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What would you guys like to change/see on FFTogether


Well it might be no surprise any more that the current forum/website can basically be considered dead. I've personally been quite busy with work the last 2 years and the only free time I've got is mostly spend towards actually playing the games like FFXIV, which means FFTogether itself hasn't really received any updates for the last few years.

With the current state of the FF fan base its hard to give this site an impulse to get back to the days when we've started this place, but through all the years some of us have remained hanging around. And many with those we can probably still make FFTogether an enjoyable place (be it on this forum or in some other form).

Right now is basically the moment where I'll ask how you guys see the future of this place:
- Should I keep up the forum or ditch it.
- Should we try to rebuild the main site into some form of information hub, or is no one interested in that.
- Do we want some kind of FFRadio, continues web-show on Twitch like the kind Tebian used to run on FFRadio.
- Or some form of youtube group where we'll create videos (be it integrated on the main site where we can add better search features).
- With the newly VPS I've bought I might even be able to set up some kind of IRC channel.

I'm open for everything, though at the same time I can't really promise anything as well. Its just that it would be a shame to see the current remaining group to go separate ways completely.

Well i have been still working on the idea of making youtube videos and streams for FFT. I have been polishing my video editing skills, already discussed it with Peter. But before i wanted to tell you i actually wanted to show you want my idea exactly was, still working out the details. But an FFT Radio station is a excellent idea to just do anyway.

Umm... Hello... <- this person just saw FaceBook message from email and came to see.

Honestly I am kind of.. Too busy recently, cuz I am working both full-time and having last year of my uni..

I don't want FFT to vanish, even if I rarely do any activities nowadays. I ended up visiting like once in 2-3 weeks. But.. Da_Boss, maybe you can add some more features? You can always expand topics from FF series to other games old players of FF series would be interested in. Information hub seem to be a nice idea.. But wouldn't that be too much of work..?

I think it would be easier to add a board or two on the existing forum, or just permanent sticky thread on top.. Maybe one that has link to all old information in categories/ as a single list with links, so it would be easier to look through information? But that would probably require someone/s to go through all old threads in game technical issue& information boards to check out.

I am not in position to help anything involving video or radio station though, considering the fact that I am beginner in both's technical issues.
Still, if you need a hand, I will be happy to help.. Only note that you will need to send me email to get a prompt reply. I am working as a international customer service operator, so I am always checking emails (both working and personal)..

Wasn't really planning on just throwing fftogether away. The main goal is to figure out in which way we would continue.

And whiles an information hub is a lot of work, simply keeping this forum up won't really bring back people and there activities. Besides if there are a few people who do there share of work it won't be that much of an issue I guess ;D

I think we should definitely keep the forum around. It may not be an active community anymore, but it's still a very rich mine of information regarding FFXII and FFXII IZJS. FF12GM and others may not be around anymore, but they left a lot of knowledge about that game around. And who knows? In a couple years, that information might be viable to a more mainstream audience again if Square Enix goes through with an FFXII HD on PS3 or PS4.

That said, it's true that the community here has moved on to other places. It does, however, still exist. We all still talk to each other, whether it be on facebook, or FFXIV especially, but it's just a core group, very much a shadow of how it was. I haven't even talked to Momina or Allison in months. Hell, all three of our board mods haven't been around in over a month, and I'm no better either. I'm barely around, and I'm a global mod. There just isn't that much to look over.


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