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Bon Jovi - Always

Actually, is it possible if you try posting links to the songs instead of the actual lyrics here? I'm sure the bandwidth costs runs high for Da_Cloud as it is, and lyrics take up quite a bit. Becuse then everyone starts posting lyrics that can sometimes be huge, and start adding up. We want Da_Cloud's  site to remain here for as long as possible, so I think links to the lyrics would be better. Thanks ;)

Although, I've never heard of Bon Jovi before, I'll go google him a bit :)

Zodiac Killer 99:
I don't have a link to it and like you said it takes up a lot of room to put down lyrics so... it is calle 'Eye of the Tiger'

Edited by Da_Cloud:
Here's a link to the song with the lyics: Eye of the Tiger  ;)

Ok,updated. :)

Zodiac Killer 99:
Again don't have link. It is called
'Hotel California'.


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