was the strongest fighter in Hellios and could rival the majority of Arcadia. The world was certainly twisted.

“I will have my vengeance Caius,” the woman seethed, “One day you won’t be there to protect her.”

“She doesn’t need protecting. Killing seven of your men in less than thirty seconds ought to prove that. Return to your camp and hope that your superior doesn’t behead you for desertion.”

The woman’s face contorted into, if possible, an even more furious expression before she sounded the retreat.

Caius turned around. “We have to go. They will be back with more troops now that they have exposed a weakness.”

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #36 on: June 19, 2012, 05:50:30 PM »
The Simurgh had spun around and flown over the remains of Iskandar. Isaac had ordered this partly out of his interest in the aftermath and partly as a sort of power show. There was an enemy airship over Iskandar.
However, as the ship now flew to the south,  Isaac read through journals, sketched notes on paper and worked with the little resources the ship had stocked. The Arks had destroyed everything, how could golems protect against that? Maybe they could not, maybe the Ark of Earth would hold the secret. It would be a long journey and he had a few more designs to play with. He also had the wisdom of the little paper golem Cilia had found for him.

The paper man watched quietly as Isaac mumbled to himself and constantly reshaped a ball of clay.
"Why do you fight in this war?" It finally asked.

"Why does a golem care? Most of your kind are very single-minded about their purpose."

"I am a journal. My purpose is chronicling everything I see and reporting it to those who ask. I know you build golems for Arcadia, but I do not know why. I cannot record it if I do not know."

Isaac glanced up from his work, "Very well, although I am not sure why you still record things after all this time. " He answered, "I want to study a lost art. There are not many golemancers left and I would like to change that but I need to get better. To get better I need time and resources. Wars get in the way of both. I need it to be over so I can work and I would prefer to be on the winning side when it ends. If I am with the winners I will likely be allowed to continue in peace no matter how strange or dangerous my experiments become since my actions in the war helped Arcadia win. If we lose, I will at worst be killed as a war criminal or golemancy will be made illegal in light of how dangerous it proved."

"And the Ark?"

"Would give me a great advantage or put me at a huge disadvantage, depending on who has it."

The golem was silent again as it stored the information away. After a while it spoke up again, "If you show me a map form this time I may be able to point out differences which will make the Ark easier to spot." It offered.

"No need," Isaac replied, "I already know where the Ark is. In fact..." Isaac seemed to look into the distance for a moment as moved his attention to the golems steering the ship. "Yes, we are almost there now!" Isaac stated as he jumped to his feet.

Moving to the front of the ship, Isaac saw sand stretching off into the distance. The Ark was somewhere under there. All that was left was to find the enchanted artifact hidden somewhere in the desert.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #37 on: June 21, 2012, 03:18:52 PM »
Edward limped out of his tent towards the disturbance in the camp, Astal close behind him. As he reached the quartermasters tent he saw a young swordswoman attacking Captain Marciel. The Arcadian officer was defending himself with his shadow magic but wasn’t retaliating. Nearby, another young woman was chanting with her hands clasped in front of her, as if in prayer. A huge magic circle shone at her feet.

“Valeria!” Astal shouted. “What are you doing!?”

Edward glanced briefly at his friend. He knew that Valeria was Astal’s niece and had been assigned a mission to infiltrate Iskander under the cover of the invasion to look for information on the Ark fragments. He was surprised that she had survived. He looked over at the other woman and realised that the magical circle was a Summoning Circle.

The Summoner raised her hands into the air and the circle at her feet began to shine more brightly. A massive shape began to rise out of the circle and shifted into the form of a huge Minotaur. It was wearing black plate armour and carried a flaming battle axe.

“You killed Steeg!” the Summoner screamed. “You killed Dimitri! I’ll make you pay! Taurok, kill him!”

The minotaur charged forward and brought its weapon crashing down towards Marciel. The Shadowmancer dodged out of the way just in time to avoid being cleaved in two but Valeria was waiting for him. She had snuck in behind Marciel while he was distracted by the summoned creature. Moments before she cut through the Arcadian officer, Astal jumped between them and blocked her attack.

“Enough!” Edward roared, stunning everyone into silence. Even the Minotaur stopped moving.

“What on earth is going on!” Astal yelled at his niece.

“This…man,” Valeria spat. “This…monster…killed two of our friends!”

