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Anyone into K-pop?

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I am a metal guy though some friends have showed it to me and I believe that the k-pop stars are actually talented. Now there is a song called Gangnam Style which is getiing very popular and I thought it'd be nice to ask whether you're into it or not  :D

I'm not 'into' it.. The only contact I've got with it, is, of course, Oppa Gangnam Style! :DSpoiler (click to show/hide)Man in lift. Priceless!
I'm not into music in general. I won't be searching for anything new. I will search for openings from the anime I'm watching, but that's about it. PONPONPON I'll listen to regulary, but that's J-pop I think :P
Someone else told me that K-pop was indeed as good as you discribed, but I was never bothered with it :P

That's my story ::)


I'm really getting the feeling like I've been missing something huge..



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