Mario takes to the stars! to the outer reaches
By shadow gilgamesh

Mario has returned for another space adenture, this time on a spaceship designed just for him.

The game has the same number of stars as the first super mario galaxy game, with a (almost) completely new set of galaxies to visit.

The world map layout is like one of the "new super mario bros." maps, rather than the observatories from the first game, which makes finding a galaxy you want to play easier, but less fun.

The gameplay itself is almost identical to the first SMG, you got the same jumps, same spin power, same ground pounds, and all the old powerups are back for round 2 (except for my favorite, the ice flower) as well as a brand new set of fun (and annoying) powers.

Now this game is absolutly wonderfull on it's own, you could spend countless hours just playing through your favorite missions over and over, but one problem is, most of us already spent that time on the first one, thus it doesn't hold the same level of intrest through the game.

A lot of people were very excited about the apperance of Yoshi in the game, i was one of them, but when i hopped on yoshi i was really let down. you lose all those 3-D mario trademarks that you've come to expect, you can't tripple jump, long jump, or wall jump, and all the yoshi power up fruits are either hard to accuratly controll (dash pepper) to easy, and slows down the game (blimp fruit) or just plain pointless (bulb plant).

The new set of powerups are fun, but most would make a normal level (not designed spesificly for testing your skill with said powerup) either to easy, or too hard, so you don't see them very often.

The new set of galaxies are all quite impressive, some of them even better than the first games, and the new bosses are much better than the first games. and the final world is actually a test of your skill unlike the first game, so it accels in the new environments

There was the new inclusion of the "cosmic guide" which is very helpful to less experenced gamers, as it leads you right to the power star, but if you use it you get a bronze star instead of the power star for taking the easy way.

The new bowser fights are great, but i still wish that they'd give him 3 REAL fights, not just up his power and call it a new fight

Just a couple of small things that i personally didn't like were the assisting cast, instead of rosalina and her blue eyed luma with the toad bragade that changed their diologe every chapter, you get a fat purple luma and as you play through the game you gather characters from tthe galaxies and exect for the fat luma, they just tell you the same tutorial-esque hints over and over.

The other is that the first world takes almost it's whole set of 7 galaxies as a tutorial, that's just to long to feel babyed in a game for me, the first one did it in one galaxy!

But i really enjoy that you don't have to beat the game to play as luigi this time, you can chose to play as him for about 40-60% of the missions after world 2, and after you finish the game (not 100%) you can play as him whenever you want

so end scores

story - it's mario, if you expected a story, you've been living under a rock since the ness came out
controls - 9/10 sorry yoshi, you were just annoying to use
gameplay - 10/10 i was 110% satisfied with this game
new inovations 8/10 the new stuff was so so, but still fun to use
final score 9.2 out of 10, if you think a 8,9,and 10 should round out to 9, the gameplay was so good it defys math

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