“What?!” Astal exclaimed. “What are you talking about?”

“We were in the city,” the Summoner began, tears flowing down her cheeks. “We’d reached the archives in the city centre and found some information on the Arks. Before we could leave, this man attacked us. He killed Dimitri and Steeg. He tried to kill the rest of us. Leon and Valeria fought him off. Dimitri never stood a chance. Steeg was trying to protect me.”

The Summoner collapsed onto the ground, sobbing and the Minotaur bellowed in rage and once again charged for Marciel. Edward jumped forward and drew Brynhilda. He met the Minotaur’s swing head on and easily parried its attack. He was shocked to find the Ark-sword in his hands since he didn’t remember picking it up but he recovered quickly.

“Enough,” he shouted again. “Control yourself and your creature!”

The Summoner looked up at him, eyes widened in shock. Valeria also backed away from her uncle and Marciel. The entire camp stood silent, staring fearfully at the General and the Ark in his hands. The memory of Iskandar was still fresh in their minds. The Minotaur backed away and Edward turned his attention back to Marciel.

“I think you’d better explain yourself,” Edward growled at the Shadowmancer. “These women were part of a unit under my and General Astal’s personal command and were under taking a special mission. They believe you attacked them, killed two of their comrades and tried to kill the others.”

“It’s true,” Marciel replied blandly. If possible, the entire camp went even more deadly silent.

“Excuse me?” Edward asked in a cold voice.

“I did in fact kill two humans in the Hellios city Iskander,” Marciel said. “My continuing orders from the emperor are to search for and retrieve the fragments of the Ark of Infinity and any information pertaining to them. I had no idea that they were under your orders.”

“You were in an enemy city which was under attack,” Astal growled. “You saw a team of human soldiers and it never occurred to you that they were working for us?”

“The Arks are far too important to the war,” Marciel replied. “Look what happened when two Arks collided. Imagine what would happen if the demi-humans found another, tipped the balance of power in their favour. I couldn’t take that risk. Even if they were working for the Lord General, my abilities allow me to move much faster undetected. The information was more likely to reach the right hands if I took them.”

“You *Bleep*!” Valeria snarled.

“Quiet!” Edward snapped, before turning his attention back to Marciel. “You’re going to have to answer for this Marciel. You interfered with an official mission and killed two Arcadian soldiers without just cause.”

“I’m afraid I have to decline, General Vanhiem,” Marciel sighed. Everyone tensed and Edward tightened his grip on the Ark.

“You’re refusing an order from the Lord General of the Arcadian Imperial Army?” Astal asked.

“I have here a set of orders signed by the Emperor himself,” Marceil said, walking calmly over to Edward and handed him a scroll. Edward signalled and a nearby scribe stepped forward, took the scroll and quickly read.

“By order of Marcus Alessandro Arturius IV, Emperor of the Grand Arcadian Empire,” the scribe began. “Nathaniel Marciel is hereby promoted to the rank of Colonel. He is charged with locating and retrieving the Fragments of the Ark of Infinity by any and all means he deems necessary. He is not to be obstructed in any way in carrying out these duties.”

“The scroll I retrieved from Iskander did point to the location of an Ark fragment,” Colonel Marciel said. “Unfortunately it led to the Ark of Wind which, as we now know, is held by the enemy. The Emperor felt that more direct measures were needed to prevent a repeat of this.”

“You can’t just let him walk away,” Valeria said to her uncle.

“I’m sorry Valeria, Elise,” Astal said. “But even General Vanhiem can’t act against an order given by the Emperor.”

“If that is everything, I must be going,” Marceil smiled. Shadows began to rise from the ground, pulling him into their depths. “General Vanhiem, General Astal, I bid you good day.”

The Shadowmancer vanished as Valeria dropped to her knees and screamed at the sky. Edward sheathed Brynhilda and moved over to the Summoner, Elise.

Come on child,” he sighed, pulling her to her feet. “Bart, bring your niece. We’ll go to my tent and you can tell me everything that’s happened.

Leon opened his eyes to find a young wolf beastman girl laying a tray of food on the table. He pulled himself upright and quietly studied the young girl. She had pale brown and white fur and her eyes were a bright blue. She wore simple work clothes that seemed to be covered in soot. As she turned around she realised that Leon was awake and watching her. She let out a small squeak and dashed from the room.

