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Hey everyone.

I could write down a long story here, but I think I rather keep is somewhat short and simple. As we might have all notice the forum is slowly losing its activity during the recent years and I'm somewhat creating this topic to see if you have any ideas on brining back some of it. Be it an in the form of an forum update/reshuffle, some features that you feel are absolutely lacking on the site or just a reason why you think people don't seem to take the time to make a post on the forum. Heck you can even blame me if you feels that's the problem ::)

The forum on itself is now almost 5 years old and that on itself is already an achievement, but I hope I don't speak for myself if I want to at least set the next goal on 10 years. My own personal dream would be to turn this place in a knowledge center 2.0, where people who are in the need of help with Final Fantasy related stuff could come and get help on any level. Be it on the level of somebody who's stuck during a normal play through to the place where discussions can take place on how to beat the game on low levels. We once where this kind of place with FFXII, but when FFXIII came around it seems people got split up and found other places as well.

That said I've already got a few things in my mind myself, which can roughly be placed into the following points:
- Cleaning up the amount projects around the forum and the website. During the course of these 5 years I've made quite a few side projects, one might say that one because a bigger flop than the other, but I think its time to clean up the house and remove most of them. In this cause it would be the wiki and the triple triad place. The first I will try to integrate into a new main website which has a more friendlier interface than the wiki itself and the later as it hasn't been updated in the past 2 years and in its current state it would be more of a back-door for hackers than its actually used.
- Second point would be to re-organise the staff. And this is definitely more a problem of my own than of the staff, but right now I've basically lost track of who of the staff members are even still active on the forum :-X
Those 2 points are most be on my part and I've got a few more ideas spooking around in my head, but I need to make these more specified than they are right now. As they are mostly just stuff I would like to do, but have no clue on how to, for example setting up some form of a final fantasy radio on this place.

Well as said before please post down your ideas or remarks and who knows what we might turn this place into ;D

I was working on an other forum/site to go do Video reviews. though right now that site has gone totally death.

Since i already got some work in that i can continue that here.

For the part of the FFRadio, i said it before and i will say it again. Tell me what you need and i help you get it.

I would't think a flood of new members would help if we didn't have a steady base-group to welcome them. Only to add to your list, Bram, I would say we really need to encourage the already familliar members to just put that little extra into the activity of the Sandsea and maybe the Game's Area (I'm being hypocrite now, since I haven't been there myself lately :x)

Next to that, I think you have a good start there.

To put it simple: This place in its current state would be really boring for any newcomers. People used to come and stay here because members were active. FFXII was the main FF game at the time and we had stuff that couldn't be found elsewhere. Other stuff like the Gold Saucer, Sandsea or the arts section were there to keep people who played FFXII but were not that interested. FFXII was the main reason why people visited this in the first place (and the kind community was the reason why they stayed). Over the course of the years, the rate at which new content appeared on the forum had slowed down and after FFXIII everyone just went their own way. Those who didn't like it left because there was nothing left to discuss about FFXII. Those who liked it left because barely anyone discussed the game. There were no tips and guides like for FFXII.

If we want to attract new members, we'll have to come up with some new content. FFXIV would be a good starting point especially if a bunch of current forum members is going to play the game. You could invest some time to write guides. You direct other players to this forum. Right now we're just a bunch of guys who have almost nothing to discuss, but who stay because of the nice old days and the friendship we made over the years.

I'd love to help out with any project you have in mind Bram, just like I did with the Wikia.

Want this place to shine as new.


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