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Welcome to part  XXXVIII  of the sandsea chat , we ask you once again to enjoy this thread, but respect one another and the rules of the FF together forum.

1. I am happy for you to chat about anything but there still needs to be substance to your posts. For example,"" on its own  is not acceptable as it contributes nothing to the thread.Spam will not be tolerated.

2. Please do NOT discuss illegal activities like downloading pirated software or anything similar when you post in the sandsea.

3. I do not want to see posting for the sake of posting in order to achieve a certain post or page count,I will delete all posts that fall into  this category. Members who ignore this or any other point leave themselves open to a registered official warning, 3 of which could lead to a suspension under the new warning system that admin has implemented.The sandsea will close at 1500 posts.

4. No abuse of the spoiler tag or the colour facility.

5. To keep our forum lively would you all try and keep gaming talk to the gaming boards and please use your enthusiasm to encourage other members to talk.

6.  The only thing compulsory in this forum is that  you have fun   


angel and rs

So you did get the last post after all. Then i guessed right, it could have been Bram too so ;D

It's already 38th.. ..I wonder what's avg no. of Sandsea thread per month and max no of Sandsea thread ended in a month since the beginning of the forum? From that I probably can try predic-..

....Excuse me, I think I am going down too far with exam study.. *frowns* I think sleeping is in order. See you all around.. It's already 1 am here..

I hear you Kain, I hear you. Four exams left for me. I want my winter break already. >.>

@Ally: You could certainly say a few more words after not having visited in months... ::)

Sigh I didn't even get to post on the last page. WHINE AND POUT

aND THANKS FOR LIKING THE PIC. iT'S FREAKING ADORABLE! AND WHOA, DIdn't mean to caps all of that but I'm too lazy to press the backspace as i just continue to press more and more of ALL the other buttons >_>


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