“Wait!” Leon called. “I’m not going to hurt you!”

He groaned as he tried to get up, still stiff from his lingering injuries. He leaned heavily against the bedpost as he moved towards the door. He noticed a couple of long wooden sticks nearby and picked one up to use a walking stick. As he emerged from the wooden house he looked around. There were half a dozen buildings in the forest clearing. His attention was drawn by one of the only two stone buildings because it had a chimney that was belching thick black smoke. He hobbled over towards it and began to hear the sounds on metal striking metal.

“A forge?” Leon wondered aloud.

He reached the thick wooden door and pushed it open. He was immediately hit by a wall of heat and a gruff voice shouted from inside.

“Shut the bloody door!” the voice shouted.

“Sorry,” Leon said, hastily closing the door. The striking sounds continued for several minutes, followed by a hiss of steam. After another few moments the door opened to reveal another wolf beastman. He was tall and muscled, with slightly singed black fur. He wore a thick blacksmiths apron and thick leather gloves.

“Well then,” the wolf said. “You’re finally up then, although not by much it seems.”

Leon glanced down at his make-shift walking stick while the beastman chuckled.

“My names Torran,” the wolf said. “This is my home. The little girl you probably saw is my granddaughter, Kaya. What’s your name?”

“Leon,” the young human said warily.

“Leon huh?” Torran said, looking him over. “Well then, Leon. You’re going to be staying here for a while until you get your strength back. After that, it seems Volsten has some job for you.”

“Volsten?” Leon asked.

“The Beastman who brought you here,” Torran replied. “The wolf in the grey cloak.”

“Wait a minute,” Leon gasped. “Grey cloak. Does that mean he was from the Order of the Grey?”

“Yup,” Torran laughed, walking over to a water trough to wash his hands. “He appeared out of nowhere a few days ago, carrying you in his arms. He said he needed somewhere for this human to recover, that you had a job to do. Normally I’d have nothing to do with humans but I owe Voslten a few favours so I couldn’t refuse.”

“What kind of job?” Leon asked.

“No idea,” Torran answered. “Didn’t ask.”

Quite suddenly, Leon’s world began to spin and he fell to the ground. Torran quickly helped him up and started guiding him back to the wooden house.

“Easy now,” the wolf said. “You still need to rest. Get some more sleep and eat some food. We’ll talk more later.”

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #38 on: June 25, 2012, 05:24:56 PM »
Petyr heard Lord Caius’s call of return in the distance and their footsteps as they retreated back to the camp. He wondered how many Arcadians there were. He wondered if they would tell him where he is. Where he could find the scum who ruined his life.

But he figured he was in no position to do so at the moment. As far as he was concerned, his left arm was damaged and he couldn’t even walk properly. Other Arcadian soldiers had breached the line past Caius; probably soldiers who decided to flank attack the camp, and his new companions were now warding them off. Flavia skillfully took to the skies and fired a storm of arrows at the enemies from among the tall trees, while Istvan handled them from the ground, striking soldiers down with his menacing, blue-bladed greatsword. He could immediately tell that they were very skilled fighters, and this made him all the more curious as to what he could gain from following them. The prospect of Tsengar seemed more and more interesting. Of course, he still felt that he had to make some ends meet with regards to Feraal, but he thought that as long as they were on the same side of the war they’ll mutually benefit each other. Moreover, she had just become one of the strongest and most valuable fighters in the Hellios army.

Petyr gritted his teeth in frustration. She had gained the power to destroy a decent-sized Arcadian battalion while he became useless with a very real possibility of turning into collateral damage. He moved his left arm again, only to be greeted with the same sharp, stabbing pain coming from his upper chest. The best he could do was to call up a wind barrier, although that too was weak on his left side because the whole left side of his body was crippled at that moment. Any sort of slashing movement would be near impossible as the slightest movement would tear his left arm to shreds with the pain. He sighed. All he could use was his magic and it he wasn’t even very proficient at it. He was jealous of Feraal at the moment, but it made him realize that he needed to be stronger.

“Petyr!” Istvan shouted, noticing his pitiful struggle. “Don’t come. Get the hell away and run.”

“Nah,” Petyr hissed under his breath. He sprinted into the woods, just below where Flavia was, all the while ignoring the throbbing pain in his legs. Hiding behind a large trunk, he drew a large bunch of arrows at once and coated them with the vials he carried. He made sure to use the most potent one - Heartshaker, it was called - which could kill in seconds even through a superficial cut. Without the ability to use his bow, he had to crudely propel these arrows with his magic, and as such they had to be able to kill - and quickly, for that matter.

Flavia observed what he was doing and smiled in a pleasantly surprised manner. She whistled towards Petyr and gave him a wink as he was about to unleash his poisoned arrows at the Arcadians. She hovered erratically and began to fire arrows in random directions as a diversion, only for the soldiers to be greeted by Petyr’s arrows. He had a hard time guiding them with power and precision with just concentrated blast of winds from his palm, but he mustered all of his magical force onto that palm when he fired the arrows. Fortunately, most of the arrows hit home and the soldiers began to fall like a pile of cockroaches. Flavia resumed her attacks, finishing off the rest of the humans with her superior marksmanship, and the last soldier collapsed as Petyr’s arrow dug into his neck. Flavia landed next to him and smiled.

“Impressive. I didn’t know you knew wind magic. Did you learn it from the cat?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No, she has an Ark. I learned this... from someone. I do want to get better though,” he said. “A lot better.

“I know someone just for that. I used to be his student before I realized shooting was just my thing,” she sighed.

“It’s not really my passion either, but anything helps.”

He suddenly felt a light smack at the back of his head and turned around, seeing the blue face behind him.

“I told you to run, but now I have higher expectations of a cripple,” Istvan chuckled.

“Oh, shut up. Where are we headed now?”

“I say we immediately head to Tsengar, unless you want to say goodbye to that cat friend of yours. Can you walk?”

Petyr thought about it for a moment, but he was sure no one would be too bothered if he left suddenly. At least, he hoped Caius wouldn’t be too bothered with a human roaming around the country. Besides, Feraal was now needed more than ever. He’ll have to recover and adapt to Hellios before he could fight alongside these two, and Istvan and Flavia seemed to be just the kind of people he needed. At last, he nodded. He whimpered after realizing that walking was probably the most he could do.

“Hey, one question,” Petyr said as he walked with them. “Who exactly are you guys?”

“I s’pose you could say we’re mercenaries...” Flavia replied, but her tone obviously hid something. After he frowned at her suspiciously, she finally gave in to the pressure. “Okay, well, we’re defects. We defected the army. Caius doesn’t know, so shush.”

“Isn’t that punishable by death?”

“Yeah, technically, unless your commander decides to be nice and let you go because he understood the reason. Hence, we live.”

“Istvan, I thought you said that war was survival. Why would you stop it then?” Petyr asked, after he remembered that this particular thing had been tugging at his mind ever since the skirmish with the Arcadians began.

“That’s a dumb question,” he replied sharply. “Well, usually, it is. But yes, war is survival. The victor lives on by devouring and feeding on the vanquished. However, such is not the case with this war. The Arks hold terrible power which we do not know how to control. The warring factions are growing hungry and they want their Arks. They want to completely and utterly vanquish the other. But that’s not how it will turn out. The Arks will tear Era apart and rend both countries to the ground... This war is not the survival of the fittest... It is collective suicide in ignorance, and I intend to put an end to it.”


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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #39 on: June 28, 2012, 11:58:34 PM »
"For the last time child, shut your mouth!" Tobias glared at the carefree dove. She glanced back with a smirk on her face.
"No, you shush." Erica was enjoying the pestered Tobias.
"For god's sake, will both of you just..". Alice merged in, the irritation became her too much. "We haven't had any sleep since yesterday, my head is aching and I have the two most annoying characters accompanying me.. Where does the terror stop!" Erica shook her head, Tobias just kept his mouth shut.
They were gliding through the empty sky, daylight emerged a few hours ago. This little trip was finally ending. Still, the obstacles are yet to show themselves. Having Erica with them wouldn't make it anymore easy, but somewhere deep inside, Alice felt like her assassinlike skills could be useful. The moment of disbelieve went by quickly, she regained her senses. She was just a child, a horribly scarred child for that matter, a killer.. Something needed to happen, hope was put into the High Council. They will be enlightened about the situation, the Ark of Fire, the war. Most important was for Erica to be escorted home, hopefully sooner than later.

A small glimpse of the Trench was visible near the horizon for Alice. Were they already at this height? It must've been, as clouds were far below them. Featherfolk were used to the icy winds of the high world, it was the lack of air they feared. The Thrench was glowing blue, from this angle it made her think it was like the end of the world, but beyond was the continent of humans. Alice always had dreamt of its sight for a long time, the history behind it all was for her.. overwhelming.
"Done moaning? Good, let's decent."
The two competitive minds grumbled a bit further until they started to give their attention to the last seemingly sane person left, Alice. "Air is getting thin, I do believe we've covered enough ground, and I would kill to see solid ground. Believe me, I will.".

The climb down was frictionless. Clouds went by at a fast rate and the green forest below began to show itself. In the near distance was a great structure. Its grey colour was mixed with the green vines. This was the forest of the High Council.

"We should land, Alice." Tobias suggested. "Who knows what they might think of us, being rude and just land before their doorstep."
Alice nodded and looked at Erica, who was just acting bored, maybe even tired.
The three landed swiftly, probably a fifteen minute walk away from reaching the Council. Alice stretched her arms, her head was banging from flying the whole night. "We're all okay?" Tobias asked. "Yeah, yeah, we're all good around here. Start walking already!" Erica stepped forward, but was stopped by Alice her arm. "Again, you shouldn't act like you're part of this." Alice removed her arm and looked deep into her eyes. They revealed nothing more than an innocent child seeking for adventure. The chills she got from when talking to her at their homes, was it the darkness leaking out? What was she thinking, a kid, darkness, two things that couldn't and shouldn't be combined. But she was already sixteen, an age, old enough for combat training. It couldn't be it. This age, skills like that.. Erica smiled. "Sure, I know. Don't worry, I just want to have a real bed for tonight..". Her eyes sparkled.

"Who goes there?" A low voice shouted. It was a guard, scouting the area for fiends. It was a Demi-Human of bear kind. "Guests!" Tobias shouted back. "Featherfolk from South, we were send or invited by the Council. Doesn't change the fact, may we pass?"
The guard made his distance lesser to the group, signing something in the air. Alice looked up, she saw a few archers, lowering their bows. Alice was quite terrified, she lowered her guard too much, was too distracted. Enough to make her forget to scan the surroundings.

"Ah, you're the dove we've been expecting." The guard said. "Introduction isn't needed, time is worth more than you would think."

"A bear huh? Isn't it.. burning hot beneath that fur?" Erica watched the guard with big eyes.

"Don't mind her, she's a bit.. well.." Tobias said.

"In any case, thank you for welcoming us." Alice smiled as she thanked the guard.

"You're quite welcome for that. I will escort you to the great tower, the place where you should be expected."

Alice nodded and followed without hesitation. The woods became more thin as they started to get near to their destination. I was crowded with soldiers, guards and others. "It's a precaution." The guard said. "After our leader has ordered the protection of the Trench, after Iskandar.. we doubled our defenses." The words went through her mind. "Iskandar, what happened in my absence?" Alice thought to herself. Did it mean the humans had breached into our lands? It meant nothing more than trouble.
"Here you are." The guard said. They were in front of the entrance. The same feeling of excitement went through her as when she heard she was leaving. She thanked the bear nicely and went inside. Tobias and Erica followed her, looking around like they were sightseeing. Banners were filling the main room of this building.

There were many buildings, even a small town in the middle. Stairs were in front of her, but her eyes were looking at something different. People slowly walked around, animal and Featherfolk. In the middle of the slow chaos, leaning into a pillar was a man that wore a grey robe. His eyes covered by a hood, he seemed old.. and human. A human here on Helios grounds? Alice looked closer, but when she did, he was already gone.
Was it a human? And why grey? Alice was tired, wanted to stop thinking about it. She probably thought it was her imagination, lucid dreaming or another kind of hallucination. "Erica, stay here. The business we're going to be discussion up there won't be of any interest to you" she said kindly.

"The Order of the Grey, such a silly story to tell to your children. But him.. is it true?" Went through Alice her head. "Sleep is what I need.."

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #40 on: June 29, 2012, 07:25:58 PM »
Edward stood on a hillside, watching as solders and engineers set up defences on the far side of Iskandar. They had to move quickly to secure their beach-head for the invasion of Hellios. They were still having problems traversing the Trench by sea because of the Merfolk. However, the sheer number of ships being sent meant that for every one the Merfolk managed to sink, two more reached Iskandar. Edward had also mobilised the Imperial Air Fleet and now huge airships brought critical supplies across the Trench in a fraction of the time it would take by sea.

Looking down at the workers, Edward noticed there were very few Golems among them. They had lost more than half of the Golems provided when Iskandar was destroyed and the rest were being used to protect the ships crossing from Arcadia. The Golemancer Isaac had vanished, many believed that he’d been killed in the blast that destroyed the city. Edward thought that unlikely. He’d always felt Isaac had his own agenda and was off somewhere working towards it.

A figure beside him signalled for his attention. Valeria Astal and the young healer Elise stood just a few steps behind him.

“Lord Vanhiem,” Valeria said. “Uncle Bartholomew is coming.”

Edward considered the two young women for a moment. After the incident with Colonel Marciel they had named themselves his new aides. Valeria had become the General’s new bodyguard. After what happened to Senna, Edward had mixed feelings about placing someone else in that position. Unfortunately, because of his weakened condition, it had proven necessary. Valeria had proven herself to be an excellent guard. She was quiet, attentive and never let down her guard. Elise, on the other hand, had become Edwards personal Healer. Thanks to her efforts, the injuries he’d received during the battle had almost healed.

"Bart,” Edward nodded as the General reached them at the top of the hill, slightly out of breath.

“What is it with you and hills,” Astal groaned.

“It’s the swordsman in me,” Edward smiled. “I always like having the high ground.”

“The scouts have reported back,” Astal said. “There is no sign of any substantial Hellios forces within 20 miles of Iskandar. We should start moving troops south and west immediately before the demi-humans have a chance to regroup.”

“You’re right,” Edward nodded. “We should have enough reinforcements by now to protect the beach-head and push further into Hellios. Give the order. Anything else?”

 “Yeah,” Astal sighed. “General Verde is on his way back, he’ll arrive with the next airship.”

“He recovered already?” Edward asked. “His arm was cut clean off.”

“Apparently he ordered the Healers to fit a prosthetic as quickly as they could so he could get back out to the battlefield,” Astal replied.

“Brilliant,” Edward sighed. “Now I have to deal with that lunatic.”

“That’s why we get paid the General money,” Astal smiled, putting his arm round his friends shoulder, pulling him back towards the camp.

Leon was well on his way to recovery. Despite the fact that they were at war, he couldn’t fault the demi-human’s cooking. Between that and frequent rests he felt his strength returning quickly. Unfortunately, while his physical strength returned, his magical ability didn’t. Every day he tried to each down inside himself to where his magic had been all his life but found nothing. Eventually he had to admit that his magic was gone, just as Volsten said.

One morning he wandered outside to see a beastman he didn’t recognise out in the clearing. Like the others here, he was a wolf beastman. His fur war black with white flecks and his eyes were the same blue as Torran and Kaya. He carred a long, thin sword with a rounded guard and an ever so slightly curved edge, a katana.

The stranger was performing a series of martial forms, striking at imaginary enemies. His movements moved seamlessly from fluid and graceful to fast and decisive. It was like a dance. Leon was mesmerised by the forms and for a while forgot about his lost magic. He remembered the martial forms he had learned as well as his magic and realised that all wasn’t lost.

“Father!” Kaya shouted from the house, shocking Leon out of his daze. The stranger turned and smiled as the young wolf girl leapt into his arms.

“That’s my son, Ronin” Torran said from behind Leon. “He also happens to be a master swordsman, especially with the katana. He’s been stationed on the far western edge of the Trench.”

Torran wandered over to his son and granddaughter. Leon continued to watch the family laughing together as the girl babbled to her father, happier than he’d ever seen her. It was just like a human family. It was that moment when Leon realised how truly pointless the war was. And after what had happened at Iskandar, he knew that it had to end.

He strode purposefully towards the three beastmen. Kaya shrunk behind her father, who put his hand on the hilt of his sword. Just as he reached them, Leon knelt down and lowered his head.

“Please,” he said firmly. “I need your help. I want to bring an end to this war, to prevent a repeat of Iskandar. But I don’t have my magic anymore. Without it, I’m not strong enough.”

“What exactly do you want?” Ronin asked quietly.

“I want to learn how to fight with a sword,” Leon answered, looking directly into the beastman’s eyes.

A long moment passed while total silence descended over the clearing. The human and the beastman continued to meet each other’s stare until finally, the beastman sighed.

“That’s why I’m here,” he said.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #41 on: June 30, 2012, 08:18:47 AM »
Twitch. Twitch.
Vulpe gluped, sneaking glance every once in a while as he followed Sinkair into the Barrack. However, Sinkair paid no notice to his nervousness and strode through the soldiers without care (not even bothering to remove her hood, in fact,), and clapped aloud when she found the target.

"Ah, Captain Kaeda! Finally, the person I was searching for!"
"Oi, oi, oi! Careful there! That box should be-.. Eh? Sinkair? What are you doing here?"
"I went to Iskandar for information you asked for- and saw that little kitty with the High Lord Caius," Sinkair tilted her head, sounding little unsure, "When I arrived, the city was already under assault- though, I saw rather interesting things from afar.. I thought I should inform your superiors, or at least, you."

Kaeda frowned, glancing at the obvious bounty hunter behind Sinkair- and after a bark-like snort, answered.

"Well, it's your opinion, and you are one of the most trustworthy contacts I have.. Currently this barrack is overflooded with survivors from the Iskandar. It's even harder to find a proper order or chain of command.. You might as well just head to High Lord Caius, he knows your name."
"He does?" Sinkair blinked, her eyes widening under the robe, "Why would he even know my name? I just like shinies.. It's not like I have done something much...?"
"Sinkair.." Captain Kaeda smiled uneasily, "There's more people you have heard of you than those who doesn't know your name, although they may not recognise you at first sight. You are one of the best treasure hunters, not to mention your rather, ah, unique obssession of shiny things. And who is your friend?"
"...He is annoying red fox," Sinkair slightly whined, pouting, "Just followed me again.. One of the good information contact, though."

Kaeda chuckled as Sinkair whined- well, Sinkair always lit up the mood, however unintentional- or was it intentional?- it was. You never know with her. And with a slight nod, Kaeda offered his hand to the bounty hunter, who's ears were still twitching at the slightest noise in the noisy barrack.

"Kaeda Anima, Captain of Hellios-"
"...Vulpe Vermilus, one of the Treasure and Bounty Hunter Guild's official of North Region in Hellios."
"Well, that done," Sinkair clapped her hand, smiling cutely, "Captain Kaeda, should I go look for High Lord Caius? Considering how much power that insane kitty used, I am guessing she is somewhere at infirmary- or similar.. If he is still in this camp, that is."
"Well, I am not sure, but he must be still with that cat-girl," Kaeda grunted, sighing, "and the human she brought with her.. I think one of you probably know him- something about him being an imperial refuge?"
"There's too many of them," Vulpe answered, slightly relaxing as the conversation continued, "backstreets are all the same- the human have their share of defects and runaways, just as we do- although humans tend to force a bit, while us- generally go along with our instincts. Kinda like pack mentality- if Alpha orders it, we generally do it- less defects, too- but humans don't have that instinct- or too less, in general. But strong ones always stands out anywhere.. If he managed to cross the Trench, then we probably know who he is.. Probably, unless he was hiding too well.."

Vulpe shrugged- it was always possible. But he kept the fact that if the person in question hid too well, that meant that at least his name- or alias- would be well known among them- and Sinkair didn't bother to comment as well. And after a few more words, Kaeda finally nodded and decided.

"Well, wait for a while, hm? I will ask around and find out where High Lord Caius is- for now, you can stay here- probably until tomorrow, in any case. Hey, you there! Help these two to get a place to sleep- they will be meeting High Lord Caius- or at least someone in High Council tomorrow, if I can't manage to report to him."
"Yes, Captain Anima!"

OoC: Ultima, where's Caius anyway? (is confused whether he is at camp or already left the camp)

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #42 on: July 01, 2012, 11:05:51 AM »
The two companions arrived at Darhin's home. It looked neglected, but you didn't expect more from such a lone wolf. They opened inside the house, Collin immediatly let himself fall down on the couch. Darhin left him alone, walked into his own room. He closed the curtains and started to put his armor off.
"A dangerous place.." he thought to himself.

"Collin! we leave in ten." He shouted.

He opened his closet grabbed a dark green duster. The long cloak was worn, not appealing to the eye. He equiped his new-bought armour and swong the cloak over him. His sword would be a annoyance on his back, so he reattached his sheat to his belt. He wasn't used to the weight, good thing he was good in balance. The sun was high in the sky.

"Now, Collin." he said

The wolf cub quickely jumped on his feet and walked back to Darhin. He already wore his new armour.

"Why leave now? I could use the rest.." he said.

"Really? Oh Collin, you know what you got yourself into, didn't you? I don't really care about the arguments you bring." Darhin replied.

Collin was tired. "Could you at least tell me where we're going to?" Darhin looked at him. "You'll need this." He handed over a bow. "Got it as a gift, never good at it using it though." The bow was nothing special, dark brown. Collin took it, he was greatful. "And this." He also handed over a quiver they took from the bandits. "Now, ready to go?"

They brought themselves outside, the sun burned. A glympse of light caught Darhin's eyes, like a flash.

In the distance he saw a faint string of smoke, all across the great river between him and the Helios land.
Now Collin saw it too "Do you see that?" 
Darhin said nothing, he just watched.

"Come on boy, there's nothing left in Arcadia for us.".

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #43 on: July 03, 2012, 01:49:50 PM »
The hull of the ship groaned as Isaac looked up at the floor above him. Clearly he was a terrible pilot. Nothing but miles of sand in every direction and he somehow managed to impale the Simurgh on a twelve foot wide stone spire.
There was another disturbing groan as gravity pulled at the ship, drawing it further down the spire and rending it further in half.
Isaac picked himself up and made his way carefully across the roof. He had to get off the airship, it was entirely possible that this spire had come from the Ark of Earth which would certainly explain the crash. It would not, however, explain why the airship was upside down.
One final, colossal roar of metal against stone and the spire was through and the Simurgh went into a quivering freefall towards the sand below.
Isaac's staff stretched out to embed itself in the floor above and he suspended himself in the air, hoping the clay and some magic might slow his fall enough to not entirely kill him.

This Simurgh kicked up a miniature sandstorm as it finally came to rest in the dunes and the desert grew silent, the ship's engines dead.
A small, metallic thudding began to echo over the sand ending with a final clattering as Isaac forced a hatch open and tumbled gracelessly into the sand.
"Ow," Isaac coughed into the ground as he tried to force himself up again. He was alone in a desert, his ship ruined and his golems reduced to smears of clay. The situation could not be much worse. He made one final, desperate attempt to lift himself and flopped back down again, his energy gone as a shadow fell over him.
Fueled only by a sudden feeling of defiance, Isaac sighed and rolled over to stare at the Beastmen who had found him.
It wasn't Beastmen. In fact, it wasn't even really alive.
Looming over Isaac's defeated form was a set of intricate and ornate golden armour, an ethereal gleam emanating form where eyes should be. A golem. A very well made golem. Whatever had knecked him out the sky with the earth spire most likely had the Ark and likely several more very well built golems.
Things were worse, after all. A lot worse.

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Re: The Ark of Infinity [Open]
« Reply #44 on: July 06, 2012, 03:11:23 PM »
Watching the backs of the Imperial troops march towards the horizon, Caius rounded on Feraal. "You have no possible comprehension of what that object around your neck could do to you!" he growled, "It could just as easily kill us as help us!"

Feraal snorted. "If you want my help then don't order me around," she hissed, "The last person who did that ended up with a poisoned dart through his heart."

Caius kept his expression neutral but inside, he was burning with a dozen different ideas ranging from imprisoning Feraal to outright executing her. "I should really get her back to the council and decide then." he thought at last. "We need to get back to the council. They will want to speak to you. Should we bring your human friend along?"

"He wanted to escape the Empire. I helped that happen. My obligation is paid. If he wishes to find me again he knows where to look."

Nodding, Caius and Feraal set off towards the sigil. They had only walked a couple of paces before the Ark began to glow.

"I thought I told you to control yourself!" roared Caius.

"It's not me," Feraal said in a genuinely scared tone, "I feel... I feel another presence. Another Ark has been activated. It isn't the fire Ark either."

"Gods help us..." Caius growled.

OoC: Caius and Feraal will be at the Hellios council arguing about how to use the Ark.

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